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How to dress after 40

How to dress after 40

This is one of our most popular topics and top articles include:

I have written several ‘how to’ articles, which many readers love:

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How to find your style

What is style and how can you get it?  These articles will get you started:

You may like to see my personal style.

I also feature many other stylish ladies from all over the world in What You Wore.

I also like to feature other style bloggers who have expertise in a certain area of style in my popular style interview series:

Style books I have featured or check out a list of great style books to own:

You can also check out all the numerous outfits I wore, which are always popular among readers!


Fashion for women over 40

Fashion articles are time- and season sensitive. But for all my recommendations and features be sure the check out the fashion and how to buy sections. Articles on the latest trends and how to wear them can be found in these categories.

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Beauty and health

beauty and healthy over 40

Although the focus of this site is on style and fashion, I occasionally also write about beauty and health issues. Below are some popular articles in this section:


We frequently write articles on what to buy which you can find in this section.

There is also a page which lists the best shops for women over 40 and we feature some of the best products available online in our own online shopping section. Check out bags, bathing suits, dresses and tunics, jewelry, shape wear, skirts, shoes (especially popular are arch support shoes) and tops to hide belly

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