Wearing a dress over trousers: dressing challenge results!

by Sylvia

Wearing a dress over trousers

In the last results article of the black + white+ one color challenge, I asked you all to try the dress over pants look. I knew this was going to be a real challenge for some of you, but I’m glad to say that those that submitted their entries really stepped up to the plate! Have a look how gorgeous they all look and take inspiration for your own outfits. As always you are welcome to submit those to the style forum.

Trina – Teatime with Trina


Deborah – Stylish Murmurs


Ana, Mrs American Made


Alice – Happiness at midlife


Renita – My Life While Shopping


Greetje – No Fear of Fashion


Gorgeous ladies. Well done! I know this was a new look for some of you and I applaud you for trying something different!

For now, what do you think of the above dress over trousers looks? Will you be wearing this look in the coming season?


1 Deborah

Sylvia thanks so much for including me in your dress over pants challenge. Wearing dresses over pants is something I have done for years. It’s stylish, fun, interesting and works well across all seasons. Trina, Ana, Alice, Renita and Greetje all look amazing (and Greetje in the yellow tunic.. wow). In my humble opinion, proportions can make or break this look, and all these outfits are just perfect.
xxx Deborah

2 Sylvia

Cannot but agree Deborah. You look amazing!

3 Greetje

To be honest I think Deborah is the only one who really met the challenge. As she is actually wearing a proper dress over real trousers. I think I have cheated a little, although you allowed it, by using a tunic (cream/white one) over trousers or a dress (yellow) over very tight skinnies. I don’t regard skinny skninnies as trousers; they act more like leggings.
For those who read my comment on your last article about bright colours… this is the yellow dress I was talking about haha. Can you image the shock when I enter a room?
As for the challenge with white…. goodie, no problem for me to meat this challenge. I will go to work.

4 Greetje

By the way, that black and white piece with the big belt that Ana is wearing….???
I saw it on her blog and tried to buy that tunic as well. But I could not find it. I love that thing (sigh). I know the belt was especially made for her.

5 Sylvia

I don’t agree Greetje. I would call the yellow one a minidress. Any 18 year old would have no problem wearing that! For us it’s better to wear over pants (and I consider skinnies trousers). Your yellow is so much fun. I bet everyone will squeal in delight!

6 Greetje

They squeal alright hahaha

7 Trina Grandinetti

Greetje, I would squeal with extra delight, I love that bright yellow tunic (mini dress). I hope this won’t shock you too much but I have worn the orange dress several times just as a dress with sandals as well as the floral sheath.

8 Greetje

It takes a bit more to shock me dear. Now if you had said you had worn the white one as a dress I might have raised an eyebrow. Then again, if it would make you happy….

9 Sylvia

It’s perfect to wear as a dress alone. I think I would even wear the white dress / tunic for a day on the beach!

10 Trina Grandinetti

That’s a perfect idea!

11 Heather

Wow, all of these look amazing ! I have never thought of doing this, being very short and heavy, I have thought that it would make me look even shorter. I agree with the comment about proportions, but don’t know how to make that work for me.
I love the challenges, and I am enjoying your profiles of other bloggers especially, Beverly was wonderful !

12 Sylvia

Play with it some time Heather. When you get the proportions right and the right kind of dress (something that elongates) I’m sure you could work the look too! Glad to read you are enjoying the other blogger profiles!

13 Spashionista (Alicia)

I applaud all of these ladies for looking fabulous! I tried to take up this challenge but I’m very short and top heavy so it didn’t look good at all.
White I can do and I can’t wait to see everyone decked out in warm weather finery for this challenge.

Spashionista (Alicia)

14 Sylvia

I look forward to your participation next time Alicia!

15 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

All these ladies look fab! I really struggled with this and felt I was out of my comfort zone with the blue dress outfit and I ended up really liking it. Looking forward to see the how everyone takes on the white challenge!


16 Trina Grandinetti

Sylvia, thank you for including me in this challenge. It is always fun to see what the other ladies come up with. Ana, Alice, Renita, Greetje, and Deborah, you all look fantastic and have given me some great ideas.

17 Lorraine

Well done to everybody to entered the challenge. You all look great!
I did say I would take part and I did do a photo shoot but was not happy with the results. I am now annoyed with myself for taking the brief literally when I could have taken a more liberal interpretation and been happier with the look!

18 Sylvia

The next challenge should be nice and easy (and I don’t accept any excuse! ;))

19 33

i can totally see it on 40+ ladies, wearing dress over pants. Now that jeggings are all over the place, they are the perfect under a dress pants. Leggings are too casual and thin and jeans are too thick and heavy looing.

A short and fun A line dress or if you have a small waist, a cinched waist dress will be perfect to pair with jeggings.

20 Ana

Hello Sylvia,
Thank you so much for including me and my “dress over pants” outfits in your challenge post! I love seeing how other people style similar looks.
But honestly, I am glad that weather is over for us here, and I can now just wear dresses over sandals. : )
: ) Ana

21 Renita

Thanks for including my pictures in the Style Challenge! I so enjoy participating! Everyone looks fab! What style inspiration! I love it!!

22 Ana

And, wow, I just read through all of the comments. What a fun bunch of stylish ladies! I am looking forward to getting to know more about everyone and their outfits, and to participating in the next challenge as well.
Greetje, I got that dress last year – it is the B/W Chevron dress by Everly. I guess it is sold out, but the Everly sisters appear to have some other similar styles for sale here: http://www.bobbepin.com/collections/vendors?q=Everly+Clothing
Have a lovely week, all. : ) Ana

23 Greetje Kamminga

Thanks Ana. Very nice of you to take this trouble. I had a look and indeed there was one similar, but… Not as good as yours. Never mind, I should be on a spending diet anyway.

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