Brand focus: NYDJ – The jeans that 40+women love!

by Sylvia

NYDJ Jeans spring collection - jeans women love! |

The brand I’m highlighting today is NYDJ.

These jeans tend be a favorite among 40+ women and for good reason. I own one pair myself and it’s the most comfortable pair I own and wear all the time: my trusty (comfortable fitting) skinny white jeans.

I chose a very comfortable fit which I tend to prefer for jeans (mine actually looks more like straight jeans), but if you like your jeans more form-fitting, NYDJ actually recommends to size down for a tighter and slimmer fit.

As you may know, I feel that every woman should have at least one pair of white jeans in their wardrobe since they are so versatile and work with alsmost anything. The full length versions tend to be the most flattering.

NYDJ white jeans |

Straight leg jeansstretch straight leg jeansstretch trousers

Still, I love my white capris equally and my white pants and capris are my number one go-to piece for holidays.

NYDJ capri white pants |

Stretch boyfriend jeans (plus) – Stretch crop jeans (petite) – knee-high twill pants ( plus)

NYDJ are known for their lift-tuck technology which tucks in the belly areas and make the jeans look slimming, while at the same time being very comfortable. Most of their jeans have a higher rise, which means you avoid the dreaded muffin top look. Have a look at the video below to learn a bit more on how their jeans get made.

A trusted blue jeans is another staple in a woman’s wardrobe and I’m loving these!

NYDJ blue jeans |

Mini bootcut jeans (plus) – Slim straight leg jeansStretch bootcut jeans

The brand has also expanded to dresses and tops using this same slimming technology. Here are some of my favorites.

NYDJ clothing |

Woven trim pleat back topLace sheath dressFaux leather moto jacket

NYDJ comes in both regular, petite and plus sizes. I have listed a few more favorites from their collection at Nordstrom below as I know that many of you like to shop there!

Do you have any experience with this brand? See anything you like?


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Right now I am wearing a pair if classic NYDJ! Love the fit, they are very comfortable yet they don’t look “bulky”. I also have a pair of waxed ones and I am looking for white ones for the warmer season. I can really recommend them!

Annette | Lady of Style


I hear nothing but praise for them, but haven’t tried yet. And now it’s summer! But they are on my list. xo


i like how you wear your white jeans – the relaxed fit looks very chic!
the video reminded me why i have given up jeans: i now carry all my extra weight exactly where the “high rise” (20 years ago usually) waistband hits – and low rise slips off my not existing hip curve…… jeans and i will never be friends again although i loved my white lewis 501 in the early to mid 90s despite the uncomfortable feeling when sitting down……


Love the jeans and the way they fit but I wish the designers would come up with a better name. . . . have two pairs of their waxed denim pants, along with a pair of grey corduroys and black twill pants. I love the way the white jeans look and I would love to get a pair for the summer.


Definitely my favourite jeans and they last for ages. Not sure that the fabric they use is as good as it used to be.


Personally I can’t stand NYDJ – and stretchy jeans in general. Give me old-fashioned high-waisted 100% cotton denim any day. No doubt stretchy jeans are more comfortable but don’t kid yourself that they are better at holding in the tummy flab. If you want jeans to hold in your tummy flab, the last thing you want is stretch, as that precisely doesn’t hold it in but stretches with it.


Does anyone know if they are available in tall? I have short upper body, long legs and a lot of jeans are just too short.


I don’t have a pair of NYDJ myself but I keep on hearing praise for them. I seen them on other women so I can conclude for myself they do have a very good fit. Hmmm, maybe on my next jeans mission in Autumn for a pair of very dark flares….


Great jeans! Just brought a waxed pair on clearance. Such a good fit and go with everything.


I love NYDJ. I got my first pair of skinny jeans last year at TJ Maxx and I just ordered a pair of Barbara bootcut and love them. Love how they look and feel. The best part, they fit perfectly. They are truly the most expensive pair of jeans I’ve ever purchased and for how they make me feel, they are well worth very penny.


I just returned from a shopping/theater trip to New York where I purchased my first NYDJ pants. Having plenty of jeans in my closet I was looking for nice ankle length pants in interesting colors. NYDJ had a “shop” within Bloomingdales where I purchased 2 pairs of perfect fitting, slimming, contemporary look pants – not jeans – in a vivid red and cobalt blue. Styling them will be fun. Along with jeans and skinny pants they also offered tops and sheath style dresses in fresh spring colors. I will definitely return to this brand!

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