I have talked before about how I love BIG bags. Purely because I like to take a LOT of stuff and be ‘covered’ for every situation. It’s been a while since I participated in Beauty & Fashion Friend Friday, but this week the topic is on What is in your bag. I thought it would be fun to see what everyone is taking with them. Can you tell what kind of person someone is by just looking in their bags?

Today I will share what’s in my bag. Will you share what’s in yours?

What you can usually find in my bag

  • A soft makeup case, which contains my compact powder and a Bobbi Brown lipstick (or 2)
  • My Canon rebel 4 DSLR camera, so I don’t miss important photo opportunities!
  • A spare camera battery, see reason above.
  • A cardigan or scarf, so I’m always prepared for the indoor freezer that Singapore sometimes is. Really loving the pictured Alexander McQueen one, which is on sale!)
  • My beloved Iphone.
  • A deodorant. Never leave home without one in Singapore.
  • A sunblock. Please ladies if you don’t already use one start today and protect your skin!
  • Spare flat shoes, in case I wear heels. I’m always rather comfortable than sorry.
  • Reading glasses and case. I’m a total invalid without them these days…
  • Prescription sunglasses and case (if I’m not wearing them).
  • Wallet.
  • Sometimes my Ipad.
Now do you understand why I like big bags!

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Now, tell me, what’s in your bag?

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