Watching Olympic diving on a stormy day in London

by Sylvia

Dressing casual during the Olympics

Here is another update of my visit to the London Olympics. 2 days ago I showed you my unusual black dress that I wore during my first day in London, which was mainly spent walking around. On this day though I had an event to attend: the final of the women’s synchronised diving! Walking towards the venue the weather was holding up, but by the time I took the below picture, you can see that dark clouds were approaching us. It wasn’t long before rain fell on the Olympic Park and we all had to look for shelter.

Olympic Stadium

Luckily my venue was inside today as I had tickets to the women’s synchronised diving final which was held in the Aquatics center, which was just opposite the olympic stadium. It was a packed house (apart from the empty vip seats of course) and it quickly became clear that the Chinese were in a class of their own. Look how perfectly synchronised their dive is from the shots below.

Women synchronised diving

Chinese women doing their dive

synchronised diving during london 2012 olympics

Winning dive at Olympics in London

diving at olympics

Dive finishing touch

Dive perfect entry into water

Not suprising then that they easily became champions, with the USA picking the number 2 spot and Canada third, leaving the British rather disappointed with their 7th place. What do you all think of the ceremonial clothes of the USA olympians?

Medal ceremony London Olympics

The winning flags

Appearantly it had stormed and rained outside while we were watching the diving. But as soon as we got out it turned sunnier again. Perfect to take a few photographs of my very casual outfit that day. English weather is quite unpredicatable so I had several layers on. For this picture I took of my cardigan so you could see my new silk Zara blouse which I picked up for 12 euros in Spain. I thought it was an amazing buy, but it has not coped well with intensive wear at the Olympics. Such a shame because it would look really nice with some simple black pants.

Casual in London

As you can tell, dressing for me when on holidays and when I want to keep warm is always a compromise. Under garments were chosen for warmth also, and I know that could be better. (Another item to shop for!) Hair with this weather is always a problem for me. When I see pictures like this, I truly feel like cutting it all off!

On another day, we visited the London Eye where I wore this same outfit again, as it is so comfortable. I made myself the promise that I will find a better fitting AND comfortable pair of jeans for my next trip, but this would have to do for the time being.

London Eye

The London Eye gives some spectacular views of London. One of which you will only see during the London Olympics: the beach volleyball courts at Horse Guards Parade. I was going to visit that later in the week, so stay tuned for a full report on that!

Beach volleyball court during the London 2012 Olympic Games

Great view of the Big Ben and the London houses of Parliament.

London houses of parliament

Zara silk shirt

So that’s it for my second report from the Olympics. Stay tuned for the last one on Friday!

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Very nice blouse. This look (jeans and blouse) looks comfy and flattering at the same time. Love this look for you!
Well written and documented posts about your trip too, and the remark about ‘…While you are busy ignoring, also ignore the hair…” made me laugh; very funny;-).


Great Anja that you like the casual look and that I could make you laugh. I AM trying to be a bit funnier you know….

Heather Fonseca

Those jeans look fabulous on you!
How amazing that you got to see an event in person. The synchronized diving was really cool.


It was our only final event so that’s always exciting. Happy to have been able to take 1 completely synchronised shot!


Love the blouse. Why is it not holding up? What is wrong with it? Also like your jeans in these photos. Great photos by the way.
Had to laugh over your hair remark. Remember I said exactly the same when you took my pictures and the wind was blowing? I look at you and think “What is wrong with her hair? Nothing. Looks ever so nice.” But you said the same thing to me and I did not believe it. So you will probably not believe me either. Women!


Hahaha, you gals!


well, when it comes to my hair, I’m rather fuzzy yes. Certainly when it’s towards the end of a holiday, with very minimal hair care, in miserable weather, greys coming back, frizz, aaahhh


Great pictures. Welcome to the vagaries of the British weather. Not good for the hair. A hat often works well.


That’s why I’m loving hats more and more. Hard to take on holiday though. I’ve already ruined my black hat…


Great photos and you look wonderful. I love the top and jeans too and your hair is a great length, so don’t think about cutting it all off. That would be a shame. We all suffer with hair problems and especially when it’s windy. You should see mine today, because it’s soft and fine it’s clamped to my head so I’m in hiding 🙂


One reason I’m trying to acquire more nice hats. Great for bad hair days!

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Thanks for sharing your London experience Sylvia….love that outfit!!



Thanks Rebecca!


What a wonderful experience being in London for the Olympics must have been! And the synchronised diving seems such a fantastic event to attend!!


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