Followers on Instagram and Facebook already know that I have cut my hair yet again. It’s getting shorter and shorter… Will I end up with a really short pixy cut? Who knows, but my guess is no.

Will it change yet again? Probably yes. I just can’t help but wanting something different every month! Sofar I have been very pleased with the cut, although I miss the convenience of putting my hair in a pony tail on bad hair days.

I still need to acquire more fancy hats for those occasions!


I’m also premiering a new dress on this site. I have had it for quite a while though. It’s one of the last treasures I bought in San Francisco in August that I have not shown you yet.

You may all remember my story of how I found several pieces in the last shop I visited on my trip after being unsuccessful for weeks. All the things I bought in that shop at huge discounts have been true successes.

This silk dress from new-to-me brand D Exterior is no exception. Those who know me will know that it ticks all my boxes: silk, drapey, colourful, (almost) knee length and super comfortable.

I love the print and color combination (especially love the splash of orange at the back). It’s the perfect dress for Singapore weather as it’s airy and oh so light. D.Exterior is definitely a brand to keep an eye out for.


I have already worn this dress on many occasions (you all know that I wear my good clothes often!). I’ve worn it to parties, diners, evenings out and shop openings. Mostly during evening so taking good pictures is hard.

There is also an advantage of not showing it too quickly on this site. Sometimes, when I go to events people are no longer surprised at my outfits at all, since they have already ‘seen it’ on this blog.

It’s actually good to keep some outfits ‘hidden’ so I can still surprise people in real life and I don’t feel like I’m wearing something that most people have already seen.


The occasion today was the 1st anniversary of local shop Emporium, a shop that combines colorful clothing, accessories, shoes and interior design.

The lovely Sylvia Lim (pictured with me 2nd top at the left) brings various brands together in her shop. Her own Triologie, Stones That Rock, Desino, Indy K (owner and designer Karen pictured with me in the picture at the top), Galanga Living, Paula’s Choice, Desti Saint and Sue Ling.

Sue ling from Sue Ling jewelry is pictured below looking smashing in clothing from Alexander McQueen and at the right is Anja in uncharacteristic black while PR agent Kate Chan opted for a bright colored dress.


Anja with the lovely ladies from Stones that Rock: Leah & Annie.


How often do you change your haircut? 


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