White, red, brown and green

by Sylvia

Red brown Mango top

Anja was back in town so it was time to catch up over lunch.

Of course I had followed all her India adventures closely on her blog (and learned a lot about India in the process) but nothing beats face to face time. As always we took the opportunity to take some pictures as well.

red white brown outfit

Looking back at these pictures I actually really like my outfit. I love the colour combination of white, red and brown and my animal print belt brings all those colours together.


Want more tips? Check out my extensive guide on how to wear red.


Inspired by my articles on pretty nails and how to care for your nails, I made a bit of an effort myself and had green toe nails. An extra 4th colour for some extra fun. Although I had my finger nails in that colour as well, some of the polish had chipped off so I had already gone back to natural nails for my hands.

red shoes

An A-skirt always suits me well and I also love the graphical element of this outfit. Red is a new favorite colour so it was only natural that I kept looking at this colour for some new sunglasses I wanted to buy.

Although bright red suits me better, I felt that would be too much for sunglasses. Instead I opted for a more burgundy red and bought these Burberry sunglasses.

white skirt animal print belt

The top is a recent find from Mango. It was love at first sight and I was lucky to get one of the last pieces in the store. Although it has sleeves, the material is very thin, so it’s still cool and airy for the Singapore climate.

red tote bag

The red tote bag (of which I cannot find a brand) was obtained in The Netherlands and is the perfect accessory to this outfit, together with my comfortable red shoes.

Top: Mango (search for two-tone light top
Skirt: Zara (old)
Shoes: Esther van Eeghen
Bracelet: Yolande Dopp
Watch: Bruno Nimaber
Sunglasses: Burberry

How was your weekend? Have you been happy with the outfits you wore?

1 Practical Paralegalism

Red suits you extremely well. I love everything about this outfit, and the photos are simply stunning.

I did, for the most part, like what I wore last week. I’m learning to stay true to my own style.

2 Sylvia

Thanks. Yes, it’s usually the best thing to do!

3 Luc

What a great outfit! You look lovely.

I too bought a leopard print belt this year, and I am surprised at how often I wear it. It is almost a “neutral” for me.

4 Sylvia

It has been a really good buy for me too! The belt can really make a difference in outfits.

5 Rita

What a pretty outfit! I like how the tan in the top and the animal-print belt give it a little bit of a autumn look, even though it’s light and breezy for your tropical climate. I was in cold, snowy Denver this week and wore a new pair of brown corduroy pants, with a brown silk T under a dusty pink cashmere sweater, and added a creamy yellow cashmere scarf when I was outside. I love pinks and browns together and was quite pleased with myself. 🙂 (Hmm…sounds a bit dull now that I describe it though…oh well.)

6 Sylvia

Yes, it does. Without getting too muted. A lot of the autumn colours are just too dark and somber for a summer climate I feel, so it’s better to only have hints of those colours.
Your outfit does not sound dull at all. I love that combination of colours. It sounds very snuggly, beautiful and comfortable!

7 Greetje

Well Rita, there is only one way to settle this and that is to upload a photo of this outfit on the Forum. LOL
(Always trying to get new upload members there.)

8 Rita

Hi Greetje! Well, the next time I wear that combination, I’ll try to have someone take a photo and see if I can figure out how to upload. 🙂 Thanks for encouraging me!! 🙂

9 Greetje

Really Rita, it is selfishness. I like the Forum and I like to see other women’s outfits as well as showing mine. That is why I also like it very much when Sylvia has a post showing one of her outfits.

10 Rita

LOL…not selfish at all. I’ll try to arrange things on hangers and photograph them. I’m actually not really find of having my photo taken, though shoes are OK. 🙂

11 Rita

Thanks, Sylvia! I guess when I think of corduroy, I think of comfort and not style…LOL! 🙂

12 Jean at Dross into Gold

Sylvia, you always look great. You’re my never-fail warm weather fashion icon!! I love the use of red and your burgundy sunglasses.

13 Sylvia

Thanks Jean. That is very kind!

14 Val Sparkle

Great outfit – really nice combination with the tan as well as red and white. I have the same color of nail polish, and I noticed the same color in Sarah Hulbert’s blog – great minds must think alike!


15 Sylvia

Yes, I love that colour green. I found that it almost fits with everything!

16 Four Seasons One Wardrobe

Love this relaxed but still very well put together outfit.

17 Sylvia


18 Josep-Maria

Beautiful outfit. I loved the color scheme.

19 Sylvia

Thank you!

20 Greetje

I agree Sylvia, a really nice outfit. Everything is just right. And I do wish I could find a similar animal print belt. Still have not found one (yet).
And how lovely the photos look. That is always a plus.

21 Sylvia

Good photos make a big difference for sure. Hope you find your belt soon!

22 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

This outfit is wonderful, Sylvia – The red accents make it so cheery. Love the shape of the skirt, and the Burberry shades too. Thanks so much for sharing with Visible Monday!

23 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

24 Sheila, Style Agent 909

Sylvia, that is a great outfit! The leopard belt was just the right touch!
Red is also a favorite of mine (at least for this month).
I’m in agreement with your thoughts on the A-line skirt. It’s hard to go wrong with one and looks great on everybody.

25 Sylvia

Yes, it’s funny what such a little accent can do, but I think it makes the outfit a lot more interesting. Thanks so much for your first comment on 40+Style!

26 Buckle Button Zip

This is wonderful on you. I love it all!
x Laura

27 Sylvia

Thank you Laura!

28 CC

I LOVE this outfit! The mix of colors with the animal print belt is just so lovely! You look amazing! 😉

29 Jeannie@gracefully50

What lovely photos!
Really great outfit! Love the top and the red! Of course! 🙂

30 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie! I’m wearing the red just to please you (as usual)

31 Veshoevius

Love the accents of red and leopard!

32 Hanna

Looking lovely. Great style. Great photos.

33 Sylvia

Thanks Hanna!

34 Marlena

This outfit really looks wonderful! What I love is that many of the pieces you so cleverly put together are things in my own closet! And at my age, it can be done! Thank You! ~Marlena.

35 Sylvia

That is great to hear Marlena. Great that I have given you some new ideas and that you can just shop your own wardrobe!

36 Theodore

Dear Silvia,

Thank you. I am so glad that I am not only one crease about colors all year around (I have a blazers in all jewel colors) especially, in the summer. This year I involved more daring YELLOW, in my creative wardrobe ( with blue, coral, red, white and you name it…from last summer).
I like your ideas, which very much show everyone how to dress, instead of boring, classy, and refined in summer.
Those are great ideas. Thank you!
P.S. Sorry, I have to go treasure hunting for the cool summer outfit, and accessories.

37 Sylvia

Thanks for the feedback Theodore. Enjoy your shopping!

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