How to wear the colour of the year: emerald green

by Sylvia

How to wear green

Pantone has announced the colour of the year of 2013 and I’m not really surprised that it is green, Emerald Green to be precise. I’ve been singing the praise of green for quite a while now and you may want to have a look at previous articles on this colour. Hey I was even wearing green in yesterday’s outfit.

So, if you have been postponing getting green for your closet, now may be the time. As usual I have gone into colourlovers to get some ideas of combining this colour and came up with the colour palettes you see above. As you can see it’s hard to get the exact same colour green in the colour palettes, but it comes close enough.

This colour green is great to combine with blue but also light burgundy red, which may be a great idea for the winter months. However, for my little collage of ideas I chose the different shades of greens. Emerald green is a great colour to combine with both darker and softer greens with a little black thrown in between. Here is a collage that you can use to kickstart your own ideas.

Will you embrace this colour the coming year and how do you plan on wearing it?

1 Marianne

I have been looking for something green for months. I found a dark green sweater. You can see that I was looking a lot because all the cookies that pop up are green ,jumpers, sweater, dresses, shoes and handbags. It is difficult to choose something that fits my figure. But I am very satisfied with my green jumper, have to find someone to take a photo, to show you my purchase. I love the Halston blouse, but I need sleeves. I go for the dress on nr, 13

2 Sylvia

I look forward to seeing it Marianne!

3 Rita

I think I’ll miss this trend. The only thing green in my wardrobe is a pair of forest green SmartWool tights I bought for iceskating (they didn’t have brown or gray). I like green, but for some reason I don’t wear it. I am going to be painting a bedroom “Antique Jade”…does that count? 🙂

4 Sylvia

It is a start 🙂 Perhaps add a emerald ring or start with something else really small?

5 Suzanne

Yay! If there is enough “blue” in the green – I adore it and can wear it. I especially like it paired with navy. The dress I bought for my daughter’s graduation was green, navy, and white and you found me the perfect green shoes to wear with it Sylvia. Those will be so on trend when Spring 2013 arrives.
Of the combinations above, I want to experiment with “Hymn For My soul” and “Green Eyed”. I am really excited about this shade. 🙂 I was tempted by an Emerald cashmere sweater I saw today. I resisted but maybe I will have to have it after all. And I hope to find a pair of green pants like yours from yesterday.

6 Sylvia

Yes, those shoes are still perfect. I may get some more wear out of my own green shoes, although they are a bit brighter. Yes, hymm for my soul should be perfect for you! (they do come up with amazing names for those palettes!)

7 Theresa

Earth tones are my color pallet so this is going to work great for me!

8 Sylvia

I look forward to seeing some of your creations Theresa!

9 Sam

I love green and currently have very little of it in my wardrobe so hopefully I’ll be adding some to keep up with this trend. I’ve actually got my eye on a green and black pencil skirt that I’d planned on looking at today!

I think emerald green looks lovely with charcoal grey and also deep purple/aubergine shades. I can’t wait to try it!

10 Sylvia

Yes, there are certainly many more combinations with this colour than just the above. Have fun with it!

11 Nanne

Emerald green is a lovely color, and I have a few tops and sweaters already:) I might get a few accessories for spring and summer and perhaps a dress to replace my old emerald green jersey dress that I wore until it was practically a rag:)

12 Sylvia

Sounds like a good idea Nanne!

13 Buckle Button Zip

Already loving green this season and wearing some from my closet and one new cardigan. I’m partial to the last strip of hues, the ‘green-eyed’. Great set of outfits Sylvia!
x Laura

14 Suzanne

I’ve gotten some green pieces this year in advance of it being qualified as next year’s colour. I love it when I’m in advance of a trend : )
I bought green jeans in the summer and now a green fitted dress
Green with red hair though is a natural.
I loved the slide show you had. Where do you go to make that?


15 Sylvia

It’s created with I send you an invitation for it, but it seems you are already registered there…

16 Greetje

Rats…. they finally embrace green and then they put too much blue in it. Most of the lovely items you have shown are that shade. For me, there has to be more yellow in the green, unlike Suzanne. So the only one for my would be from Hymn For My Soul, second from the right. I bet you, you will hardly find that in the shop.

17 Kathy Johnston

I love the colour green and I have several items in that colour. I wore a bright green sweater for the dressing challenge. I look forward to adding more green to my wardrobe.

18 Heather Fonseca

I’m I. The fence about emerald green, although I do really like and wear a lot of green. I think I like my green a bit more muted, but maybe not. I do have a bright Kelly green jacket! Ill probably do some emerald green eye makeup and nail polish. Who knows, maybe a pair of jeans will slip I. There too, and for sure a scarf!

19 Sylvia

That’s always a good place to start when you are not sure about a colour. I actually really like this colour especially for accessories!

20 Hueyna - whattowearwith

This color is amazing. I have never thought before that it can be so famous now..
I paired them with tiger prints and crocodile skin leather on my blog.. (I am a new blogger by the way, would love to learn from you Sylvia :))

21 Sylvia

Thanks for visiting Hueyna! Yes, this green would look great with animal print.

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