Do you have a signature style?

by Sylvia

Calvin Klein Dress Kookai white Pants

Do you feel you have a signature style?

When you start taking pictures of yourself, you can definitely see some ‘themes’ developing in your dressing. These are all elements of your own personal style and can contribute to your signature style.

Notice for example, that  I’m wearing a short dress over pants.

The dress is actually very nice by itself but it’s rather short….. As I loved this dress so much, I decided to buy it anyway and wear it more as a tunic. I wore it before with matching colored pants (no picture yet) but I have actually also worn it as a dress by itself.

I’m also wearing my white pants again. These pants never let me down and I always feel wonderful in them. I love to wear white.


Get lots more of my tips on how to wear white pants here.


Another pattern that I see in many of my clothes is that I love Asymmetry. I love things that are not completely aligned.

Asymmetry is actually an element that’s present in a lot of my clothes. Wearing asymmetric clothes make any outfit just a little bit more interesting in my opinion. It’s also great for creating flattering lines in your outfit and to hide a belly.


Want to learn how to add more asymmetric clothing to your wardrobe? Check some of the best asymmetric clothes here.


Looking at the things you generally wear and taking note of some of your style components will give you clues about your signature style. My style course 21 Steps to a More Stylish You will help you discover it too.

You can also read my articles on finding your style

Some articles on finding your style you may enjoy include:

How about you? Do you see some themes or patterns in the way you dress? Do you have a signature style?

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1 brett

love that tunic/dress
i would say i am relaxed casual, is that even a thing::::
have a great weekend


2 Sylvia

Hi Brett! Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing more of your relaxed casual style on your blog. I will go deeper into the subject of style, signature style etc in an upcoming article!


3 The Style Crone

I will have to take a look at my past photos! Interestingly, I too love asymmetry and tunics. To put my style signature into words would take some thought , but contemplate it i will! The colors and the lines of your ensemble are beautiful.


4 Sylvia

Hi Judith. I look forward to reading how you would describe your style. Although I see some patterns in mine, I haven’t quite come up with a clear definition for mine yet… Glad you liked the outfit!


5 V Davisson

I wear a lot of cotton baby-tee shirts, usually very inexpensive – I have them in a rainbow of colors. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and we need clothes that breathe! I refuse to wear men’s t-shirts – ugh, they are hot, shapeless and unflattering!! Ladies please do not wear them! They are made for men!

I like knee-length and mid-calf skirts and like to mix up the skirts and baby-tees with different color combinations, and add a jacket or sweater to cope with too-cold air-conditioning. Alternatively I like A-line dresses, skinny jeans with a tunic, or occasionally a suit (never pants suit, though). I can’t get used to the bare-leg look, though, and I hate the way my shoes feel when my feet are bare, so I still wear hose.

Pretty soon it will be cool enough to wear boots. That will be fun!


6 V Davisson

Oh and Sylvia I’d say your style is “fun classic.”


7 Sylvia

Hi V, Funny your comment about these men’s t-shirts reminded me about my youth! I used to wear those a lot when I was really young. It’s crazy that I only started dressing a bit more ‘sexy’ when I was old!

Oh, and I like your description of my style. I think it is spot on! Still working on refining it though….


8 Vicki Davisson

I’ve been through “slummy” periods in life too – when I was deathly sick or when I had gained too much weight and didn’t care. I recovered, though, and now I care a lot.


9 GreetjeKamminga

I know I said that wearing a dress over trousers is not my style, but I do like this Calvin Klein short dress on your favourite white pants. By the way, some of the links don’t work anymore. The green dress shows the taupe / white outfit.


10 Sylvia

Thanks, fixed it and added a few more examples of my asymmetric style!


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