I promised you all a travel report of my most recent trip to Kota Kinabalu, so here it is. The focus isn’t so much on style and fashion as I travel, which is why you will see few outfits here. On trips like these, the focus is very much on experience and the environment does not normally lean itself for dressing too nicely. Usually, I just opt for one of the outfits from my beach holidays outfits roundup of last year.

Since I feel that travel does contribute a whole lot to the ‘feel-good’ factor (which in turn makes you look good), I have decided to feature my travels occasionally and will soon move over some of my older travel reports to this site too.

Our hotel, the Beringgis Beach resort. We had the block on the right. The hotel was located right at the beach which is pictured on top.

kotakinabalu hotel

On the first day we headed for one of the Islands of Kota Kinabalu.

kotakinabalu (2 of 6)opt

kotakinabalu (1 of 6)opt

Lots of tropical fish there!

tropical fish

And a lot of tourists too….

kotakinabalu (3 of 6)opt

kotakinabalu (6 of 6)opt

Not difficult to make a beautiful photograph of such a precious child…

kotakinabalu (5 of 6)opt

On day 2 we went to Brunei. More on that in a couple of days.

Day 3, we visited one of the nature reserves, home to the proboscis monkey, of which we saw several. We were out there on a (tourist) boat and you glide along the trees where we saw a lot of wildlife.

kota kinabalu monkeykotakinabalu (2 of 7)opt monkey

Here we spotted a big male!

kotakinabalu (3 of 7)optprobiscos monkey

Plenty of bees too.

bea nest

And lizards.


In the evening you go out on the boat again to see the fireflies. It was the most impressive display of fireflies I have ever seen. Thousands of fireflies flickering simultaneously! Unfortunately, it was impossible to photograph.

On day 4 we headed for the Kota Kinabalu Park, which feature the botanical gardens. The below plant is what my son refers to as a toilet plant. No idea what its real name is.

toilet plant

And this, my friends, is the smallest orchid in the world. It is so small that my camera lens could not focus on it properly and I could not get a sharp picture.


tropical treekotakinabalu (3 of 10)opt

orchid flower

Our lovely guide.

kotakinabalu (5 of 10)opt

Kota Kinabalu Mountain. No, we did not climb it (for obvious reasons).

kota kinabalu park

kota kinabalu mountain

A very peculiar cloud indeed.

kotakinabalu (10 of 10)opt

And if you are wondering why my family is never featured on photographs. This is usually what they do when I ask them to pose for a picture….

kotakinabalu (7 of 10)opt

No orangutans as I promised earlier? Unfortunately we did not see them. They are located quite a way from Kota Kinabalu itself and we had no more time left. Still we were very happy to have seen so many proboscis monkeys!


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