When I buy something new or rediscover an item in my wardrobe I often wear it multiple times in different outfits. Not only is it good to reuse certain items when they are still clean, it is also great to wear items that you really love at any one time. New items are (understandably) often my favourites and since I can tire of clothes quite quickly, it is essential to wear new items as often as possible.

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You can classify women in 2 categories. Those that save their good clothes for later and those that wear their good and new items as often and as quickly as possible. I definitely fall in the latter category. I think it’s crucial that you wear your good items really often. They get a lot more use and you get so much enjoyment out of an item that is still fresh.

If you think that you fall in the first category, then please check your cupboard. How many times have your good items been worn? Do you still like them as much now as you used to when you bought the item? What are you preserving your good item for?

If you come to the conclusion that you have hardly worn your good items or that you no longer like them, you may want to change your strategy.

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I take every opportunity to wear my good clothes. On this occasion I was going out for a quick casual diner with my own family at a local (not fancy at all) restaurant. It would have been fine if I went really casual and  just put on some old attire (that’s of course what hubby and son did). But what is the fun in that? Why not take the opportunity to try something new?

This particular outfit was not thought-through at all and I wouldn’t say it’s in any way a perfect outfit. It was ‘thrown on’ in less than 5 minutes. As I mentioned the occasion was very casual, so no need to spend too much time on the outfit. Still, by taking a picture I now have a new outfit combination and I can get some ideas of future outfits.

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The necklace is a golden oldie from Alldressedup and the little plastic bracelet from The Netherlands. Then there is my 20 year old watch from Bruno Nimaber. You’ve seen the shirt a few times earlier (Cos) and the new Bimba & Lola skirt was premiered on the blog in my article on my 5 fashion week outfits. The shoes are from a recent sale at CK Calvin Klein and are my compromise for open booties that are on my wish list. They are super comfortable and perfect for this casual diner!

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The hat is especially for The Style Crone’s hat attack. When I got dressed I remembered that I really wanted to enter this time as I adore her celebration of hats. Unfortunately, my collection of interesting summer hats is still very limited, but this little lightweight black hat always pleases me. I’m also joining the party at Patti and Nanda.

So tell me, in which category do you belong? Do you ‘save’ your good clothes or do you wear them often?


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