Today I will present you with the first of some very casual summer outfits that feature shorts and short dresses. In summer anything goes, and it’s all about having fun and being comfortable and cool. As I’m going on holiday, I have prepared a few of these holiday outfit looks just to entertain you and give you inspiration. Don’t expect anything too fancy!


You have seen this flower dress before when I wore it in my 40 Plus models photoshoot.

This dress was bought in the sales in Holland last years and it’s proven to be a great casual dress for the beach. As you can see from these pictures, it’s also fun to combine with other casual wear like these shorts, if you like to be a bit more dressy for a stroll at the beach  in the early evening. These kind of tighter shorts (with stretch) are actually very flattering. Certainly when you combine them with something long over the top. I will have a few more looks with these shorts coming up.

flower dress and bermuda

This Dolce & Gabbana white jeans jacket makes it into my travel wardrobe for Europe almost every year. It was bought in the sales in Holland (again) quite a few years ago and I never wear it much here in Singapore, as I just have no need for it. In Holland, however, jackets are a constant requirement and this one fits many of my outfits. Actually this whole outfit (except the shoes and bag) made it into my travel wardrobe which I will highlight tomorrow.

casual chic

I will stay in touch throughout my holidays of course. I have prepared some fantastic articles, holiday inspiration outfits and I’m hoping to provide images of new finds and interesting places as well. In one week’s time I will even attend a Madonna concert, so should be interesting to snap some pictures there and to see how many 40+ women will attend.

I, for one, am looking forward to the sentimental journey back through my teens, twenties, thirties and forties with her music. And I’m taking the next generation with me: my 12 year old niece!

Update: here are all the other outfits for this beach holiday outfit 2012 series

  1. Black and white casual chic
  2. White short dress with denim jacket
  3. Pink shorts with oversized shirt
  4. White shorts with flower top
  5. Striped bermuda shorts with t-shirt and jacket
  6. Pink shorts with tank and blouse

Here’s to some happy holidays! What are your plans?


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