A simple tip for dressing better and more creatively

by Sylvia

Dressing better and more creatively

I’m having rather a busy day tomorrow. I’m going to the hair dresser, will need to do some shopping and will also attend a PR function. I’m still jet lagged so I will have trouble dragging myself out of the bed in the morning. In the evenings I feel quite energetic and that’s the time I use to get a lot of my work done. This morning (as I write this) I also had to rush away and woke up too late. Which left me exactly with 40 min to shower, dress, put makeup on, collect my things etc. Not a great feeling! So this night, I thought it would be best to prepare myself better. Why not choose my outfit for tomorrow this evening? And I’m so glad I did.

I have nothing to wear!

Dressing creatively

This morning I had the typical dilemma of many a 40+ woman. What will I wear (I have nothing nice to wear!). Which, as you all know, is not true. I have a cupboard full of gorgeous clothes, so how can I possibly feel that I have nothing to wear? The issue is that I get easily bored with my outfits. If I have worn combinations before, I am not so attracted to them anymore.

So by getting prepared earlier for the day ahead, I had some time to think on how I could possibly create new combinations with the clothes that I already have. I tried on a recently bought asymetric striped dress, but could not find anything to pair it with today. Then I thought about an other ‘resolution’ I recently made, which is to wear more of my nicer clothes (that hardly ever get worn). So I grabbed my silk skirt and paired it as I usually do with a top in the same fabric and color.

Do something different with your outfits

Wearing Zara A-line skirt and top

Acceptable, yes. Exciting, no. Creative, no. So I went back to my closet and started browsing for other tops and finally came up with a, to me, perfect casual top. This way the outfit would be less formal, more trendy and combined with red, would fit in with the graphical trend that I love so much. Plus I got to ‘wear’ my new red bag.

Now, this outfit only came to being because I took the time to think about it, think outside the box and ‘force’ myself to combine my bottom with a different top. I often don’t make that time for day to day life, so I usually end up rushing in the morning and step out in something rather boring.

How do you prepare for dressing?

So perhaps all you smart ladies are already doing this, but my tip is to really take some time the day before and think about how you can be creative with clothes. You already have so much in your cupboard, and new items may very well go perfect with something that has been in your cupboard for ages. Make it a habit, to plan your clothes the evening before!

A-line skirt

I was very happy with the outfit I came up with and surely had a lot more fun with this, then I would have had in my matchy matchy outfit. I actually found that I also really like this top with one of my older denim skirts. A bit more casual and I’m not sure which outfit I like best. For some more dressing inspiration check out some other ladies on this visible Monday and Monday mingle.

Top photo: skirt: Alldressedup, top: Zara, shoes and bag: bought in Salzburg, Austria, no particular brand. Bottom photo: Skirt and shoes by Zara.

Tell me ladies, are you already smart enough to plan ahead on what you will wear the next day or are you a last minute dresser?

1 Suzanne

I love your new red purse and shoes! So cute. Both outfits look nice on you too – the second is a bit more casual than the first but they are equally attractive.
I do try to plan my outfits ahead – sometimes by weeks/months! I bought a (bright) floral print dress this weekend to wear to a Garden Wedding in June – and already have picked out the shoes, purse, and jewelry to complete the look. Then yesterday we received an invitation to a country club event that requires a fancy hat so I will try to find one that goes with the new dress and that will be two events covered. My biggest problem is when events come up unexpectedly. I would like to spend an afternoon putting together some complete outfits that I could photograph or make notes on and then I would have a “go to” look instead of being rushed and wondering if I could have done better.

2 Sylvia

Wow, you are organised. I could never buy something that far in advance. I would be bored with the outfit by then. Taking photographs of your outfits is a great idea!

3 Nanne

You look great in both outfits, I like the second look better, though. I think it’s because the purse makes more of a statement being the only red accessory in the outfit, plus not wearing the necklace makes the whole outfit look more sleek and polished.

I try to plan my outfits ahead too, the ideal thing would be to lay out a week’s worth of outfits with a few backups just in case. I’m not an early bird, so this would make my mornings a lot easier!

4 Sylvia

Thanks for your feedback Nanne. Planning ahead for a whole week sounds great, but I think I can only manage just a single day…. Clothes also really depend on my mood, so I can’t really plan too far ahead.

5 Pam @over50feeling40

Great tips and you look wonderful in this outfit. I am both …a planner and a spur of themomenter….depending on my mood…sometimes the desire to wear one accessory will change the whole plan!!

6 Sylvia

Thanks Pam. Yes, I can relate to that!

7 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Great advice here, Sylvia. It is fun to mix the “dressy” with casual pieces. I love these looks, and your wonderful accessories too. Thanks so much for linking up to Visible Monday.

8 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

9 Bella Q

I love how your outfit turned out- so crisp and clean and throughly modern! The colors are CLASSIC yet the way you paired the pieces are FRESH, and that hat just makes me happy. What a great way to look! GREAT tips by the way- I’m going to step into my closet and start some fresh pairings.

10 Sylvia

Thanks Bella. I’m very happy to make you happy! These looks feel good to me too. Classic combined with modern. I should take note of that!

11 Paula

Love that skirt–very architectual.
An d yes, it helps to ponder the next outfit. I sketch out some of my visuals; Its a good exercise. Plus I like to color! And I shop my closet all the time. re-arranging helps too rotate those clothes you havent worn in a while.

12 Sylvia

Yes, I have noticed your sketches. What a creative way to plan your outfits!

13 Jeannie

You look fantastic in both outfits, but I do love the one with the hat! You know me with your hats…the red bag is perfect, too! 🙂

14 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie!

15 Heather Fonseca

What great advice! Whenever I prepare the night before I always end up with a better looking outfit. It’s the sort of advice my mother used to give me, and guess what, I tell the same thing to my daughter. She ignores me of course, just like I did. But it is good advice anyway.

Personally I like both the outfits, but they’re new to me. I know how you feel about getting bored of a particular combination and wanting to change it up. I feel the same way.

16 Sylvia

Thanks Heather!

17 Wendy

Love both your outfits but am more partial to the black and white with the red – my favourite colour combination.

I try to plan at least five outfits for the week … and almost always put all the items out the night before. I don’t have time to dillydally in the mornings so I have to be fairly well organised.

Happy day to you

18 Sylvia

I guess you mean the second outfit? That’s also blue (denim) 🙂 You sound very organised. Well done!

19 Kristin

What a great outlook! And I LOVE that draped skirt!

20 Sylvia

Thanks Kristin!

21 Anne @ the Frump Factor

I agree wholeheartedly with this advice — planning ahead really does help us to try new, interesting combinations rather than just the same old thing. (It’s also very useful if you’re trying to make a small wardrobe seem larger!) I can’t always stick to this advice, but I’ve seen the benefits so I’m really trying.

22 Sylvia

Thanks Anne. I always regret it when I haven’t taken the time to do this as I usually end up with a familiar outfit which doesn’t give me the the ‘sparkle’ of a new combination.

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