10 favorite outfits of the year 2013

by Sylvia

2013 favorite outfits

Another year is almost over. It seems like a good time to reflect and look at the year that has been. Today I offer you my 10 favorite outfits of this year.

1. The D. Exterior silk dress


I have worn this on so many occasions, but I still feel fabulous each time I wear it. Unfortunately, I still don’t have a good outdoor photograph with this dress!

2. Striped skirt, white top & hat

stripedskirt (2 of 4)opt

I love the dandy chic vibe of this outfit while still being very feminine

3. Golden silk top & pants


This outfit feels timeless and ageless chic

4. Silk skirt with white blouse and colorful necklace and shoes


Simple & chic with an accent on the accessories and shoes.

5. Grey top & white leggings


I’m surprisingly fond of this outfit. It’s very casual, a bit dandy and a bit chic. The perfect travel outfit in hot weather.

6. Red top with white capris


My red top remains a favorite. This is my go-to outfit when I don’t feel like mixing and want to wear that I know I will feel good in.

7. Red skirt and camel top


I love the mix of casual and chic in this outfit. The red skirt is a favorite and I love how it combines with camel and yellow. The shoes and animal print belt are the perfect final touch.

8. Striped blazer and blue pants


This outfit is funky and fresh. It’s a fun play of different colors and textures

9. Colorful Cos dress

yellowgreendress (6 of 7)

I like this outfit better from the back than in front as you can see the extra color purple. I think it’s a unique color combination and it’s a perfect dress for casual outings.

10. White trousers & royal blue top

black and white accessories

Simple & chic always looks great and this simple pairing is no exception.

11. Purple dress

deathvalley (5 of 9)

I have smuggled one other outfit into this list. Although this dress is not a favorite, these are among the nicest What I Wore pictures on the blog this year. I have such fond memories of this day and this dress on that day, that it still has a special place in my heart. Even though I doubt I will ever wear this dress again, they say that photography is more important than the actual outfit and these photos prove that.

I’m going to aim to step up my game when it comes to photography, so watch this space for more outfits in the new year!

Up to you now. Which of my outfits this year is your favorite?


1 Annette

My own favourite outfits are all summer looks, so much easier to dress. Of course I understand your climate is very hot and humid and it is a different challenge for you.
My favourites are no. 3 and no. 10, both very classy!

Have a good weekend, are you still in Austria?
Annette | Lady of Style

2 fashmr paul

Outfit 8 is so striking – I love it – the stripped jacket & multi colured top look so good together

I also love the Outfit 11 – that looks really nice !

3 Lisa

I’ll agree with you. I like the jacket with the pattern and the shoes just are wonderful (even as I know that I would kill myself if I tried to walk in them.)

I also like 3, 6, 9 and 10. Which are all more of a “classic” look.

4 Lisa

I like your hair in that picture too. A little more mussed and ruffled than you normally wear it. It looks good that way!

5 Sylvia

Thank you all. It’s a typical example of a ‘fun’ fashion outfit. Lisa, my hair is always a luck of the draw. Sometimes it falls well and it works, other days the same haircut is a mess.

6 fashmr paul

Outfit 8 is so striking – I love it – the stripped jacket & multi colured top look so good together

I also love the dress in Outfit 11 – that looks really nice !

7 Amy

They are all great but I just love #3. You look so elegant and relaxed. And #5 is a great pose!

8 Ann

I say this again, I like everything you wear! You always get me with red and enjoy that you are a fan of this color too. My favorite is the last printed dress. I think it looks fab on you, great length, colors and you look good sleeveless. The shoes are perfect to accent the design of this very cool dress.

blue hue wonderland

9 denton

#11 is great, wish you had more photos of it! And you didn’t mention whose dress it is, I guess you have a reason.

After that, 3&5, 3 is elegant yet comfortable, 5 is comfortable yet stylish.

10 Sylvia

Thanks Denton. I actually do mention the brand in the article on that dress with a few more examples. It’s D. Extterior.

11 Natalia

Fun post! I love outfits 3, 7, 6 and 10 the most on you. And the green dress which you showed us recently, but did not include in this post. It was very pretty on you! 🙂 Happy holidays!

12 Susan

You look fabulous in those rich color tops–red and royal blue! Fun post.

13 catherine

I like foto 6, 8 very special, 10 my favourite and 11. You look fabulous in bright colors and you look always stylish.



What about women over 60’s who wishes to hide their flabby arms? Having almost long sleeves would not look so well on some of them. Sue

15 Sylvia

3 quarter sleeves work very well for many women. There is also an article on this topic here: https://40plusstyle.com/how-to-cover-your-upper-arms/


Thank you for the information. That website is not for real Summer clothes in the tropics. It seems that most of those clothes are made of Polyester. I agree 3 quarter sleeves would be the best with cotton, silk or linen material.

17 Jane

Definitely no. 8. Love the casual, slighly funky look.

18 Ros

I love look no. 7 – it showcases your fab figure and great legs…. I like the top and tail effect of the yellow accents and the animal print belt is the icing on the cake.

19 Wendy G

#7 is by far my favorite.

20 Greetje Kamminga

I cannot choose. I love all of them. Just 2 and 5 are not my taste. The rest is very much my taste.
Lovely overview.

21 Rita

I love #11, your purple dress. I hope you do wear it again…it will bring back memories of your lovely trip and you might find just that makes it a special item in your wardrobe. 🙂

22 Sheri

Love #7!! Unique colors, but classic styling with a bohemian touch! Also love the elegance of #3…

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