50 shades of white – The ultimate inspiration guide on how to wear white!

by Sylvia

50 ways to wear white

I’m a big believer of white for both summer AND winter. I find it just the most beautiful mixing color which will give you a nice, fresh and clean look.

To prove that I’m right I challenged you all to wear white. Many of you responded and proved that I’m right! I’m sure you will agree that all of these women look absolutely fabulous.

If you have resisted wearing white, I hope you will get so much inspiration from all these looks, that you will give it a go yourself. You are still welcome to show us all your white looks by uploading it in the style forum. You could leave a comment below this article with a direct link to your upload in the style forum so that we can get a complete overlook of all white looks in one place!

Now without any further ado, let’s admire all the beautiful white inspired looks!

Ana – Mrs American Made


Suzanne – Suzanne Carillo Style Files


Beverly – Beverly Like Hills

whiteandleather-beverly fullwhite-beverly

Ida – Mrs Jack of All Trades


Trina – Teatime with Trina



Alicia – Spashioinista Report




Alice – Happiness at Midlife

whitecapris-alice 50waystowearwhite-alice

Greetje – No Fear of Fashion

whitedress-greetje3 waystowearwhite-Greetje2








Further inspiration on how to wear white

I have featured many white looks on the site:

Finally here are some general guidelines on how to wear white

The final question is: How are YOU going to wear white this season?


P.S. Of course there will be another dressing challenge coming up but I will talk more about that tomorrow.

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1 Kathy Johnston

Thanks, Sylvia for including my pictures in the white challenge. It’s fun to see all of the other looks and creations with white!


2 cabellin

This is so exciting! All the interpretations of whites! There is no limit!
Thanks, for including my pictures. You are inspiring and challenging us to endless possibilities!


3 Rebecca

Some fabulous looks for wearing white. In NYC the main wardrobe color is black. I tend to feel that white requires tons of care and is not city friendly. After seeing how great it looks though, I will have to try to incorporate more white into my wardrobe.


4 Sylvia

The city needs more white!


5 cabellin

Rebecca, my closet is almost black, with a lot of white blouses. I find white so easy in terms of care. Picture this: the white top Im wearing in these pictures, once had half glass of red wine on it! 😉 and it still here!


6 Annette

I love all white outfits and hope summer will finally arrive here.
Fab ladies!

Lady of Style


7 Sylvia

I’m coming to Europe soon. I usually take the good weather with me 🙂


8 Spashionista (Alicia)

What a wonderful array of ladies in white! It’s inspiring to see all of the different ways in they interpreted the challenge. It makes me want to wear white more often.
Thanks so much for including me, Sylvia! 🙂

Spashionista (Alicia)


9 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

All the ladies featured did a great job with this challenge! I rarely wear all white so this was a real challenge for me.



10 Greetje

Well this was easy, wasn’t it? You got so much respons and all ladies look so good. Really a very good portrait of what you can do with white.
Thanks for including me and I will do my best to send you better quality photos next challenge. (Still learning, but getting there.)


11 Sylvia

Your photos are getting better all the time. Also you dont’ have to compress the images before sending them to me. That way I get the highest possible quality before optimising them myself. A good way to share your photos is Dropbox!


12 Mary Anne

As a newbie here who is tired of glossy magazine styles, I am really inspired by all the lovely personal creativity in all these photos. Thank you to all for sharing. Now to the closet to see if I am up for a dress challenge.. : )


13 Sylvia

Thanks Mary Anne. I really hope you join us next time!


14 Rachel Bell

Absolutely love those t-strap mary janes! I live in a warmer climate so I love to see the white pants and nude pump look. I have been wearing these wedges but want to switch my look up for fall. You’ve given me great ideas.


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