Stepping out in electric blue and new colours in my hair

by Sylvia

electric blue silk top

This outfit is is similar to last week’s in many ways. It follows the same kind of simple formula. This time it’s trousers (instead of a skirt), top and a few accessories to make the outfit more interesting. I love to add texture with accessories and I love the black and white trend, so it features my trusted black and white belt again.

white black and cobalt outfit

It’s a good example of how you can dress trendy without really having to buy too many new things. All of these have been in my cupboard for some time, with these white pants many years old. They have become a new favorite as my trusted sailor white pants have seen their best days. I’m also starting to favor straight legs more rather than the wider bootcuts. As you all know I love wearing white trousers, which is why it is on my spring wish list. The ones featured today have the perfect length to wear with flats but I also need some that I can wear with my heels.

silk electric blue shirt with with white trousers

Since I like to make outfits more interesting with the right accessories, that is also the reason why I added a graphical bag to the wish list. This particular bag looks great with this outfit, but I would love to have a dressier one in leather as well.

cobalt silk shirt

Followers of my Facebook page will also have noticed that I coloured my hair again. I asked your advice and showed you the results. However, the pictures did not clearly show the colours and the below picture gives a much better idea. I wanted a a biigger difference between colours, more red and a more streaky look. I felt that my hairstyle is a bit boring and classic and wanted to add more character to the hairstyle. If the reactions on the tennis court this morning were anything to go by, I think I have succeeded. Since I’m not sure what to do with my hair at the moment, I did not have it cut.

new hair colours

It’s Chinese new year, which is one of the biggest holidays here in Singapore. I will be in Malaysia’s Borneo and Brunei this week, in search of Orang Utans and magical places, but I have articles planned for the whole week ahead.

Hopefully I will have a good internet connection in my hotel so I can stay in touch with you all and keep you up-to-date of my adventures through Facebook and Istagram.  I’m also planning to take more pictures this time, so I can write a travel report for this site as well.

For now, I’m wishing you a very happy Chinese new year!


1 lissy

Love the black and white belt. The whole outfit looks really great on you. Have a fab trip!

2 Jeanette

Love the whole outfit the blue really suits you and your hair colour looks wonderful. Where did you get the necklace ? that is so different. You should wear this blue more often smile

3 Rita

Your hair looks really fun and pretty, and I think that bag is just great! I’m looking forward to pictures of your holiday outfits and your adventures!

4 Suzanne

Happy Chinese New Year! Have a wonderful trip. I want to see photos of Orangs. 🙂
You and Helen Mirren both decided to be a “wild child” in the same week! I love the red and blonder streaks in your hair (so fun!) but I really want pink highlights like Helen. 😉 Hubs would just laugh but I am afraid my children might disown me!
This outfit is fabulous. The colors are great together and everything fits well. The black and white accessories are the finishing touch. The 3 keys to a perfect outfit – good fit, flattering colors, and polished accessories.

5 Greetje

Good to see you were not snowed in.
And those three keys is something to remember.

6 Chicatanyage

Hair colour is gorgeous as is the top. Happy Chinese new year.

7 Annette

Very stylish, I love the blue on you! It is a perfect outfit.
Have a wonderful trip and can’t wait for your report and photos.

Lady of Style

8 Lorraine

Love the hair! Love the outfit! The belt and necklace are so stylish. I came across the necklace recently (your article on make up after 40?) and was going to ask when we would see it again!
Have a great time in Borneo. I was there in 1997 and visited the Orang Utans. Say hello from me!

9 Nanne

You look great, that bright blue really suits you, and your hair is gorgeous!

10 Sylvia

Thank you all ladies!

11 Marla

White pants are always so fashionable. Love your wonderful belt.

12 aileen

Perfect outfit, Sylvia. I love it too. What a beautiful colour of blue. Your hair is fantastic and a great natural shade.

13 The Style Crone

Your hair is gorgeous with it’s subtle variations in color. And I love blue, which looks great with your black and white pieces. Your glasses are stunning as well. Hope your vacation is all that you desire!

14 Greetje

So elegant… See …. I would not have thought of adding blue to a black and white outfit. You prove beyond doubt “why not?”
Very beautiful outfit.
And your hair: yes… you did the right thing. In my opinion. Also looks perfect.

15 Alice

This is a great look on you Sylvia! I love cobalt blue and how it’s a flattering color for everyone. Your necklace is so interesting & adds the perfect touch to your outfit!

Happy New Year and enjoy your trip!


16 Tracey Jennings

This is a fantastic look, love the cobalt with white and the black & white accessories!!!! Will probably borrow this for inspiration in the near future!

17 Diane

I LOVE the color of the electric blue top. The whole outfit looks fabulous but my eyes were immediately drawn to the electric blue.

18 Marie S

Great look! I love the colour of the top and the shape of the trousers. Your hair is lovely too. I’m getting mine cut this week can’t wait 🙂 Have a great holiday.

19 Jeannie@gracefully50

I’m so jealous that you’re wearing summer clothes! You look GREAT!
Love your hair color, too!!

20 Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

Gung Hey Fat Choy!

S, your hair color is a great new do for spring. As usual you rock bold color with chic white. I favor skinnies over boot cut but your sailor pants have me thinking I may want to try a wide leg for fun.

21 Hueyna - whattowearwith

perfect belt for that royal blue top! You look fabulous in your 40s 🙂

22 Petra

Oh, nice summery outfit! Looking at your big bag reminds me of my similar-sized black patent leather bag. Lots of room but becomes heavy. And then I thought it would be great if you did a story on handbags, what we put in them, do we put too much in them, what a strain on our shoulders they are etc etc. What do you think? 🙂

23 Sylvia

I did a post on that a while ago (which explains why my bags are big!):

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