Previously I wrote about how I have been disappointed about how many 40 Plus women are dressing in summer. Basically I feel that could be much improved and far less frumpy.

I have also been amazed about many women’s tanning habits. Perhaps it’s due to my 7 years in Australia (where you get bombarded with ads to slip, slop, slap in Summer; shirt, sunscreen and hat respectively) but I feel strongly that it is a total disservice to you skin to suntan.

I don’t have access to research at the moment, but it is widely known that sun damage is one of the major causes of skin aging. I understand that many women from cooler countries like to indulge in the sun during the summer, but why the need to tan? Why do we still feel that you look more beautiful, more healthy when you have a tan?

Why I’m happy to be pale

I’m very happy to be pale. Of course I will get the occasional remark that I look white, pale or whatever, but I’m much rather pale than have this super fake tan, that I personally don’t like on many women. I have also seen many 40 and 50 plus women, whose skin has this so-called beautiful tan, yet their skin looks more like rubber.

For that reason I never tan. Whenever I walk outside, I make sure that my skin is covered in 50+ Spf sunscreen. Of course I walked in the sun so much during these holidays, that it was a challenge to keep up the protection and I feel that my skin has had more sun exposure than desired, but I will always look for the shade whenever I sit down somewhere.

The difference between the East and the West

In Asia, where I live, people actually want the complete opposite from women in the west. Rather than wanting to be tanned, they all want to be pale. Seeing many women with umbrellas on the street to provide shelter from the sun is not uncommon. Here, pale is beautiful. There is a lot of advertising for skin whitening creams here and in fact many moisturizers contain whitening properties.

Wouldn’t it be better if we all just accepted the colour of our skin and instead tried to protect it the best way we can, so it stays healthy for as long as possible? People always seem to want what they don’t have. Perhaps we should all desire to have or do what is healthiest for us!

Not only does the sun (and especially intentional suntanning) age the skin far more rapidly, it also drastically increases your chances of skin cancer.

White is beautiful!

So yes ladies. Perhaps this is a bit of a rant, but I really want to get the message out that WHITE IS BEAUTIFUL. I have been quite alarmed with the H&M ads featuring an absurdly tanned model as well as the focus on tanned skin as being healthy-looking on American television. Tanned skin should NOT be associated with looking healthy. Look at Nicole Kidman, Kate Blanchett and Anne Hatheway. Incredibly beautiful women that do not need tans to be so. Not surprising that some of these women are Australian. They got the message loud and clear when they grew up.

So what will you do?

What would you rather have? Beautiful pale skin or wrinkled and old looking brown skin. What do you think looks healthier or better?

If I still have not convinced you that white is beautiful, then try the spray tans. At least you still have the colour you desire without all the side effects.

But if it’s up to me, I would rather see your pale beautiful, natural and healthy skin!

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