Pastels is one of the major trends this season, but many women (including myself) find wearing pastels a challenge. They can wash you out, look too ‘sweet’ or take you back to your children’s years!

So today I will offer some tips and inspiration on how to wear pastels over 40 in a stylish & chic way.

1. Wear something colorful with your pastel top or dress

Tips for wearing pastels: combine with brighter assessories on top! |

I like wearing pastel greys and pinks, but pastels are definitely a tough color for me to wear. That is why I need to make sure I combine my pastel top with something colorful. In the top above, it already helps that the sleeves are in a brighter color. I also combine it with a colorful necklace and made sure that there is a bit of color on my lips.

Some good ways to add color on top include:

  • A colorful necklace
  • Colorful earrings
  • A colorful cardigan
  • Scarf
  • Hat with color
  • Sunglasses
  • A bag
  • Brighter makeup

wearing pastels in style | combine with brighter accessories |

2. Wear pastel at the bottom instead of the top

wearing a pink skirt and dark fuchsia top - How to wear pastels |

Another great way to incorporate pastels is to wear it at the bottom instead of the top. That way you can still incorporate the trend into your look without letting it wash you out.

Ann applies this tactic too with this beautiful outfit (see this article for more photos).

Ann wearing baby blue pants with grey checkered jacket |

3. Combine with white

Pastels always look beautiful with cream or white which will create a very chic and soft look.

4. Be playful with different colorsWearing pastels with white |

Although it can be quite sugary to combine baby blue with pink or mint green there are very beautiful ways to combine these pastels.

I love the 2 renditions below, where 2 shades of pastel blue are combined with green. The color combination at the right is just stunning.

Combining several pastels colors together |

5. Wear pastel as a monochrome look

Also very chic is just to focus on one color. You can wear the same color all-over or put a brighter version of the pastel on top as shown at the right.

Monochromatic pastel looks for spring 2014 |

More ideas on how to wear pastels from all of you!

Ana combines her peach dress with black creating a very stylish look, while Greetje wears it casually with jeans. The shimmer of her top brightens up the look as well as her colorful necklace.

Wearing pastels over 40 |

Lorraine came up with several ideas.

How to wear pastels - mixing and matching |

My personal favorite is that combination on the right. Love the combination of black & white, fuchsia, with grey coat!

Ideas for wearing pastel color this spring |

Combining pink with navy |

This is how Kay would wear pastels for casual outings.

Wearing pastel colors for sporty events |

Sabine (website | Polyvore) likes to wear them for a sunny day at the beach!

pastels for the beach |

But she has an elegant version as well.

elegant in pastels |

Nanne (website | Polyvore) has combined pastels with her beloved neutrals.

neutrals and pastels: How to wear pastels |

These 2 lovely combinations by Catherine (website | Polyvore) are very easy to wear!

brighter pastel combinations |

2 lovely combinations from Nicole (left | right)

Combining pink with red |

Suzanne opts for brighter pastels and combines them with even brighter or darker colors.

brighter pastel colors |

And here are a few more renditions of my own that I still like to wear.

soft pink pastels | How to wear pastels |

The good thing is that pastels continue to be popular for winter 2014 as well. Pastels were seen on the runways of Gucci, Matthew Williamson and Ralph Lauren. So if you invest in pieces that you can easily layer, you can use them for the whole of the coming year!

pastel trends for fall 2014 |

More examples of women over 40 wearing pastel colors

Wearing baby blue with red |

One of my own tricks for not getting washed out by pastels is to wear it with a brighter color. I love wearing this silk and linen baby blue top from In Good Company with my trusted red skirt. Adding some brighter accessories help brighten up the look.

For more help on wearing pastel colors, check out this article on how to wear pastels or check out some of my recent pastels outfits. Also check out our tips and inspiration on how to wear pink and how to wear pale blue.

Here are a lot more looks featuring pastels to inspire you!

pink pastel dress | lila pastel dress | old pink pastel suit |  Wearing a pastel skirt with black | cream and pink | pretty pastel dresses | how to wearing pastels | sparkly pastels | wearing pale blue dress |  wearing orange pastels | paste lskirt | pastel dress with embelishments |

What pastel colors would you enjoy to wear? Which one of these looks is your favorite?


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