Beach holiday outfits: pink shorts with tank and blouse

by Sylvia

relaxed pink shorts with tank and blouse

Continuing with my (beach) holiday outfits which (hopefully) will serve as inspiration for your own holiday outfits, here is another version of my ‘relaxed’ shorts. A little more dressed up this time with the hat, necklace and shoes. There is a lighter purple tank underneath, so it’s easy to take off the second blouse layer. I always like to dress in layers, as I’m easily cold and I always like to have some extra cover. I also like to cover my back and arms for sun protection reasons. The blouse is so thin, that it doesn’t really make the outfit that much hotter and at least I’m protected from the sun.

Update: here are all the other outfits for this beach holiday outfit 2012 series

  1. Tight bermudas and flower dress
  2. Black and white casual chic
  3. White short dress with denim jacket
  4. Pink shorts with oversized shirt
  5. White shorts with flower top
  6. Striped bermuda shorts with t-shirt and jacket

What is your go-to outfit for the beach?

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Stephanie @ henry happened

I love this outfit – especially the hat! You look so relaxed but not sloppy – it’s so hard for me to find that balance!


Thanks Stephanie!


Nice look, Sylvia. I especially like the top half;-) aka: blouse, jewelry, hat. Very elegant.


Thanks Anja. Very practical too. I really like wearing a thin shirt over a singlet to the beach…


Totally agree. Breezy fun outfit. The hat is a treasure and the shoes make it very modern. Not easy to find flat shoes which are different and nice. I think I would have walked passed them. But perhaps, now you have shown us, I will pick something like that up.


Can you believe that I still saw these shoes in the sale (2 years after I bought them) in Haarlem? They have been a great success. Great shoes to have when the outfit is a tick boring and needs something extra and very comfortable!

Heather Fonseca

Love it! This has to be one of my favorite outfits on you. In fact, I might have to copy it.


Really Heather.. You like it that much? It would be fun to see your copy!

Heather Fonseca

I’ll see if I can’t take a photo! I need a black hat though…

The Seeker

A casual yet so stylished look. You accessorized it sooooooo well. The hat (I’m a hat’s lover) and the shoes are great. Love it on you.

I’m not so lucky about wearing shorts, I have no legs for them.



Thanks Fernanda!


Wow, I love this outfit because I have a midsection. I dont have cute sandals like those but I will try to find some stylish shoes.


Yes, this outfit is very effective in hiding many areas that you don’t want the world to see and super comfortable (of course)


Oh gosh… that hat! It looks like a must have that could be worn with numerous outfits.


I love hats too. Am constantly looking for better ones. This one is great, but a bit hot for Singapore….


Well, we all love it! You look cool and very elegant at the same time. How clever is that!


Thanks Aileen!


Those shoes are super cute! I’m a totally boring dresser, but I love fun shoes!


Thanks Rita! Sometimes all you need are some funky shoes to make an outfit special…


Thank goodness that’s true! LOL!

The Style Crone

Leave it to a purple hat to dress up a beach outfit. The lipstick you’re wearing is perfect and love the shoes. I’m not much of a beach person, so don’t have many choices in this area.


Yes, I guess what makes this outfit great are the accessoires, judging from all the comments! The hat is certainly the star!


I have a question? I have seen you during your holliday with different hats, how do you pack them in your suitcase, so they don’t get totally ruined. I never managed to succeed in that.


Some of them were floppy ones, which can just go in the suitcase. The others you will have to take by hand or wear them!

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

Sylvia this is a great layered summer look… there’s often nothing better than a sheer white blouse on a hot day, and you’ve styled yours so well with your accessories and oh! the sandals!! LOVE them!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – glad to see you also had fun at the Olympics like I did! Wasn’t the atmosphere amazing…?

Catherine x


Thanks Catherine. It sure was. We’re thinking already of going to Rio in 4 years time!

Practical Paralegalism

I think everyone’s said it better (I’m so behind in my RSS feed reader) but you look amazing in this outfit, elegant and effortless.




You really do wear hats well. I have loved hats since I was little but only have the courage to wear a sun-hat when mowing the lawn etc. Every now and then I see a lady dressed similarly to you and I always admire her confidence with hat-wearing.


Thanks Petra. Perhaps you could give it a try to wear a hat sometime? They are actually pretty nice to hide under….

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