The Olympics are currently still in full swing, but I have just returned from my trip to London. I had a very busy week full of wonderful Olympic events and taking in the spectacular sites. And I wore this new dress that I picked up in The Netherlands, which someone on Facebook actually mistook for pants. But here are some better pictures of the dress and some impressions of London.

Black and white top and dress

You can’t see it on this picture, but the dress has a jersey top part and a cotton rippled fabric at the bottom. It reminded me of Issy Miyake’s clothes and of Japanese style in particular. It’s not so clear to see on these pictures but it gives the whole dress a rippled effect. What I like about this particular fabric is that it will keep the rippled effect as it is sown into the fabric.

Japanese style dress

You will notice that it has quite an unusual shape as well and you can argue that it is not the most flattering shape either. This dress and a red one (not shown yet) actually inspired my article on whether or not you always should choose flattering shapes or not. With this dress I took a risk. I like clothes that are different and I believe it is still flattering enough. Although I understand that this dress may not be for everyone.

In Singapore I may be able to wear it on its own, but I actually like to wear this with a top. This is a wrapround top that can be tied with buttons at the top of each arm. This time I only fastened one and let the other hang lose. Since the top also comes with an attached belt, there are endless opportunities to wear this top, so I’m sure you will see more of it!

As for the shoes, please don’t notice them. Shoes are always a compromise on travels. They just needed to be comfortable so I could walk great distances in them! Since I don’t really own any good ‘closed’ shoes anymore, these were the only ones that were walkable. However, I did buy some great alternative more elegant ‘closed’ shoes that I can use in Singapore as well. More on that later. Oh and since you’re busy ignoring, please do the same with the hair….

dressing in fabulous colour in London

On the street I met this delightful couple. Don’t they just look fabulous? What a way to light up the London streets!

Wonderful couple in London

I also came across this unique old-time 1-person car. That called for a photo shoot of course!

Modelling by the car

I even got to speak to the rightful owner. He and his wife each own their own and just cruise the streets of London with them. Not sure anymore what they were called!

Great old time car

That evening we also visited BT London Life in Hyde Park. On this photo here you can actually see Golden pair Torvill & Dean who won the 1984 Olympics with their amazing ice skating performance on the music of The Bolero. Can you still remember that?

London BT life

We enjoyed some amazing music on the stage that night, as well as some highlights of the sports of that day. Great fun!

London life at the Olympics

For now, what do you think of my unusual dress and are you enjoying the Olympics?

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