Holiday summer outfits: The striped bermuda shorts

by Sylvia

Pink striped bermudas

These shorts were bought a few years back and I consider it one of my more riskier buys. Although I still like them, I have not worn them all that much. When all is said and done, I usually prefer to go for something simpler like the white shorts I showed you before, but I actually do really like the look on the above photo when the shorts are combined with my white jacket. This year again, the shorts did not make it into my suitcase for the holiday; I had to be very picky to keep the weight down!

pretty in pink

The t-shirt is very interesting too as it has a nice weave. And of course it’s fun to combine these shorts for some extra pattern mixing with a polkadot belt I acquired not so long ago.

summer bermuda

My lovely t-shirt from Alldressedup that you have seen before as well, also looks good with these shorts.

summer holiday

It’s a very playful look for a 40 plusser and something I only wear on holiday or beach situations. Still it’s fun to have fun with colours and patterns certainly when you are on holiday!

Update: here are all the other outfits for this beach holiday outfit 2012 series:

  1. Tight bermudas and flower dress
  2. Black and white casual chic
  3. White short dress with denim jacket
  4. Pink shorts with oversized shirt
  5. White shorts with flower top
  6. Pink shorts with tank and blouse

Do you dress more colourful or adventurous when you are on holiday?


No, on holiday I dress the same as usual but of course more casual and more flat shoes. I like your bermudas but I would combine them with a simple bright pink T-shirt if they were mine.


Yes flat shoes are a must. I am so bored with my comfy flats that I’ve been wearing the whole holiday. I made sure to buy quite a few new ballerinas! Flats with elegance!


Forgot to say I love your belt. Would definitely include it in “my” combination of bermuda and bright pink T-shirt.
I nearly bought a ” leopard” belt (as I am not shy of copying your zebra belt.. haha) but it was a bit too small. I want your size in width.


Thanks Greetje. Belts are great accessories. I looked out for them in Europe but unluckily did not find any I liked…


The polka dotted belt looks so fun with the plaid shorts. Really like it as it adds a nice surprise to the outfit.


Thanks Diane!

The Style Crone

Very creative Sylvia! I especially like the t-shirt in the first photo. Great pattern mixing.


Thanks you Judith!

Practical Paralegalism

I think these looks are both relaxed and classic, and suitable for ladies of all ages. Love the party in the back on the second tee. Again, you make me think about buying some shorts 🙂


Hope you succeed!


I like the first outfit, especially because you have 3 different patterns. It looks like they belong together, it is very easy on the eye.


Thanks Marianne!

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