This outfit is very similar to the one I showed you last week. And it’s on purpose because it comes with another suggestion. You can wear something of the same day or a day before but remix it for another event. You could also see it as an exercize on how to take an outfit from day to evening.

looking like a lady

The reason I remix certain parts of my outfit into another one for another occasion on the same day is that I often really like wearing a particular item that I have discovered in my closet, like this cobalt blue top. I hadn’t worn it so much before, so once I got to wear it again with my white pants, I loved it and wanted more.

Another reason is that it makes total practical sense. Often my clothes have not been stained in any way (certainly when they are worn inside), and it would be a waste and not good for the clothes at all to wash them straight away. Much better to give then another outing before they get washed. It all fits into my desire of creating a more minimalist wardrobe.

black white blue and green

Since I liked to wear my silk electric blue top again, I was looking for a more dressier option. I was going out for a diner somewhere fancy outside so the outfit needed to be airy (yes even in the evening it’s still warm, no layers needed), fun and a little bit chic. I tried it with several black skirts but this girly one came out as the winner.

adding an extra colour

I did not really change so much from my original outfit, other than changing the trousers for the skirt, changing the shoes, and adding an extra colour to the ensemble with the bag. As you know I like doing that, as it creates a more graphical look and adds even more colour. Since this look was rather ladylike, I wanted to add a bit more fun.

It still feels like a completely different outfit. The other outfit was more business like (I wore it to a business meeting) and this one more party like.

This look does not feel 100% like me. It feels a bit too girly for me, something I even emphasised with the shoes (I would normally have opted for my high heeled black sandals). And I find the skirt a bit too short.

Still, it’s fun to explore another side of me and do something else every once in a while. I was with some good friends, so it’s easy to try something different and just have fun with it and see how you feel.

day to evening

And yes, here is that black and white belt yet again. I do wear that belt a lot!

Have you been playing with clothes lately and sometimes dress for a different side of you?


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