Leggings: the perfect travel companion

by Sylvia

Leggings for the holidays

I packed 2 pairs of leggings for my holiday. The great advantage of leggings on holiday is that they are both comfortable, practical and, when teamed up with the right tops, can look very stylish as well. So inspired by Shirley’s article on leggings, here are some of the legging outfits I wore on holiday!

First up are these white knee leggings combined with a basic tunic with pockets from Cos. Shoes are from Cos too.


My black leggings are slightly longer and are perfect when the weather is a bit chillier. Here they are combined with my white short dress (here combined with baggy shorts), which I’ve had for ages and acquired in Bali. As usual my hat and Alldressedup necklace are trusted companions.

New Mexico-3

At the top of the Sandias Mountains I definitely needed my jacket!

New Mexico-4

Wearing it again in Utah (more on that later).

white dress over black leggings

And of course I wore leggings to the rodeo which I told you about in my Texas travel report.


For more tips on wearing leggings you can check out my ultimate guide on how to wear leggings over 40 or Shirley’s  leggings tips.

How have you been wearing your leggings lately?


1 Ann

You look good in leggings with your tops! Great necklace and shoes, love the modern feel. Looks like you are getting around the US. I’ve never really worn leggings, maybe I need to give them a try!

blue hue wonderland

2 Sylvia

Thanks Ann. The US has been amazing ! I’m sure you could make leggings work!

3 The Style Crone

Love the leggings, Sylvia. I totally agree with the versatility that they provide and you wear them well. Beautiful vacation photos.

Thank you so much for linking up with Hat Attack!

4 Sylvia

thanks Judith. I believe you are one of the best role models for showing how to wear leggings. You wear them so well. The most beautiful photos are yet to come (thanks to the incredible nature of the US…)

5 Neti*

Yes. . . Leggings are perfect for travel and they look good with every top. Your photos are great too. .

6 Sylvia

Welcome Neti and thanks for leaving your nice feedback about the photos!

7 Melanie

Okay, tons of inspiration here, Sylvia. I have white leggings and they leave me cold, but I like what you do here. I also have a white drapey floaty top almost exactly like yours that I wear with black leggings, but I like your addition of the hat. Great travel shoe too, a little structure, a little air. Love your photos.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Melanie. I don’t wear my white leggings as much as my white pants but on holiday they tend to be very practical. The shoes were indeed a hit on holiday!

9 Shirley yanez

Hi Sylvia you look fabulous in your leggings and have styled them beautifully. Have a fun vacation and loving your blog.

10 Sylvia

Thanks Shirley!

11 karen hirst

Where do you find white leggings like that? Most of them that I find are too sheer, or too lacy, or too something to be age appropriate. Yours are perfect!

12 Sylvia

I bought these years ago in Italy. Yes white leggings can be tough. I specifically chose some with pleats at the knees as I find these look a lot better. You just need to be lucky to stumble upon them….

13 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I love seeing how versatile your leggings are. These outfits look like perfection for travel! Thanks for sharing them with Visible Monday. xoxo

14 Kathleen Lisson

Fabulous hat!

15 Heather Fonseca

I haven’t been wearing my leggings much mostly because it’s been a little too warm for them, but I agree they are great on a trip! I like how you’ve paired yours with long tunics and short dresses. I think it’s the best way to wear them.

16 Sylvia

Yes, that’s the only way I feel comfortable in leggings!

17 Paula

Sylvia, I couldn’t agree more! And if you forget them, like I did last year, they are so easy to find and buy! xoxo

18 Sylvia

So true. I bought the black ones on a previous holiday to the USA!

19 traceyliz65

Wonderfully stylish vacation outfits1 Those shoes are getting a lot of use and look very comfortable for walking!

20 Sylvia

Thanks. Yes they were perfect for the holiday!

21 Greetje

I am staying away from leggings. Wearing skinnies or 7/8 or capri’s instead.
But you had a good capsule with your for all those weeks.

22 Sylvia

Yes I packed pretty well, although I got pretty bored by the end of the holiday. Still, I need to try and pack even less next time…

23 Trina Grandinetti

Sylvia, What incredible combinations you came up with, everyone of these are perfect not only for a vacation but for everyday wear. I’m definitely going to pin and remember these for my vacation next month. Leggings are a great item for packing. By the way, that statement necklace is stunning. And, the picture of you on the top of the Grand Canyon is amazing.

24 Sylvia

Thanks Trina. A little necklace like that can really make a difference to the outfit and makes it just more fun. Don’t forget to pack a few accessories too for your holiday. It makes all the difference!

25 Rita

The Sandia’s! I can almost see our old house below in Albuqueruqe! Great pictures!


great pics, you look casual, comfortable, and stylish

27 Jan Graham-McMillen

You look great in your leggings with tunics, shirts and little dresses. They must be great for travel, as you say! Nice proportionality, and you have an eye for the silhouette.
I do, however, think it is a style that can look dowdy and elderly pretty quickly if not styled with care. And not flattering on all legs. Yours, however, are GRAND!
I particularly like the look, pushed up toward the knee a little. Proportion is everything, length and width, and you do it well!

28 Saskia

Sure! and nice to see you wearing Berlin purchased top

29 WendyB

Love that all white look. So summer-y!


No words for how much I adore the white and black/white ensembles on you! Absolute perfection. And the sandals, I want..!

31 Sylvia

Thanks Stephanie. I knew you would like the shoes 🙂 They fit right into your style!

32 33

Boy I wish I’d look as good as you wearing leggings. I don’t even wear leggings at home (my kitty would snag on the fabric in many places jumping on my lap) and hardly wear them outside except doing fitness hikes (1 to 2 hour cardio hike).

Have to admit that the the weight and non bulk are good for travel light.

Mostly I just wear one pair of jeans/jeggings (skinny in summer and bootcut in winter) when I travel. Maybe a pair of jean shorts if the weather is really hot (like Aug in New Mexico).

33 Sylvia

You sound like you are very good at traveling light! I just need more variety….

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