Black and white outfits – Discover how to best wear this popular color combination in 60+ outfits!

by Sylvia

A simple black & white outfit |

Black and white remains the eternal chic combination to wear and below we will show you LOTS of black and white outfits that can inspire your next look.

Even if black and white are not your best colors there are many ways to wear black and white to suit your unique coloring

We appreciate black and white pairings because of their inherent minimalism.

Even when heavily accessorized or embellished, the look still retains an inherent minimalism that transcends style personalities.

A few tweaks can take the look from rocker chic to romantic elegance.

Black and white outfits you can wear

Below I will showcase black and white outfits from myself and other women.

I have selected those black and white outfits that are timeless and still look hip today now that we are in  2019!

Outfits with a white top and black base

White asymmetrical shirt and cropped black pants |

This is the classic combination but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Pairing your black base with an asymmetrical white top is both chic and hip!

Please note, these tops are no longer available but I’m loving this white asymmetrical top.

black cropped pants with an asymmetrical top |

Black and white looks extra nice when you combine a simple outfit with pumps, but simple ballerinas or arty flats would work fine too.

The hat makes the outfit a little bit dandy, the pumps makes it feminine and create the perfect balance.

Chic black and white look with a classic bag |

Combine your white tops with a (colorful) statement necklace

Black skirt with a white asymmetrical top |

If white close to your face is not your best color, a great trick is to add a statement necklace. Red always looks really good on me and it gives this outfit the pop of color it needs!

The below necklace works well too as do the colorful glasses.

Add color to your black and white outfit with a colorful necklace |

A chic black and white mini skirt look |

Black pants with white top and a statement necklace - a classic combination |

Outfits with black top and white base

Linda Fargo keeps it really simple with a black top and white mini skirt. Her red lips provide the dash of color.

Linda Fargo wearing black and white |

Not a lot of color here but I’m reinforcing the black and white theme with accessories. The different texture in the outfit makes it interesting.

black and white holiday casual outfit with shorts |

I love the simplicity of the below outfit where the accessories truly shine. I also love how she breaks the style ‘rule’ that you can’t wear wide with wide. It works here as her top is really short.


Check out our complete guide on how to wear wide leg pants here.


Elegant looks for women over 40 in black and white |

Black top with a printed bottom

A black sleevles vest and striped skirt |

Plaid and layering were two key trends on the fall catwalks, and this look features both, along with a statement pendant necklace. Photo by @stylishmurmurs

Plaide - 20 different ways to wear black |


If you’d like to read more about Deborah and her style, you may read her style interview here.


A fabulous transitional piece, a classic black leather moto jacket can take summer outfits through to fall. Here, black booties and a pair of aviators provide the perfect finishing touches! Photo by @mummaslove4fashion

 20 different ways to wear black |

Diana is wearing  monochrome topper is worn over a black dress to create a stylish black and white outfit. Chunky rings add extra interest and are one of 40+ stylish Ruth Essex’s tips for instantly adding style to any outfit. Photo by @dianagabrielnyc

Patterned coat and kimono jacket - 20 different ways to wear black |


Get Diana’s tips on how to make a statement with her style interview here.

Black and white pattern mixing

Black and white lends itself perfectly for print mixing. Stripes, dots and patterns can easily be mixed together.

Below you will see this simple polkadot dress I bought. I combined it with an old (and neglected) pencil skirt I have, which actually has an asymmetric undercover (not really visible here). I thought that outfit looked quite decent, but I wanted to add some more pizazz…

Black and white polkadot dress layered over skirt |

Red hat versus black hat

Also note, that I tried this outfit with both my red hat and my black hat that looks a bit like a hat from the twenties.

The red hat is a little bit more photogenic while the black is a bit more chic.

Black versus white, pattern mixing with polkadots |

Adding the second graphic top, makes for some nice pattern mixing, a trend I have admired in others and was keen to try out myself.

The top is also very versatile and you can really have fun with it for photographs! In the end I decided to go with the black hat, as I felt that the outfit itself was playful enough. Of course, I kept the red shoes and watch.

Have fun with black and white pattern mixing |

A perfect example of black and white pattern mixing |

Black and white dresses

A dress is always a good idea and a black and white printed dress is great at camouflaging your belly too.

Gorgeous black and white dress |

Black and white dress with over the knee boots |

Black and white dress in animal print |

A chic white dress with black lace | 40plusstyle.comBlack and white outfit inspiration: Animal print dress |

Polka dots are a perennial style staple which are always on-trend, but they’ve definitely been having a moment this year. Here, they are teamed with bright boots and matching earrings. Photo by @curvycartel

There’s more polka dot inspiration here.

Polka dots - 20 different ways to wear black |

Little black dress with a big white bow |


white dress with a black and white statement necklace |

Black and white snake print dress |

A black and white blazer worn as a dress |

Wearing perfectly matching black and white outfits |

Simple and chic in black and white |

modern and chic in black and white | Pretty dresses in black and white | pretty dresses for a fashion lunch | body-con polkadot black and white dress |

Black and white printed tops

A modern, yet comfortable look!

Black and white graphical look |


classically chic with a black skirt and printed blouse |

Black and white printed top on a white skirt |

Black a-line skirt with a printed top and yellow shoes |

Edgier black outfits featuring leather

If you want to look a bit edgier then black has always been the color of choice. A leather jacket adds a bit of fierceness to your look.

Edgy outfit ideas from New York |

Minimalism was taken to a new standard in this look.

A peplum cut leather jacket layered effortlessly on a sheer white dress.

We love the contrasting green clutch that brings some evening elegance into the day, but is cheerfully appropriate when contrasted with the black and white pairing.

Leather Peplum Jacket over a white striped dress |

Bohemian and edgy looks in black and white |

Elegant black and white outfit |

white pants with black lace top and leather |

I love the funky & edgy look of this woman who truly makes a statement with this (almost) all black outfit!

funky & edgy look

Embellish your black outfit with gold

If you want to embellish your black and white outfit and add a bit more pizazz, then you can add a bit of glamour with sequins as in the photo below.

Gold coats are always a glamorous choice |

Black and white suits

printed black and white suit with white cape |

black and white suit |

Black and white outfits with coats

How to look elegant with a coat in black and white |

Expert tailored pieces that fit and flatter take looks to the next level.

We love how seamlessly the ankle boots integrate with this ensemble.

Black Coat White Dress Booties |

Here is Linda fargo again in a beautiful black and white outfit.

She has chosen to stay warm in the cold New York winter in what looks like a fur coat and hat. But then, who knows, it may be fake fur too.

Although I like her look, I would personally choose not to wear fur. I would not even wear fake fur when that looks too much like real fur.

Linda Fargo wearing black and white during fashion week in New York |

Modern and edgy black and white coat |

Loving this black and white cape worn over a straight skirt.

Black and white cape |

This look showcases how to perfectly wear thigh high boots without looking like you stepped off of the set of Pretty Woman (pre-makeover).

The unique cut of the white coat with the contrasting black fringe coordinates perfectly with thigh high suede boots.

Truly, the look is composed of two key pieces (the coat and thigh high boots), which when paired together make it look more complex.

Fringed Coat Suede Thigh High Boots |

A modern coat meets a rustic (Laura Ingalls Wilder-esque) utilitarian dress to create a very chic sartorial contrast. We love the black accents on the coat and the black peek of her gloves and bag.

White Coat Utilitarian Modern |

The monochromatic bottom with the lighter top makes her look even leaner.

We love how she has three layers, but her play with mixed lengths certainly does not make it look bulky at all. The all-black bottom puts the stripes and textures of her tops on display and shows of the fabulous styling.

Leather Leggings Turtleneck Chanel |

Chic black and white outfit |

Streetstyle inspiration: white capelet paired with a black and white floral skirt |

Mostly black outfits with a bit of white

Androgynous style in New York |

Black and white romper suits

Streetstyle inspiration: pleeted black and white romper |

Layering with black and white

Loving the long vest here, which is still very much on trend.


looking very chic and modern in black and white |

A perfectly layered outfit with a pop of color |

long white skirt with black jacket |

Outfits with black and white stripes

Wearing black with black and white stripes |

Black and white outfits with shorts

Black and white outfits with shorts

All black with a white leather bag and red shoes |

Black and white accessories

Want to make a black outfit more interesting? Mix with white accessories! |

A simple necklace can make a big difference for a black top |
Accessorize your black and white outfit with pearl |

Super chic black and white outfit with matching unbrella |


Black and white for a wedding!

Wearing black and white for a wedding ! |

That concludes our overview of black and white outfits, which should have given you a lot of inspiration on how to wear black and white.


If you prefer all black have a look at our article on how to wear all black.


Want to know how to wear other colors? Check one of our color guides

How to wear:

Do like to wear black & white?


Most hotographs by Denton Taylor

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1 Daenel T

What a great tee. I like the asymmetrical cut. And the skinniest are a perfect pairing. Just chic.


2 Sylvia

Thanks Deanel!


3 Fiona

A lovely flattering breezy outfit. Right down my ally 🙂


4 Sylvia

Thanks Fiona!


5 Dana

This is now my favorite outfit of you . I absolutely love it. It´s simple but divine!!



6 Sylvia

It’s one of my favorite outfits too. But then again my last outfit usually is….



You look super chic with a twist.
I love black and white! It’s my best combo… ever!
x Nina


8 Sylvia

Yes and it’s that twist, that makes it interesting for me. Thanks Nina for your kind feedback!


9 Suzanne

Love the hat!



10 Elaine

Perfect outfit for so many occasions. Simple and chic, a great travel outfit. The hat and the bracelet accessories strike just the right note. I’m going to look for a nice asymmetrical top and try my own version!


11 The Style Crone

Great look Sylvia! Each piece contributes to your portrayal of casual elegance.


12 Melanie

Sylvia, I love this. Today I saw a woman wearing a simple black/white combo and I thought, wow, she looks stunning. And then here you are! You prove that you don’t need to get complicated with clothing to look fantastic.


13 Greetje

I really like this outfit. How could I not? Being a lover of black and white. And I see your point of not adding a necklace because of the hat and sunnies. You are right although I would have had to sit on my hands. As I love necklaces too. I like the simplicity of this outfit and the shape and layers of this beautiful top.
For myself I would have worn a black tank top underneath the sheer top as I prefer not to see where my trousers start. But that is very personal. As is wearing a short jacket with the asymmetric top. It is not that I don’t like it, but you lose the “fitted at your waist” of this top, the structure, in this combination. IMHO


14 Sylvia

A black top underneath is a great idea, especially for The Netherlands where you usually need an extra layer. It creates a lovely elongating column of color underneath. For Singapore, you want to keep it as cool as possible so it is best to wear an invisible bra.


15 Petra

Sylvia, I think you’ve nailed it with this outfit and of course the hat. I love b&w and I believe it suits any occasion. I’ve just moved to Melbourne, so am looking forward to dressing up more, and wearing styles of clothes that suit me but I couldn’t before wear on the very hot Gold Coast 🙂


16 Deborah@Stylish Murmurs

Just catching up on my blog reading and cannot believe I missed this:) Sylvia this is a stunningly simple but stunningly gorgeous outfit. It doesn’t need any adornment, the cuff is perfect. I may “need” that tunic top myself;)


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