Holiday outfits: white dress with denim jacket

by Sylvia

white mini dress and denim jacket

As I grow older, I prefer to have my skirts and dresses longer. I still wear them but usually as short dresses and tunics over pants. But for me those ‘rules’ do not apply when I go to the beach or go for an evening holiday stroll. This little white dress I bought in holiday island extraordinaire Bali, has proven a favorite for holidays. This casual dress looks great on its own when going to the beach, but can also easily be dressed up (shown here with brown capris) for other occasions.

white dress plus denim jacket

This year the white dress made it into my wardrobe as well. Unfortunately, I had no place for my denim jacket. It’s just too heavy to drag along and I opted for my white jacket instead. But I’m sure I will miss it, because I love this combination with the denim.

denim jacket

Update: here are all the other outfits for this beach holiday outfit 2012 series:

  1. Tight bermudas and flower dress
  2. Black and white casual chic
  3. Pink shorts with oversized shirt
  4. White shorts with flower top
  5. Striped bermuda shorts with t-shirt and jacket
  6. Pink shorts with tank and blouse

 I hardly ever get to wear my denim jacket, but I love wearing it like this in a summer, casual way. How do you like to wear your denim jacket (if you still have one)?

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Looking great in that LWD Sylvia!!



Thanks Rebecca!


What are the shoes? I really like the color.

And yes, beach time.


I bought these a while ago in Holland. No idea about the brand, but they’re old already….

Aleya Bamdad

You look great! The jacket really makes the outfit.


Thanks Aleya!


Looking good! Nice legs as well. I have two jeans jackets:
one is light coloured and short (have to be careful how to combine it otherwise it looks childish) and
one is dark coloured and also heavier. If I combine it with a summer dress like yours, there is a danger of being hot above the waist and cold below. Or the other way around. Don’t you have that?
I don’t wear jeans jackets that often. Mostly in spring.


I tend to feel the cold much more in my upper body, so I always make sure that I have a jacket or a cardigan. That keeps me warm while still having my legs bare….


Love the white with the denim jacket. Another great idea to bring things I already have up to date. Thank you.


Thanks Cynthia and welcome to 40PlusStyle!


I don’t agree with you that you can only wear short skirts on holliday. You have great legs and they are worth it to show them. Like the dress, casual, but very femenine. Combined with jeans jacket makes you look very young.


I guess it’s a personal thing. I feel more chic with longer lengths these days, but perfectly happy with short lengths on holiday!


I think the outline of a shorter/knee length dress is lovely! I don’t really do anything above knee-length or right-above-the-knee, except as you noted, holidays. I do love longer skirts and dresses. Oh, I just love dresses! I like the denim jacket with the white.


Thank you Lynn. I’m really enjoying shorter dresses on holiday now!!


I have found the same thing as I have gotten older…short dresses worn over leggings or pants. Seems to be my “look” these days. Makes it tough in the summer to wear a bathing suit or shorts because the legs are so white! 🙂


White is beautiful! There is nothing worse than tanning in the sun for your skin and I’m seeing a lot of tanned skin that looks awful on my holidays. Carry your white legs with pride I would say. Thanks for leaving your feedback at 40PlusStyle.

Heather Fonseca

Denim is a good weight fabric in LA, so I wear it a lot and have three denim jackets in my closet currently. If there was more room I’d have more! Love the white dress and denim jacket on you. It’s very cute.


Yes denim is more part of your style than it is for me. You rock the denim Heather!

Bella Q

I have a collection of vintage Levi’s jackets but I don’t wear them- I feel like a Mexican field worker in them, but I love the way they look on others. I adore how you’ve paired yours with that amazing white dress. Loose and comfy and dare I say it? Sexy looking. You are a wonderful example of +40 fashion!


Thank you Bella. It’s always lovely to get a compliment from you!

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