holiday style: pink shorts with the oversized shirt

by Sylvia

Shorts and wide top for the beach

This is the fourth in my series of holiday (beach) outfits and this one is even more relaxed than the previous outfits. Although the photos don’t clearly show this, the top is actually very square and oversized. So I’m breaking the rules by matching it with shorts that also don’t have a tight fit. It’s a VERY relaxed beachy outfit that would be suitable for during the day, although you could easily dress it up for evening strolls with a nice casual blazer.

pink bermuda

Although I don’t really wear shorts anymore outside (of course I wear them all the time in my own house in Singapore!), I would not hesitate to wear these on the beach.

Update: here are all the other outfits for this beach holiday outfit 2012 series

  1. Tight bermudas and flower dress
  2. Black and white casual chic
  3. White short dress with denim jacket
  4. White shorts with flower top
  5. Striped bermuda shorts with t-shirt and jacket
  6. Pink shorts with tank and blouse

How about you? Do you still wear shorts? In day-to-day life or just at beach / holiday locations?

Practical Paralegalism

I love these shorts. They look elegant and comfortable. I catch myself wavering on th’ shirts issue 🙂




I like both items and also combined. The fact that they both are not tight does not bother me at all. What I miss though, is colour. The style looks very good on you but the colours are a bit too pale. (How does Tangobabe says that? To my humble opinion?)


I see what you mean but sometimes it’s nice to be a bit softer…


Hi Sylvia!
I mentioned you on my blog today. I stopped and remembered your love for asymmetric clothing when I found the perfect poncho at a local thrift store.

I’m wearing long slender shorts this season more than I have in the past but in certain lighting inside I don’t like the skin on my legs at all. I try not to look though or I’ll judge myself too harshly. If I was going somewhere nice for lunch or dinner though I’d probably wear longer pants.


How fun that you thought of me while buying something asymmetric and thank you for mentioning me on your blog. I think your poncho is absolutely fabulous! Yes, I get what you mean. That’s why shorts are better for the beach rather than inside locations…. I certainly would not be wearing shorts for diner anymore!


I am looking for a summer poncho forbsome time now. Cannot find anything. Have you got any tips Joni?


Ah, I looked you up on your blog and saw the poncho. Nice! But I am looking for a slightly longer one. One I can wear outside as a coat as a protection from slightly colder weather or rain. I have all these kimono tops with wide sleeves …. Oh well.


I’m not a person for shorts, i have some friends who love shorts, but I prefer skirts, they just look better on my legs.. But yes, there definitely are days and occasions for shorts, like the beach or hiking 😉 I love your outfit and how you added some darker color to it with the bag and the sandals!

xxx Anita


Thanks Anita. For me too shorts are only worn on beach locations these days!

The Style Crone

I haven’t worn shorts for years, but you look great in this pair. I adore your shoes!


Thanks Judith!

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