Today I feature 2 items I hardly ever wear, namely a white dress and black leggings.

I hardly ever wear long leggings because I’m not a huge fan of them and secondly because they are simply too hot for Singapore! However, on this occasion I was going to the cinema where the indoor temparature is freezing cold.


I don’t think I have ever worn a dressy white dress before. I have one very casual white dress, but that is usually worn on holidays. Although I’m very comfortable with white trousers, pulling off a while dress is a totally different story.

When I saw this CK Calvin Klein dress, I was persuaded to give a white dress a go. Although it is very risky (and certainly not always recommended) to buy items that you are not sure of while shopping at the sales, this dress was discounted so low that it was perfect to try out something new.


I’m actually quite pleased with the combination. Black and white is always chic even when you wear it with a few cheap leggings. The dress make the leggings a bit dressier. I wore it with the hat as I had a bad hair day, and it suits this outfit really well.

I actually like this outfit both in complete black and white with my big black zippered bag, but for a splash of colour my versatile Heleen van der Meer bag comes in handy again. I only wished I had picked the blue colour this time as I’ve used the green a few times lately.


You can wear this outfit with both heels as well as flats. The open toes pumps elongate the leg line and is a good choice to wear with leggings.

Flat ballerinas make the outfit a bit more casual and the legs slightly shorter, but the overall silhouette still works for my body type.


This is the kind of outfit that you can wear at any age. If you have never worn a dress over leggings or pants I encourage you to give it a try. That may actually be a good topic for our next dressing challenge!

Check out lots more tips on how to wear leggings here.

Do you ever wear leggings or a white dress?


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