Maurizio Galante’s Haute Couture preview fashion show

by Sylvia

Maurizio Galante fashion show

Last week I was invited to the presentation of Voila Singapore, a 2 week French extravaganza in Singapore that features art, film, food and of course fashion!

It was held at the mansion of the French Ambassador to Singapore, whose house was a treat in itself. As you can see his living room is big enough to stage a fashion show! Can you spot me?

fashion show

Highlight of the afternoon was of course Maurizio Galantes haute  fashion show. We were shown 7 exquisite ensembles by the Haute Couturier, who flew in specially to meet with the media.  These pieces were simple, yet elaborate, with its seemingly-looking ‘pleats’ turning out to be individual slivers of exquisite materials stitched and held delicately together with intervals of pearls or bugle beads.  Truly works of art!

Maurizio Galante Singapore

Here are some of my own close-up photos, which highlight the incredible workmanship put into each of these garments.

Dresses by Mauriozio Galante

Have a look at the intricate details of the lace dress below!

Maurizio Galante lace dress

Mautirzio Galante fashion show

My outfit was not nearly as extravagant as the models’, as I had gone for a far more minimal look. This combination was snatched up at the recent super discount sale I mentioned before and included a Donna Karen skirt and CK Calvin Klein top. Although these pieces are from old collections, they are still current today. The top has a bit of an oversized feel and has both a pleat in the front and back.

The skirt is very stretchy and comfortable and red and I love the draping elements in the front.

I had planned to wear this outfit with my new ultra-hip pony hair Opening ceremony booties I got at that same sale, but the weather turned a bit nasty and I certainly did not want to ruin them on their first outing. But, although I loved my red skirts with the outfit, I also love the look of wearing booties with skirts. What do you think?

Opening ceremony pony hair booties

Looking back on these pictures now, it may have been even more fun to wear this outfit with a brightly coloured bag in yellow or green or even animal print, although this red tote bag turns out to be very handy indeed when I want to bring my (heavy) camera.

The 2nd Women’s Fashion Week And French Couture Week 2012 Singapore kicks off from 23 – 25 November and 29 November – 2 December 2012 respectively at Marina Bay Sands. Let’s hope I will get an invitation to the fashion shows so I can show you a lot more later on! The haute couture designers that will present this year will be Christophe Josse, Gustavo Lins, Alexis Mabille, Bouchra Jarrar, Julien Fournié, Maurizio Galante, Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov and Yiqing Yin. But there will be many other shows from main stream designers as well. For more details on shows and schedules visit this website.


1 Suzanne

These clothes are beyond beautiful. I love all of the detail. How wonderful that you were invited to this event. And I think you have a front row seat. 🙂
I would pick the first black dress in the first row. It says “fun!”.
Your outfit is so stylish! I like the red shoes and new booties equally – they both complement the look. That red skirt is awesome on you! I really hope you get invited to the upcoming shows so we can see the newest fashions – on the models and on you. Your look has evolved over the past year. You are truly fabulous! You prove that we can get even better after 40!

2 Sylvia

Thank you Suzanne! My favorite look is probably the black dress in the second row although I also love the yellow and lace dresses!

3 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I am swooning over the ivory lace two-piece dress – it is exquisite. And you look fabulous too in red and white. Yes, I love booties with skirts and I’m wearing them in my post today : > I really like the details on your red skirt here. Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday.

4 Sylvia

It’s such a hip look isn’t it, booties with skirt. I find it too hot here for closed booties so these open booties are great, albeit a bit high to walk in long distances…

5 Jeannie@gracefully50

Oh wow! What gorgeous clothes!
You look amazing yourself, Sylvia! So so Chic! Love love your skirt!! You totally rock the RED!

6 Sylvia

Red has become my new black. I’m wearing it a bit too much lately. Time to mix things up!

7 Jean at Dross into Gold

It’s so much fun to get a glimpse of the show, in Singapore no less!! It’s a small world indeed. The pieces look extraordinary, and the lace one really is exquisite. You look sophisticated and show-worthy yourself in the red and white ensemble. I love the pleating.

Booties with skirts is such a great look, but you have to have the right legs, which unfortunately I don’t. (Olive Oyl comes to mind.) Enjoy them for me, please!!

8 Sylvia

Thank you Jean. I will!

9 Greetje

Yes I can spot you front row. Indeed beautiful workmanship. I would go for the long black and white dress (no surprise I am sure).
Really like your skirt and especially the white booties. I would not have worn them on a rainy day either. But they are so lovely with the pleats of the skirt.
And like you said, I was also thinking of another colour bag. Your suggestions are more adventurous than mine. I would have played it safe with a black bag. Very beautiful look.

10 Sylvia

Yes that is my favorite too. Black would be safe choice but I think another colour would really give this outfit some more interest.

11 Marla

Love the draped red skirt and the necklace. So pretty.

12 Sylvia

thank you Marla.

13 Marianne

Love your whole outfit, we are getting better in dressing ourselves, but your are certainly worthy of visiting high fashion shows and report them back to us. I am looking forward to your next fashion show. Oh by the way, I would pick the nude lace combination, it would make me feel priceless.

14 Sylvia

Yes, that dress is divine. Although I’m not normally a fan of lace, I would wear that in a heartbeat!

15 Anne @ the Frump Factor

I love the draping on the skirt, too. Very nice! Cool necklace, too.

16 Sylvia

Thank you Anne!

17 Sue @ A Colourful Canvas

Hi Sylvia, In a word, gorgeous! You look ever so chic, and though the booties didn’t work out this time, I still think the outfit is accessorized beautifully. I love the photographs with the black and white background.


18 Sylvia

Thanks Sue. Yes, I usually tone the background down. The bright green of the trees just competes too much with the other colours!

19 The Style Crone

How beautiful and radiant you look today.

The photos that you show are stunning. The intricate lace is my personal favorite. Thanks for the review.

20 Sylvia

And how lovely that would look on you too!

21 Suzanne

I love the details on the skirt and blouse. The red looks great on you.


22 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne.

23 Melanie

Yes, there you are, appropriately in the front row. Your photos are really fantastic, especially since they are indoor shots. I love this clean red and white outfit with the red shoes. The booties are great but I’m glad you saved them from the nasty weather. That necklace really pops with this clean minimalist look. I hope you are invited to the next show!

24 Sylvia

Thanks Melanie. Credit for the overview picture (with me in it) and the lace dress goes to the event’s photographer, but yes all the others are mine. Indeed challenging to take photos indoors so they did need a bit of editing and sharpening in lightroom…..

25 Playing With Scarves

Love your red skirt Sylvia. The drape effect is really great and the way you paired it is superb. You are just perfect and chic!
Thanks for sharing photos of these incredible models 🙂
Anne (Playing with Scarves)

26 Jan Graham-McMillen

You look relaxed and fabulous, and thanks so much for the show highlights! By the way, how DO you waterproof or protect “pony-hair”? ( I can’t believe how long it was before I found out that they don’t use real ponies. I feel much better now …)

27 Sylvia

I have no idea to be honest. I guess I will just need to keep them out of the rain!

28 Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell

All I can say is you look fabulous, just fabulous.

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