Do you feel you have a signature style?

When you start taking pictures of yourself, you can definitely see some ‘themes’ developing in your dressing. These are all elements of your own personal style and can contribute to your signature style.

Notice for example, that  I’m wearing a short dress over pants.

The dress is actually very nice by itself but it’s rather short….. As I loved this dress so much, I decided to buy it anyway and wear it more as a tunic. I wore it before with matching colored pants (no picture yet) but I have actually also worn it as a dress by itself.

I’m also wearing my white pants again. These pants never let me down and I always feel wonderful in them. I love to wear white.


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Another pattern that I see in many of my clothes is that I love Asymmetry. I love things that are not completely aligned.

Asymmetry is actually an element that’s present in a lot of my clothes. Wearing asymmetric clothes make any outfit just a little bit more interesting in my opinion. It’s also great for creating flattering lines in your outfit and to hide a belly.


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Looking at the things you generally wear and taking note of some of your style components will give you clues about your signature style. My style course 21 Steps to a More Stylish You will help you discover it too.

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How about you? Do you see some themes or patterns in the way you dress? Do you have a signature style?


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