When I recently showed you one of my first videos (a demonstration of a new face cleanser and cooler) there were various calls for more of that. Of course I’m very happy to comply! And today I have a real treat for you.

I recently got together with a few leading bloggers on fashion and the founders of a new online network called WHOA, which stands for Women Who Honor their Age. It’s a new website and project by  Lynn Forbes and Darryle Pollack, a blogger I have been following for a long time.

The new network was inspired by a reading of Darryle’s that I featured on this blog a long time ago: why women over 50 should not be ignored. Lynn was impressed, gave Darryle a call and the foundations of this new network were laid.

WHOA aims to shine a spotlight on the huge disconnect between how our culture views women as we age vs. the active, authentic lives we are actually living. Their motto: Women should be seen and heard at every age and valued more as we get older, not less. Something I heartily agree with of course! They will feature many topics on their new site, all featuring women over 40 and one of those topics is fashion.

A while ago 6 of us got together to discuss the question: Am I too old to wear this?

Join Darryle, Lynn, Shelley (Still Blonde after all these years), Deborah (fabulous after 40), Oceana (Oceana’s Canvas) and me as we share our opinions on this question and more!

Through our conversation you will discover:

  • The no 1 issue women over 40 struggle with
  • Are there any rules for women at any age?
  • One of the best quotes for women over 40
  • The most important thing to do when it comes to dressing over 40
  • How we really feel about the women of Advanced Style
  • How high we like our shoes!
  • What you want to convey about your own personal style
  • Why role models can be important
  • Our taste in party hats

We had fun and we shared some valueable information. I hope you will enjoy it too!

I’m sure there will be more of these hangouts and I also plan to host some of them myself. If you are interested in participating, please let me know and contact me!

As always I value your feedback in the comments below. If you like the video you can also leave a comment on YouTube  and give it a thumbs up.


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