100 most stylish women over 40 on Instagram

by Sylvia

100 most stylish women over 40 on Instagram  | 40plusstyle.com

Women over 40 are becoming a force to be rockened with online. More and more fabulous women are sharing their amazing style online and are becoming (super)models!


  • My stylish New York friend Lyn Slater was featured in campaigns for Mango and several other brands (read her style interview here and her business interview here)
  • New York friend Debra Rapoport (style interview here), Tziporah Salamon (style interview here) and Sarah Jane Adams (style interview here) were featured in a campaign by H&M
  • My stylish friend from Vancouver, Melanie Kobayashi (style interview here) was featured in campaign by Uniqlo and Nordstrom.

Other older campaigns include:

  • Joan Didion for Celine
  • Charlotte Rampling for Nars
  • Twiggy for L’Oreal
  • Joni Mitchell for Saint Laurent
  • Iris Apfel for Alexis Bittar

I think it’s great that senior women are getting increasingly featured and highlighted!

Many of them have blogs and you can see a huge list of blogs by women over 40 here.

With Instagram getting increasingly popular, many of these women are now also on Instagram and I like to feature some of the most stylish women over 40 today. They dress in a variety of styles, from casual to work-ready to artistic to bohemian.

Quite a few of them have been featured at 40+Style in style interviews and I have added links to those articles as well.

So here they are. The 1000 most stylish  women on Instagram (in alphabetical order) that regularly feature their own outfits!

(I’m sure I have missed some really stylish women. Did I miss you? Make sure to add a comment below with your Instagram account and I will feature you on the next list. Know of a woman who should be on this list? Let me know!) 

1. 40plusnotgivingupyet 40plusnotgivingupyet | 40plusstyle.com2. 40+Style

Yes I cheekily added myself to the list too 🙂 40plusstyle | 40plusstyle.com

3. AgingdisgracefullyAgingdisgracefully | 40plusstyle.com4. akeytothearmoire (style interview)akeytothearmoire | 40plusstyle.com5. alabouroflife alabouroflife  | 40plusstyle.com6. apocketfulofpolkadotsapocketfulofpolkadots  | 40plusstyle.com7. artfulcitystyle (style interview)8. asksuzannebell (style interview)asksuzannebell | 40plusstyle.com9. bagandaberet (style interview)bagandaberet | 40plusstyle.com10. beatrixostbeatrixost | 40plusstyle.com11. brendakinsel brendakinsel | 40plusstyle.com12. busbeestylebusbeestyle | 40plusstyle.com13. carolem_beauty carolem_beauty | 40plusstyle.com14. carolmarkel (style interview)carolmarkel | 40plusstyle.com15. catoinamsterdam (style interview)catoinamsterdam | 40plusstyle.com16. chicatanyage (style interview)chicatanyage | 40plusstyle.com17. chicover50 (Style interview )chicover50 | 40plusstyle.com18. colorandgrace (style interview)colorandgrace | 40plusstyle.com19. connydolllifestyle (style interview)connydolllifestyle | 40plusstyle.com20. curvycartelcurvycartel | 40plusstyle.com21. dianagabrielnyc (style interview)dianagabrielnyc | 40plusstyle.com22. dieedelfabrik (style interview)dieedelfabrik | 40plusstyle.com23. elegantlydressedandstylish (style interview) elegantlydressedandstylish | 40plusstyle.com24. estel_serrats estel_serrats | 40plusstyle.com25. everythingevelyne everythingevelyne | 40plusstyle.com26. fabfemme_australia (style interview)Fabulous Femme | 40plusstyle.com27. fabulousafter40Fabulous After 40 | 40plusstyle.com28. fashionadventuresatanyagefashionadventuresatanyage | 40plusstyle.com29. fashiononthe4thfloor (style interview)fashiononthe4thfloor | 40plusstyle.com30. fashionoverfifty.wendy fashionoverfifty.wendy | 40plusstyle.com

31. fashionshouldbefun(style interview)fashionshouldbefun | 40plusstyle.com32. fcfashionista – (style interview)

FC fashionista | 40plusstyle.com

33. followmeandmystylefollowmeandmystyle | 40plusstyle.com34. forensicfashionnotesforensicfashionnotes | 40plusstyle.com35. funkyfortyFunkyforty | 40plusstyle.com36. gabriellaparadi gabriellaparadi | 40plusstyle.com37. gabneme gabneme | 40plusstyle.com38. garancedore garancedore | 40plusstyle.com39. glamupyourlifestyle – (style interview)Glam up your lifestyle | 40plusstyle.com40. gloriagshoppergloriagshopper | 40plusstyle.com41. grownandcurvywoman (style interview)Grown and curvy woman | 40plusstyle.com42. happinessatmidlife (style interview)Happiness at midlife | 40plusstyle.com43. iconaccidental (style interview)The accidental Icon| 40plusstyle.com44. idiosyncraticfashionistas (style interview) idiosyncraticfashionistas | 40plusstyle.com45. iamnikkifree  (style interview)iamnikkifree | 40plusstyle.com46. iamnadiap iamnadiap | 40plusstyle.com47. insideoutstylebloginsideoutstyleblog | 40plusstyle.com48. Istyl49. instyleliny50. jacketsociety (style interview)Jacket Society | 40plusstyle.com

Join the Find Your Style Challenge! | 40plusstyle.com

51. jennykeeozjennykeeoz | 40plusstyle.com52. journeyofastylist journeyofastylist | 40plusstyle.com53. kasiunka71kasiunka71 | 40plusstyle.com54. kimbalikes 55. krembdelakremb  – (style interview)krembdelakremb | 40plusstyle.com56. lapecosapreciosalapecosapreciosa | 40plusstyle.com57. lady_50pluslady_50plus | 40plusstyle.com58. madamechicbcn madamechicbcn | 40plusstyle.com59. madamehall  (style interview)madamehall | 40plusstyle.com60. mispapelicos (style interview)mispapelicos | 40plusstyle.com61. mrsmlmode mrsmlmode | 40plusstyle.com62. modischuptodatemodischuptodate | 40plusstyle.com63. mogzee_m Morag | 40plusstyle.com64. moreturquoise(style interview)More Turquoise | 40plusstyle.com65. my_small_wardrobe (style interview)                                         my_small_wardrobe | 40plusstyle.com66. no_fear_of_fashion (style interview)no_fear_of_fashion | 40plusstyle.com67. notlamb (style interview) Not dressed as lamb | 40plusstyle.com68. poppysstyle  (style interview)poppysstyle | 40plusstyle.com69. redcliffestyleredcliffestyle | 40plusstyle.com70. rosatersirosatersi | 40plusstyle.com71. saramaijewels (style interview)72. seniorstylebible (style interview)seniorstylebible | 40plusstyle.com73. SilvrgurlSilvrgurl | 40plusstyle.com74. sophisticatedbox sophisticatedbox | 40plusstyle.com75. Spashionista(style interview)Spashionista | 40plusstyle.com76. SpeakermandaSpeakermanda| 40plusstyle.com77. stealmystyle40 78. steelemystyle79. styleatacertainage – (style interview)

Style at a certain age | 40plusstyle.com

80. stylecrone (style interview)Judith | 40plusstyle.com81. stylingmatters 82. stylingyouStyling You | 40plusstyle.com83. stylishmurmurs – (style interview)stylishmurmurs | 40plusstyle.com84. style4lessvegas  (style interview)style4lessvegas | 40plusstyle.com85. suekreitzman (style interview)suekreitzman | 40plusstyle.com86. susanafter60 (style interview)Fifty not frumpy | 40plusstyle.com87. susan_unefemme (style interview)susan_unefemme | 40plusstyle.com88. suzannecarillo (style interview)
suzannecarillo | 40plusstyle.com

89. suzie_richetti suzie_richetti | 40plusstyle.com90. tamerabeardsley  – (style interview)Tamera Beardsley | 40plusstyle.com91. theageofgrace – (style interview)
Theageofgrace | 40plusstyle.com
91. timeless_styling (style interview)timeless_styling | 40plusstyle.com93. thecitizenrosebud (style interview)Citizen Rosebudz | 40plusstyle.com94. theladyofthestyle (style interview)The lady of Style | 40plusstyle.com95. thestylishwoman (style interview)thestylishwoman | 40plusstyle.com96. tziporahsalamon (style interview)tziporahsalamon | 40plusstyle.com97. valentinakhonValentina | 40plusstyle.com98. vanity_and_me  – (style interview)Vanity and me | 40plusstyle.com99. voguishandcalamity voguishandcalamity | 40plusstyle.com100. xolb (style interview)Latrenia Bryant | 40plusstyle.com

Undoubtedly, I missed quite a few stylish women and this list is not conclusive. I’m happy to add to it later on or create an additional list, so please let me know which other women should be included. Feel free to nominate yourself!

Be sure to tag your photos with #40plusstyle so we can all admire each other’s style and I can spot you.

Do you use and enjoy Instagram? Who is your favorite Instagrammer?

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Most Stylish Women Over 40 On Instagram | 40plusstyle | fashion over 40


1 Ursula Gaisa

Have a look at my account please @immer.schick on Instagram

2 Nikki Redcliffe

Thank you for introducing me to some amazingly stylish Instagrammers I didn’t know about! I’m well over 40 (21 years over to be exact) and I love discovering inspiring women of my age to follow

3 No Fear of Fashion

What a stylish women!!! And I am one of them whoo hoo. Such an honour. But I have to tell you, had I seen so many stylish women my age, 6 years ago, I would have given up immediately. Thinking I could never be like that. And look at me now! It is possible.

4 Lisa White

Fabulous selection of stylish women. They are inspiring and I feel right at home among them. Of course, I know many and not only are they stylish, but supportive of others

5 Barbe

Congratulations to all these beautiful stylish women! It makes my heart sing to see this. So good to find more stylish people to follow. I am in my mid fifties and not giving up on fashion just yet! X

6 Shelley@fcfashionista

Thank you so much for including me in this amazing and inspiring group. I love seeing women my age and older showing their creative style to the world.

7 Chicatamyage

Thank you for including me in your list. I am very honoured to be amoung such a chic group of women.

8 Samantha Blair

Great to see some of my favourite stylish ladies here!

9 Sylvia

You should have been on the list too. I’ve missed some other stylish women so will create another list!

10 Lazy Daisy Jones

Wow so many lovely ladies on here and great to see my best friend Laurie from vanity and me ! Xx
Ashley over 50 blogger on lazy Daisy Jones

11 Joze

Many attractive women in this list. A name I missed is Samantha who writes fakefabalous. She writes very funnily and is a master in combining colours, textures and unusual garments. And she lives in a climate (scotland) where you cant just put an a nice dress and heels and voila ready, but have to work for making a combination. Due to lack of time fakefabalous and 40plusstyle are the only blogs I read frequently. Her interview is here https://40plusstyle.com/colorful-and-bold-a-style-interview-with-samantha-blair/

12 Kristen Robertiello

Please check out my Instagram. I am 49 and a stylist also hoping to inspire woman to be confident and dress over 40 https://www.instagram.com/p/BumWSVYgz5x/

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