What to wear to a fashion show – my 5 outfits

by Sylvia

What to wear to a fashion show

One of the perks of writing a popular fashion magazine is that you get invitations to the local fashion shows.

FIDÉ fashion week is one of the highlights of the Singapore Fashion calendar and a great variety of the world’s best designers show their latest collections. I attended 4 evenings of fashion shows as well as the VIP Fashion night.

But what to wear to a fashion show?

Fashion shows are always fun to attend, if only to watch all the fashion on display from all the attendees. Everyone dresses to impress, which of course I would like to do as well. But it’s not that easy to dress for a fashion show. Here are some of my requirements for a great fashion evening show outfit:

  • It needs to be fashionable (of course).
  • It needs to have a fun or funky design element.
  • It should be a bit more glamorous than how you usually dress.
  • It’s fun to experiment with new texture, color or to do something outside of the box.
  • It needs to be different from what you wore to last year’s event.
  • It still needs to fit your style personality, so you will feel like yourself.

In this week I played with texture, design, color and accessories. Here are some of my outfits as well as some of the outfits of other attendees. I mostly worked with my existing wardrobe but faithful readers will recognise a few new items as well.

Apologies for the poor quality of many of the pictures. It’s difficult to take great pictures with poor lighting and limited equipment! A wide angle lens doesn’t help either and tends to distort the body, but I thought you would still enjoy to see some impressions of this last week.

VIP Fashion night


Combining my flower skirt with my old and trusted silk red top.


Anja was determined to wear her new brightly colored sneakers that night (see below) and the ladies at the right opted for neutral high contrast looks.


Japanese couture night


I decided to wear my versatile black drape dress, which actually looks better on these pictures. I combined them with my colorful shoes (also seen here), colorful necklace and bracelet. I’m pictured with Amanda from BubbaMama and with the incredibly stylish Jeannie Mai from the popular US programme How Do I Look. At the right is my friend Janna who is wearing a very chic long black coat.

Asian Couture night


For the second evening I kept it simple and elegant. I’m debuting a silk golden top I bought in San Francisco, which I paired with my silk pants.

French Couture evening


For the third evening I wore my favorite silk skirt paired with my colorful and arty Thomas Wee top. At the right I’m pictured with the always amazing looking Rana from Marie France Asia.


Anja was looking fabulous in red that day and pictured on the right are 2 lovely Singapore ladies looking stunning in black (pictured during VIP fashion night). Have a look at their accessories!




Closing night


For the last evening I wanted to play with color and pattern. Again pictured with Rana who is wearing a Prada dress.


What would you wear to an (evening) fashion show? Do you have any clothes in your wardrobe right now that you could wear?


Photos by myself and Anja van der Vorst

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1 Catia

I like your outfit on the Asian Couture Night – the silk top paired with your black silk pants. I think it’s really elegant and flattering. Your really stand out – very classy.
That’s how I would dress to an evening fashion – and yes I do owe similar clothes.

2 Sylvia

Thank you Catia!

3 Tangobabe

Nice looks. Sylvia. Both from you and from the other ladies. It’s not easy to stand out there, since many people are dressed very extravagantly!;-)

4 Sylvia

I know. So many great looks!

5 Mrs C

Loving your outfit on the second night and wow, Jeannie Mai is so cute!

Greetings from Dubai 🙂

6 Sylvia

She is indeed. Love her!

7 The Silver Bunny

Oh, I love your Asian couture outfit; it was made for you ! All the best from France !

8 Sylvia

Thank you and welcome to 40+Style!

9 The Style Crone

You cover the continuum with style! I can’t decide my favorite, but you definitely stand out in a crowd in each ensemble that you composed. Brava!

Singapore looks like an exciting place to live. I must put it on my list of ‘places to visit.’

10 Sylvia

I hope you do Judith. I’m sure you would love it and we keep getting a few more hat shops. I should get a nice one soon as I still haven’t joined your hat attach yet…..

11 Gail

Great versatility in finding such a cool look for each show. I’ve always found the thought of a fashion show and the dreaded “FROW” a bit daunting so not sure what I would wear!

12 Sylvia

It is quite tough. There are always plenty of people that look better than you. I still feel there is plenty of room for improvement and I definitely need better pictures next time. Some of these photos don’t do the outfits justice….

13 Amy

You look fabulous, love all your outfits. And Anja looks great too! If she’s a friend, have her model her whole closet for us!

14 Buckle Button Zip

So many great looks! You did a great job on the red carpet. Congrats on being a part of this glamorous event.
x Laura

15 Koko

Great outfits! You look lovely, and I especially love your flower skirt and the silk tunic with the sash. Thanks for sharing, looks like you have a fabulous time!

16 33

I like all your show outfits!!! You did not deviate from your style and taste and it shows. I can’t stand seeing people wearing something that screams look at me, something that is not the style they are comfortable with because it shows in the body language.

Just because one is invited to a fashion show doesn’t magically get transformed into a stylish perosn. Most people overestimated their ability to mix and match and turned into mismatch.

17 MrsAmericanMade

Not alone here, but my fave is “Asian Couture” – looks like so much fun!

18 Greetje Kamminga

That was really a challenge. I like all outfits, but the Asian Couture night outfit is my favourite. Such simple elegance. Very good.
And that last outfit is completely new to me. Also saw some jewellery I am not familiair with. Bring out all the goodies.
Anja certainly did her best with that pretty red dress.

19 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

So lovely and fashion forward, Sylvia – you look great in every outfit! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

20 Ann

I like all your outfits! The Thomas Wee top is really stylish and lovely with the skirt. I also adore the mixing of patterns in your last outfit. Your sandals are so attractive and look comfortable. Who makes them? Plus your hair is looking extra sleek, I like the color!

blue hue wonderland

21 Sistergirl

Oh those are cute outfits. I’ve never been to a fashion show but one reason was I didn’t know what to do or wear, lol.

22 Laurence

Hello Sylvia!
It was so nice to see you again last night at the Burton event!
Such an enjoyable blog and I’m voting for the Asian Couture night, this outfit really rocks and the silver shimmer gives you such a beautiful glow! Elegant but yet effortless chic!! Laurence

23 thinkngal

love the Asian couture outfit, it’s perfect for you! Looks like a fun time.

24 Jan Graham-McMillen

You have some highly inspiring springy looks … will bookmark this particular post for the coming spring here! You wear these boxier, skimming silhouettes so precisely.
I have things in my closet, but no place even close to this level of sophistication to wear them! Glad to see photos, and your face in them!

25 Petra

Looks like a lot of fun…..I like your flower skirt and top, also your silk golden top and pants – that outfit is so amazing on you 🙂 I like Rana’s hair – amazing! You had a very busy week didn’t you 🙂 But no, I wouldn’t have one single thing that is even remotely dressy enough to wear to this event…..hmmm…..now that’s given me food for thought…..however I actually don’t go anywhere to wear anything dressy; just a “smart-casual” lifestyle 😀

26 Julie Sidey

I really love the second night’s combo. Great colour and love the neckline.

27 theresa

the Asian couture night!! the silk top over black silk pants is a stunner. love it, that’s what I would pick out to wear, if I were raiding your closet.

28 Debi

I love the gold top and black pants you look very chic. If I may offer my view, you look very nice in all of the photos but I think you would look “great” if you wore your skirts at the knee or a little above. Also, if your tops were a little more fitted, to show your small waist and great shape. We want the women to wear the clothes not the clothes to wear the woman, believe it may have been said by Coco or Edith Head, not sure.
You have a great website, thank you for sharing yourself with us.

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