Going for stripes in an arty cafe

by Sylvia

High contrast blazer with stripes

I love wearing jackets and blazers but here is Singapore they are always too hot, so I hardly wear them. When I went to Europe and felt like I had “nothing to wear” for cold Holland I bought this to add at least a little modernity to my winter wardrobe. Of course this particular blazer was too cold for Holland as it’s made of cotton and linen. It’s still too hot for Singapore as any jacket (certainly lined jackets) always are, although there are definitely opportunities to wear it indoors.


This a trendy jacket, following the current trend of high contrast and stripes. I’m well aware that the longevity of this jacket may not be that long, so I bought it at a low price at Zara. I think it’s ok to buy a few trendy items each season to add a bit of fun to your wardrobe even if you know that they may be very seasonal. I would not recommend to spend a LOT of money on very trendy items though. I reserve that for more timeless pieces of higher quality. That is why I like shops like Zara where you can buy trendy pieces at affordable prices. Be weary of the quality though. You don’t want to compromise too much and wear items of too low quality. This jacket still complied with my quality standards as it was made of cotton and linen.


My Opening Ceremony shooties were perfect for this outfit.


The tank top is by Balenciaga and acquired during a 75% off bazaar. I love the colorful print of this top and it provides some necessary contrast, playfulness and color to this outfit.


The trousers are from Zara too. I actually bought them as capris but they had so much access material left over, that I was able to lengthen them to almost full height. I still prefer to create a longer leg line.


The photo venue of today is the Artistry Cafe in the Arab Quarter of Singapore. It was setup by a Dutch national so we thought we may check it out. Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t there but we were still able to enjoy a nice cup of tea and enjoyed the artworks on display. The venue proved to be an excellent backdrop to both our outfits as well. I was there with Anja and again, you will have to wait for my photos of her. Soon, my friends, I will reveal all!


paintings2 paintings

The jacket looks nice closed too.


As always Anja and I had fun catching up and creating these photos. It’s always a lovely surprise that a venue turns out to be perfect for a photo shoot. Plus we discovered a new place to hang out in Singapore. The Artistry has new exhibitions all the time and they also frequently organise jazz gigs. For more details check out their Facebook page.

Blazer and pants Zara, tank top Balenciaga, shoes Opening Ceremony, sunglasses Burberry

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday and had fun dressing up! What did you wear this weekend?


1 Paula

Sylvia~ Love the long duster style blazer! I love that longer length.
I miss the Zara store we used to have here. Believe it or not, they closed it! :~(

2 Sylvia

I can imagine Paula! Zara always provides a good fashion fix for me.

3 Ofelia

The cafe background does appears like is made for this outfit!
The Balenciaga tank top makes the outfit for me, it blends all the colors and the prints is super fun.

4 Sylvia

I know! And it was totally unexpected as we had never been there…

5 denton

Very nice, great job pairing shoes and jacket!

6 Sylvia

Thanks. They turned out to be perfect with this jacket.

7 traceyliz65

I am so loving the shoes!!!!

8 Sylvia

They are great, but a bit tricky to walk on. Very high!

9 Ann

I’m loving this look! Your shoes make it perfect.

blue hue wonderland

10 Sylvia

Thanks. Clearly the shoes are the stars today!

11 Bella Q, The Citizen Rosebud

You know I think this is my favorite ensemble of yours so far, a personal fave! That’s saying a lot as you’ve put together quite a collection of outfits I’ve loved on you. I love how fresh and contemporary you look, yet undeniably mature. You don’t look like you’re trying to “stay up with the kids,” you look like an interesting lady who is very plugged into her present life. I love the lighting of the photos the way it hits your face, and the slouch of you sitting against a bench. I supposed its trendy, but the jacket comes off less that and more an exploration for you into prints. Big hearts on this one, Sylvia. This is such a great look on you.

12 Sylvia

Wow Bella. Whenever you comment and leave a compliment you really do it so beautifully and heartfelt and with such good reasoning behind it. You always know exactly WHY you like something. Glad I could please you with this one and thanks for your kind words!

13 Natalie

I run into the same issues living where it’s hot the majority of the year. I’d LOVE to layer more, particularly with smart blazers, but it’s just not realistic. I love your prints contrast here – fun and unexpected.

14 Marianne

It is a perfect mix and match. Your clothes and the surroundings. Great symbiosis.

15 Marie S

I love this outfit especially the shoes and the trousers look a perfect length to show them off. Good idea to take out the hem to make them longer.

16 Greetje Kamminga

This article has the WOW factor. Because of the background (those black and white planks… what a find), the feeling of laid-back you are giving off. But mostly of course by the combination. I would never have thought of blue trousers with this jacket (thanks, I steal that idea). And I would not have thought of putting a print tank top underneath a stripe. (I am so conservative). The shoes indeed make the picture perfect.
This one comes very close to my favourite outfit of the black and white top on the black skirt with the yellow belt and shoes.

17 Jeannie@gracefully50

Okay, I want that jacket! You look fantabulous! Really love this look on you!
The photos are also amazing!

18 tgrandinetti

Love the longer length of your jacket and with it being the soft gray and white stripes I don’t see it being ‘trendy’ at all. You really paired it well by laying over that fun print. I, too, love shopping on Zara’s website when it comes to trendy items. You look so polished and put together, but then again, you always look polished and put together.

19 Highland Fashionista

I REALLY love this blazer. I think the longer length keeps it from looking too geometric and structured, and lends it a louche, casual feel. LOVE. IT.

20 Petra

Very cool outfit Sylvia. Pants are great, especially with the top underneath. Love the shoes too – what’s that funny name you called them? Shooties? 😀

21 Sylvia

Thanks Petra. That’s right! Shoeties are a mix between booties and shoes….

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