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Welcome to 40+ Style! A style, fashion and beauty site especially for women over 40.

How to dress after 40 | 40plusstyle.com

Our mission is to show you that you can look gorgeous and experiment with style and fashion at any age. It’s all about having fun with style and fashion!

Too often we get too worried about our wrinkled face, heavier bodies or loosening skin. Having fun with hair and makeup, fashion and new styles can help to make you look better, but also feel more confident and happy.

Looking good and being stylish is not so much about money, the figure you have or how old you are. It’s about dressing to your strengths, knowing your body type, and knowing and embracing your unique style.

I hope to help you in your quest to find your own style, dress to your strengths, look fabulous and embrace your age.

A little bit more about the site’s founder Sylvia van de Logt

My name is Sylvia van de Logt and I’m the founder and editor in chief of 40+Style.

styleclubwelcomeMy mission is to get every woman over 40 feel fabulous, beautiful and empowered both inside and out. Although style is not the only thing that helps with that, it’s an important part of feeling good about yourself.

If you’re feeling that your style is letting you down right now, there are a LOT of resources here at 40+Style that will help you get your style groove back.

I have become more stylish as I get older and I have shared all that I have learned over the years about style and fashion on this site.

I’m a happy 50 plusser and currently live in Singapore. Although originally from The Netherlands, I have lived all over the world: Italy, South Africa, England, Japan, China and Australia.  I have studied both international marketing, fashion styling and colour and has worked in various professional roles related to fashion.


How can 40+Style help you?

40+Style is so much more than just a blog now and there are various ways that we can support you.

The blog

We have written many articles on how to dress after40 and finding your style and you find them all in the categories above.

To start browsing the hundreds of articles, you may like to check out our special getting started at 40+Style page.

Free style guides

We frequently give out free style guides that help kickstart your style. You can find them here.

I especially recommend the Find Your Style Challenge which is a free 5 day challenge that lets you discover how you want to represent yourself to the world. You can join for free here.

The private Facebook community

This is the place to hangout with other fabulous 40+Style readers. You can share ideas and your outfits and there will be frequent style challenges.  To get access, join the Find Your style Challenge and we will email you the access details.

Style courses

We have created 2 amazing online style courses.

The most popular is the 21 Steps to a More Stylish You course: A journey that explores your personal style and helps you to get the style you want. Avoid buying mistakes and reflect the gorgeous person you are inside on the outside too! You can find more information here.

Our second course is about accessories. These can make a huge difference to your style and in this style course teaches you how to accessorize like a pro. Get more information here and join the course instantly.

The style club

The style club is the place where you can really take your style to the next level. Our monthly in depth style training, expert style advice and personal feedback from 40+stylish Ruth Essex and the fantastic community of 40+ women there will get you feeling amazing in no time. Find more information here.

Social media

We are active on many social media channels. Follow us on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

The newsletter

The emails and newsletter give you a weekly dose of style inspiration. You will also be the first to know when we launch new programmes and get access to early bird specials.



Ruth Essex

Ruth is an image consultant, color expert and stylist and is especially active in the Style Club forum where she helps the members finetune their style.

She currently lives in England.


Liz Hands

Liz Hands is 40+style’s senior editor. She is a fashion journalist and stylist from the UK who has styled fashion shoots for newspapers, magazines and high-end clients including 5* hotels and BMW. She’s now happiest either blogging about style, or donning her favorite Barbour jacket and Brogini boots for a hack out on her crazy ex-racehorse.

Denton Taylor

Denton resides in New York and takes photographs of fabulous 40+ l

adies  for 40+Style on the streets of New York as well as at events in the area.

He has many years experience photographing for demanding clients in New York City. For more information and contact details check out his website.

If you have an event in New York City which you would like Denton to attend to take images for a possible feature at 40+Style, then please send us a request through our contact page.

How can you be a part of 40+Style?

I look forward to connecting with you!


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1 Ms. Dale Taylor

Thank you for your blog Sylvia. Your information on style is truly inspiring. I am so happy to have found 40plusstyle.com


2 Sylvia

Thank you Dale. That is so nice to hear. Thanks for making the effort of letting me know!


3 Lisa Hackett

I’ms trying to get you e-magazine. Please enrol me on your list. The site looks fab.


4 Sylvia

Thanks Lisa. I noticed that your email subscription was successful. I look forward to seeing you again on the site!


5 Robert

I’m new to this site! I’m really glad i came accross the 40 plus Site..


6 Sylvia

Welcome and thanks for your feedback. I look forward to reading your comments!


7 Teresa

Hello! I recently found your site and am enjoying it tremendously.

I love the red dress you’re wearing in the picture in the “About” section of your site. Can you tell me more about it?

Thank you!


8 Sylvia

Thank you for your kind comment. This is a silk dress from Calvin Klein that I bought 1 year ago, so I don’t think it’s in shops anymore….


9 Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

I am excited to have found your blog! I will be 40 in January, and was starting to wonder if there were any other ladies out there fashion blogging in my age range. Great job, and thanks for helping to represent those of us who aren’t twenty-somethings anymore — We’ve still got it! 😉


10 Sylvia

Great that you found me. Welcome! I look forward to reading your comments to my posts. Off to check out your blog now…


11 Tracy (The Wardrobe Wanderer)

Thank you for commenting to me – I always appreciate that SO much! I love what you said about wanting to help women to embrace their age and their strengths. I am finding it to be a little bit of an adjustment knowing that I’m about to turn 40 (30 didn’t bother me at all, but I was pregnant when I was 30 so my mind was on the little bundle of love growing inside of me 🙂 ) Forty is proving to be a tiny bit harder, esp. because I am starting to see some lines cropping up and such. But, I’ve always said that I wanted to age gracefully, and I intend to do my best to follow through. Thank you for blogging; I will be following you as an inspiration – you look just WONDERFUL!



12 Sylvia

Being over 40 has its challenges but I have found it a very rewarding age as well. In terms of style I feel I have never looked better and I feel much freer to be creative and try new things.


13 Bridget

Forty is nothing! Forget it. I am 55 and it feels great. Kids have left home and all have jobs and futures. I have my health and my husband loves me. Age is just a number. Your health is what you should concentrate on. Lines show you have had a life. Just colour your hair or have fantastic hair cuts and treatments.


14 Sylvia

Well said Bridget. I also believe that health is the key. So long as you have that life after 40 is fantastic and you may as well look great at the same time!


15 Ann Marie

Dear Sylvia, I have stumbled on your website and am delighted. I have stopped working, moved from Australia to NZ with my husband and at 49 now need an entirely different wardrobe for my new (wonderful) casual life while still wanting to look smart and a bit trendy. Thank you for sharing your photos and looks. I’ll look forward to more. Ann


16 Sylvia

Welcome Ann Marie. Very glad you found me. I look forward to connecting more with you on the site!


17 romey

I can’t believe my luck in finding you! I was searching for makeup tips for over 40 and found your video and website. This is the website I’ve wanted all along but didn’t even know it. I’ve been poking around the site for an hour and have completely lost track of time. Thank you, Thank you. I’m 45 and a stay home Mom to my one Son. I don’t get out a lot but when I do, I want to look up to date and stylish. So glad you are here.


18 Sylvia

Welcome Romey. It’s always so nice to read that my articles are helping or inspiring women in some way. Thanks for taking the effort to let me know that you enjoyed it. I look forward to connecting more with you on the site!


19 Buckle Button Zip

Hi Sylvia,
I couldn’t help but nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you decide to accept, I’ve got all the particulars at my blog. It’s just my way of saying, you are rockin’ it! http://bit.ly/y51lkR


20 Sylvia

Thank you so much Laura!


21 Lyman Durazo

You’ve got a wonderful blog here! would you like to create some invite posts on my blog?


22 Sylvia

Thank you Lyman. I will keep it in mind. For the moment I can barely keep up with my own site!


23 Amy

Hi Sylvia! I just discovered your blog and although I am not quiet 40 yet (37) I will be a regular reader! Glad I stumbled upon it!


24 Sylvia

Welcome Amy! Glad you found 40+Style! Hope to connect further with you on the site or in the style forum.


25 Laura

I have grabbed you button and am wandering your site 🙂 Thanks for focusing on fashion for the over 40 year old woman! Laura


26 Sylvia

Thanks Laura. Would you like to be added to my 40+ bloggers list? https://40plusstyle.com/women-over-40-blogger-community/


27 Becca

Hi Sylvia, so glad to have found your site. We share a lot of similar philosophies. I especially liked your post on posture — its so overlooked! Looking forward to following and hearing more.



28 Sylvia

Yes, posture is so important. Thanks so much for leaving your kind feedback!


29 Playing With Scarves

You look fabulous 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging words to women who are no longer in their twenties or thirties !


30 Sylvia

thanks Anne!


31 Maria

Thank you Sylvia for sharing your wonderful website. Dutch greetings, Maria


32 marleen

Great to find so many tips and ideas that suit our age. Many things sylvia!


33 Sylvia

Thanks so much for your lovely feedback Marleen. I hope you don’t mind that I translated your comment, but the language on this site is strictly English. I look forward to connecting more with you on the site.


34 annavictoria

Sylvia, I just discovered your blog and love it! Being 40 and plus should not stop a women to look good, trendy and classy. I am glad to see more mature bloggers sharing their ideas about fashion and style. I am looking forward to explore your blog some more tonight with a cup of tea :).


35 Sylvia

Thank you for your kind feedback. Enjoy exploring all our articles!


36 Audrey

Hi Sylvia,

Stumbled upon your blog, and I find it very interesting. I’m a 44-year-old Malaysian with a 9 -year-old daughter.

Being an Asian we often pass off as younger than our true age, and most times I don’t dress up like a 40 year old. It’s refreshing to see some of the styles I could try out.



37 Sylvia

Welcome Audrey. It’s great to receive your feedback. You are definitely right that Asian women look younger for much longer than we caucasians. I’m never able to guess the age of any Asian woman! However, I believe that staying youthful comes as much from within as from the outside… I hope you enjoy browsing the site and I look forward to connecting more with you on the site


38 Becca

Hi, I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog award because I enjoy your blog so much. If you wish to accept (some do, some don’t, no hurt feelings either way) you write a post where you thank the blogger who nominated you, reveal a few things about yourself and then nominate a handful of bloggers who you like (anywhere from 7-15).



39 Sylvia

Hi Becca. Thank you so much for nominating me! I will not accept it officially but I really appreciate it nonetheless!


40 Tonix

Hi Sylvia, as a Newbie to your site, I’m dipping in and out of your articles – like a child in a Sweet shop ! Its wonderful. Excuse me if you’ve already covered these questions – I haven’t managed to read everything yet. Is Holland a very fashion concious country ? Also, did any one particular country influence your personal style more than the others ? Keep writing – every tip is like gold dust !


41 Sylvia

Hi Tonix, Great that you are enjoying the site! Holland is fashion conscious but also very casual. Brands are not so important. A country definitely influences your style and I actually wrote about that here: https://40plusstyle.com/style-in-different-countries/


42 joniw

looking for websites to help me come up with a capsule for my cruise in march.


43 Antoni

Hello Sylvia,

You look great and I’m so grateful to have found this site!
I had always been a stylish dresser before children and then I felt the real me disappeared.
Seeing women make the most of themselves for themselves is so uplifting! :’)
Thank you.



44 Sylvia

Thanks for your feedback Antoni. I hope to connect with your further on the site.


45 Bonitec

Hi Sylvia, I’ve just dropped a comment in another section of your blog. Also decided to stop here to express my respect for the work you are doing. Very glad to see the focused blog with high quality content, not just another “beauty for everybody”. Your blog is one of the best blogs for 40+, I wish you every success in developing this project!


46 Cheryl Bwoman

HELLO!! I have been researching 40 Plus blogs and can not believe it took me so long to find stumble across yours. I think it is fantastic…. I too, have a 40 plus blog. The official name is being40plus.com I am searching GREAT blogs to see if a few will want to exchange information, “back link”, and share experiences. Again, I loved this one.

Enjoy your weekend! ~CB


47 Sylvia

Thanks for your kind words Cheryl. I have a 40+ Blogger community page that you are welcome to submit your site for: https://40plusstyle.com/women-over-40-blogger-community/


48 Janise

You look fantastic for over 40! This is a great site!!! I’m over 40 and glad that I stumbled upon your site.



49 Bozena

hello, nice blog, i am over 50 🙂


50 Catherine

Wow, I am so pleased that I found this website. I am 41 and I was starting to feel like all fashion blogs were done by women under 30. This blog is such a refreshing change and, I think, vitally important to women over 40. I don’t mind being 40 but I do feel like women over 40 tend to become invisible and I don’t want to become invisible! Thank you!!!


51 Sylvia

Welcome Catherine. So happy you found us. You may like to subscribe to the newsletter so you don’t miss any articles!


52 Koko

I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I love it. I admire all the fashion and the other blogging ladies you interview. One day I dream of doing a fashion blog, but I don’t think I have the confidence yet…maybe one day 🙂 Thanks so much for inspiring us!


53 Sylvia

Great to read you are enjoying my blog Koko!


54 sylvia

I have read with interest you suggestions on working with an apple shape. If I am allowed I would like to share some brands of jeans and slacks that I have found comfortable, stylish and slimming. I am 72 yrs old, weigh 158 lbs and am 5″2 tall. My waist is 36, hips 43, bust 41 (36DD bra). All my tops have to be large to accomodate breasts. Alfani brand sold only at Macy’s makes a wonderful pair of slacks that have high waist and are pull ons. Flattery to my body and wear 12s in the brand. Comes in many colors. Also NYDJ makes a pair of jeans called Poppy which I can also get in a 12s. Wide high band pull ons.


55 Solita

Hi Sylvia,

I am rather new in this world but love to write on my blog. I started to write first in Dutch but now also in English. You can choose which language you want. I write about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and health and also like to read more blogs from other 40+ ladies. I hope you will add me to your community.


56 Janet Neal

A friend forwarded your post on women with short grey hair…and there was me on the top! What a surprise! As a woman who believes in the innate power of women and especially the power in women helping other women, I am grateful to you for featuring my photo and those of other women who are embracing their natural look. I’ve grown out my hair now and am loving this new phase as well!



57 Shannon

Hi Sylvia,
Just found your site for the first time today and I’m thrilled to find you. Just turned 50 last month and have been working on a women over 40 blog myself, with a slightly different twist than yours. I don’t consider myself all that fashionable so my main topics are beauty, nutrition, and fitness for women over 40. I will definitely be referring to your site for my fashion tips now!! 🙂 THANKS!!


58 Victoria

Hi! I have loved all your posts since I subscribed to this site. I am travelling to the Neatherlands in April, where do you recommend I go for some training or image consulting insight? Thank you,


59 Sylvia

thanks for reading Victoria. Unfortunately, as I have been away from The Netherlands for a long time, don’t have recommendations. Good luck on finding a good image consultant.


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