Many of my readers keep telling me that they can’t find the clothes they are searching for. On the other hand designers have contacted me to give them advice on the kind of clothes women over 40 would like to buy.

So I thought it would be a good idea to create the ultimate wishlist of clothes attributes that women over 40 find very important. Perhaps it may inspire designers and will help you all to find the clothes that flatter you and make you smile!

I will start off this list, but please let me know what kind of clothes attributes you are looking for. Which kind of clothes can you not find enough of in the shops?

These are the kind of clothes attributes I believe women over 40 are looking for

1. Dresses with sleeves

Great dresses with sleeves are not so easy to find and many women over 40 like to cover up their arms.

For summer give us sleeves of all lengths, short, 3/4 and full that are sheer and breezy for warmer weather.

2. Drapes on all the right places

A personal favorite. Great drape dresses are flattering to many women as they can cover up their tummy area in very stylish ways.

3. Skirts and dresses of knee length

This is one of the most flattering lengths for women over 40 and we need more choice!

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4. Pants with a higher rise

No, we don’t want mum jeans, but jeans that are cut too low just give us muffin tops and are uncomfortable!

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5. Button down shirts that fit our increasing bust line

Button down shirts are great classic, versatile garments to own, but they are no good when they don’t fit properly.

6. Great tunics

Tunics are great for covering up bellies and to wear with skinnies or leggings. We want more stylish, modern, colourful tunics.

7. Wider sleeves on coats, blouses and dresses

We get more practical as we get older. Our coats still need to fit over a full outfit, which means the sleeves should be wide enough to accommodate for several layers. The same goes for blouses and dresses; the sleeves need to fit our arms.

8. Mid heel shoes

I already devoted one whole article to this. We need more fashionable mid heel shoes that are comfortable as well as beautiful!

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9. Affordable clothes in quality fabrics

Although we may have been able to pull of cheaper synthetic fabrics when we were younger, we look much better now with quality fabrics like good cotton, silk, wool and linen for summer.

We need quality fabrics for all sizes!

10. Stretch (elastine)

We want to get more comfortable in our clothes and a bit of stretch in our blouses and pants is always welcome.

11. Colour

I was shocked by the vast amount of pure black greeting me in the stores this season. Very few of us will look good with mostly black outfits.

Give us more variety in colour please.

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12. Fashionable clothing in bigger sizes

Not all of us will maintain a svelte figure, but we still want to look hip and modern.

So please don’t stop producing at size 10!

13. Substantial fabrics

Enough with the tissue-thin cotton and wispy, see-through cashmere! Give us clothes that don’t cling to our bulges or require multiple layers of underclothing to look good.

We would also love to have more classic well-structured dresses.

14. Skirts in something other than a pencil cut

Pencil cut skirts, while sexy, can be uncomfortable and unflattering. A-lines, pleats, circles, wraps, dirndls, etc., have all been missing from the scene for a long time.

15. Hosiery options

We know we’re not supposed to wear nude-colored hose, so we either go bare-legged, and freeze and expose the world to our spider veins, or we wear black tights. How about something different?

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16. Control panels for our tummies

Many of us have soft bellies after pregnancy or just as a result of getting older. We would like a little help in the area bellow the belly button.

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17. Versatile underwear in many sizes

Bras, smaller cup, but larger around.. 44B, 46B, 46c. Also no line panties in larger sizes like 2x and 3x. We do not want grannie panties!

18. Shapewear in many varieties and colours

We want shapewear that is comfortable and wearable. It would be great if it came in multiple colours so it would be more fun to wear and we could match it with our bras.

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19. Modest V-necks

We like V-necks but we don’t want them cut so low. V-necks are very flattering but many of us don’t like to show a lot of cleavage.

20. Show us a variety of models

In addition to all these clothes wishes, show us the clothes on models of different ages, shapes and sizes.

As commenter TC points out this would  ensure higher waists, wider sleeves, more mid-length skirts and lusher fabrics. Just what we all need!

What do you think?

These are all the clothes attributes I could come up with sofar, but I’m sure I have forgotten a few.

So let me know what you would wish to see more of in the shops and I will add it to the wish list! You never know, this list may just get shared amongst designers.

If we want different clothing to what is currently available, we have to let the designers know!

I look forward to reading your wishes!

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