I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend and were looking fabulous? I’m showing you 2 combinations of clothes you have seen before today.

This is a simple mum on the go outfit for me although I’m sure that some of you will say this is far too formal for a casual outfit. Since it’s black and white, it looks chic really quickly.

But it’s just a simple (cheap) cotton blouse and cotton skirt, which are old and both from Zara. The black and white ballerinas, make this look chicer, but in the end they are just flat shoes. The black green Heleen van der Meer bag adds extra colour. The black and white belt from Anne Fontaine is the final touch and to my eye it gives this outfit extra polish and allure. It’s also the most expensive part of this outfit.

Black and white with green accent

I think it’s a good example of a simple outfit that makes you look good. It literally did not take me more than 5 minutes to dress and it’s a good formula for an easy on-the-go outfit for many occasions. I would go to work in this outfit, receive clients, go shopping and pick up my son from school.

The outfit formula is really simple: Skirt and nice blouse. If you have it, you can add a fancy belt and / or bag. Ballerinas for shoes. For those of you in cooler weather, you can add all kinds of jackets. I would probably add a leather one, or even a nice jeans jacket. For more formal occasions a blazer. If you don’t like skirts, then change that for good trousers.

It really does not take much to look good if you have some good solid basics in your closet and a few nice accessories to glam it up a bit. Just think of how many outfits I could create with that skirt and that top!


So for those ladies that do, stop making excuses for yourself and get some good basics that will always give you something to wear. I could wear this combination multiple times and make slight variations in either the top or the bottom. In fact, I would much rather you wear the same kind of thing all the time (like some sort of uniform) but in a nice way and with good quality garments, rather than do something different every day but look sloppy.

Even though the items I’m wearing today are cheap, in my opinion they don’t look it. And if you have a good accessory like this belt, then it will instantly lift up the outfit and make it look more expensive. The money spent on a good versatile accessory is absolutely worth it, as you will wear it time and time again. Sometimes for years.

I have already worn this belt on so many occasions and the investment was absolutely worth it! (already after 2 months, but the quality of this belt is so good, I will wear it for years).


Although I really liked the top outfit, I felt a need for more colour later that day. I rarely step out these days without something of colour added. Although the green bag in the top photo was already very helpful, I wanted more, so I decided to pair the skirt with my red printed skirt.  In the end I like both outfits.


So ladies tell me, do you  make use of a formula or some kind of ‘uniform’ that ensures you always have something to wear and look fabulous?


Sylvia is 40+style’s editor-in-chief and has been helping women find their unique style since 2011. An alumni of the School of Color and Design, she is devoted to empowering women of any age to look and feel their best. Read more about Sylvia and 40+style on this page.

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