A cashmere sweater is a great staple for the winter months. We asked for recommendations on where to shop for the best cashmere sweaters and here are the results.

Why opt for a cashmere sweater?

Here some of the advantages of choosing cashmere as your fabric of choice for your winter sweater:

  • The quality is superb: cashmere is considered one of the most luxurious of natural fibers. It’s durable and soft and when it’s well taken care of can last you for a long time.
  • Very comfortable to wear: want the warmth but not the bulk, cashmere is a great choice.
  • Easy to dye, but also available in 3 natural colors: white, grey and brown.
  • Natural fabric: this means that it’s breathable which is comfortable in both winter and summer weather. If you want to know more about fabrics you enjoy this article on the properties of fabric.

How to select the best cashmere sweater

  1. If you’re looking for a pure cashmere sweater, then check it is 100% cashmere. If it’s a blend, the percentage of cashmere will be stated.
  2. Don’t be afraid to spend more than you usually would on a sweater. Cashmere is something you will keep in your closet forever.
  3. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, check the feel of the fabric. Make sure it feels soft, rub your hand over it and try to get a feel about whether it will pile, give it a little stretch and make sure it goes back into shape.
  4. See if the label tells you if it is one-ply or two-ply. Two-ply is likely to last for longer. When it’s 2 ply two threads of yarn are twisted together to give a more resistant knit. With single-ply cashmere only single thread is used and holes may develop more easily. Usually the higher the ply the more tightly knit the sweater is. If the ply is not mentioned on the label check how tightly knit the sweater is which will give you a good indication.

Our readers recommendations for the best cashmere sweaters

These are some of the favorite brands for cashmere sweaters.

Nordstrom cashmere sweaters

Nordstrom Signature is a good go-to for cashmere. A cashmere sweater is something that should live in your closet – and on you – for years to come, so I think choosing a classic style is important.

But, I love the asymmetric nature of this gray piece from Nordstrom and I can see it transcending seasons.

Grey Cashmere sweater | 40plusstyle.com

Halogen cashmere

Another brand you’ll find at Nordstrom, Halogen was also recommended. It’s an exclusive brand to Nordstrom and often has good basics. There are good turtleneck options, but I also really love to wear a flowy wrap in colder months as you can layer over blouses or knitwear, depending on the temperature.

Convertible Cashmere Poncho | 40plusstyle.com

Lands’ End

Another great option for classic shapes such as a v-neck or turtleneck sweater, or a round-neck cardigan. This turtleneck comes in either red or blue.

red cashmere sweater | 40plusstyle.com

Vince Cashmere

Vince is a favorite for luxurious basics which all go well together. I love the neckline on this Vince sweater, which also comes in a gray shade. Vince cashmere was recommended to me as it doesn’t pile.

cashmere sweater from Vince | 40plusstyle.com

Women’s cashmere from Bloomingdales

Bloomingdales always seems like somewhere you go for a treat, and buying yourself a piece of cashmere is a way to treat yourself. Plus, as it’s an investment, it’s something that you can spend more on.

Obviously, as Bloomingdales is a department store, you can choose so many brands, but if you want to opt for an own brand, then you could try C by Bloomingdales. I love the relaxed nature of this ribbed knit.

Donegal Cashmere Rib-Knit Turtleneck Sweater | 40plusstyle.com


British brand Boden is a favorite of 40+ stylist Ruth Essex for its quality. There are lots of classic cashmere designs as well as those with a little twist, such as stripes down the side.

I love the hue of this Cashmere sweater. It looks very much like a Tiffany blue. And, Tiffany blue is always in style!

Cashmere Crew Sweater | 40plusstyle.com

John Lewis

Another staple of the British high street, John Lewis has a wide range of cashmere in neutrals, brights and patterns. I love the unusual design of this color block sweater, which is navy at the front.

grey cashmere sweater from John Lewis | 40plusstyle.com

I would love to extend this list and get more of your recommendations for the best cashmere sweaters available in stores now. If you have any recommendation or have a cashmere sweater that you really love, let me know!

Do you love to wear cashmere? Do you have a favorite sweater?

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Cover photo by Judith Boyd

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