Wearing the trends: black and white

by Sylvia

Spring 2012 trend black and white

 1. Milly 2. Donna Karen 3. Kate Spade 4. Sam Edelman 5. vintage dress

From all the 2012 Spring and Summer trends, I feel that the black & white trend has been a bit over shadowed by all the bright colours this season. This is a good thing of course as you all know how much I believe that we should all wear more colour. But let’s face it, you can never really go wrong with a good black & white ensemble. And if you are aiming to be chic and timeless, then these outfits may just take your fancy.

Adding colour to your black and white outfit

colours mixed with black and white

The great thing about black and white is that you can combine any colour with it. Especially the really bright colours that we are seeing this season. I really love to wear black and white with a bright green purse or a bright yellow belt. Or even better a bright: red  or yellow hat! Or purple, or fuchsia or whatever colour that takes your fancy.

Use black & white to combine all the other trends

black and white dresses and outfits

For more information on the products see this image at Polyvore.

Black and white also makes it easy to wear all the other trends as well in one outfit:

  • Ladylike: just choose a beutiful dress or a vintage dress as shown in the top picture
  • Graphical: choose your black and white frocks in stripes or patterns
  • Pattern mixing: Mix your stripes, polkadots and colour prints in one outfit. It’s so easy to do when it’s all black & white!
  • Brights: just add one of those really bright colours to your outfit with a belt, a jacket, a bag or shoes.
  • You could even do all of the above in one outfit. In fact I’m inspired, I should try it myself!

For more inspiration and some of my favorites to buy right now, you can check out my currently obsessed list. I also keep a special board on Pinterest: style inspiration black & white.

Are you still loving the black and white and will you be wearing it with the bright colours this Spring? Can you take on the challenge of wearing all 4 trends as described above in 1 outfit?

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Jean at Dross into Gold

Black and white is always there, like a trusted friend, to make you feel your best! I like playing with color too, but I’ll never say goodbye to my BFF.


Nicely said Jean. So true.


I have many, many social events over the next two months – graduations, garden parties, 2 weddings in June – so I have been buying dresses to wear. Today I bought a black and white print chiffon dress that is simple in design but pretty. So I have the 1) color and 2) print and now I am inspired to try it with 3) bright accessories. Maybe my green shoes – or my cobalt purse and big hat – or maybe a red belt. I might even try wearing it with some tangerine pieces. You always give us great ways to add a touch of “wild” to our style. Miuccia would approve. 🙂


You have such a busy social life. Wish I had more parties so I had a good excuse to buy me a nice dress! Sounds like you have a lot of options with your new dress. Have fun mixing and matching!


As I have shown with my photos on your forum, I can do this style easily. Black with white is always my favourite combination. So classy, so stylish. But bright colours also have my love as they make me look better. The combination is irresistable to me. Hence my spending spree.
Today I wore my handkerchief skirt (black and white) with a neon lime vest, a black short cardigan and black high heeled pumps, so all 4 Sylvia. By the way, the hem of the handkerchief skirt has come down 5 cm. Better!


Yes you are right Greetje. Perhaps I should have dedicated this post to you! I’m hoping to photograph you though in the Summer and then will feature your amazing style in an article (if you would like that, of course). Great that you were able to lengthen the skirt and that you feel even better in it now.


Featuring in an article? Would I? OF COURSE! I am flattered. What fun. You would do me a great pleasure.


I like the idea of black and white, although I treat black and white as if it was a solid. Try a pop of color, maybe red or green!

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