Some great drape dresses for women over 40

by Sylvia

Drape dresses for women over 40

As you know I’m a big fan of the drape dress. They are comfortable, can be very figure flattering and when the drapes are in all the right places can hide those parts of your body that you don’t want to show off. Here is an update list of some great dresses you can buy right now.

You can wear these dresses as a dress but many are also suitable to wear as a tunic over skinnies or leggings.

For some inspiration, here is how I have worn drape dresses previously:

I found some great drape dresses online that you can buy right now.  Some are even asymmetrical, which I see as an extra bonus. Use for inspiration or buy them easily online!

Do you like drape dresses? Which of the above is your favorite?

Anja van der Vorst

I am more a fan of wrap dresses, but drape dresses are a great runner-up.

Both are flattering, and suitable for highlighting your strong bodily characteristics and concealing your weak spots.


I prefer the drape dress but that reminds me that I have never done a special feature on the wrap dress. They are fabulous for many women, so should get on to that too!


It would be a great time to do a wrap dress feature. I believe this year is the 40th anniversary of the DVF Wrap Dress and this is 40+ style. Just the numerology alone is compelling 🙂


Ok I will definitely have to plan it in!


Me too. With a large bust, drape dresses (or tops) just add weight to my figure. I need something that defines my waist.


Why is this about age rather than figure issues? There are plenty of young girls with bits they might want to cover, and they are plenty of older women, myself included, who work out and have no such need.


This website is directed towards women over 40 which is why I had this in the title. These dresses are certainly not only for women over 40 though as they would look good on both young and old women. Nor do I think that drape dresses are only for women with curves. They look good on many body types.


Wearing drapey clothes isn’t just about hiding something — it might be because you like that silhouette better! It always seems like the ideal is tight tight tight and if you like more drape and room to move it’s got to be camouflage. But if I were skinny as a stick I’d still prefer drapey fluid clothes.


This comment is very judgmental. I am over 40 and work out daily, but I have a health issue that makes me gain weight very easily. Don’t assume that those of us of a certain age aren’t caring for our bodies.


I agree with Anja, I love a really good wrap dress, although if I find the right drape dress I’ll wear that too.


Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

The Helmut Lang is so beautiful! Nice choices, Sylvia.


Good choices. Love the wrap or drape dress because they are comfortable and easy to wear in so many ways. I like sleeves and they can be harder to find with sleeve these days. I like the white one with the black lines so much.

blue hue wonderland


I like both, drape and wrap. My only problem with wrap is the clevage. I don’t want to show that (too many wrinkles there), but a top underneath it, usually solves that, although it spoils the look a bit.
I find the red Michael Kors halter dress (second row, on the right) the nicest. Alas I need sleeves. Could not click through to the Viviënne Westwood (top right) (got an error). And when I click on the top blue Helmut Lang, the lead me to the homepage and not to the dress. That happens to me very often. Strange. If that happens I am gone immediately from that site. I don’t want to spend hours trying to find the item.


Yes sorry about that. Often when I pick clothes, they tend to sell out and then disappear from the shop.


The Helmut Lang ,teal dress is the one that would be the most flattering for my shape.I have found that some fabrics can be a little heavy-although great for travelling,can be a bit much for our humidity.If anyone has found that perfect dress ,please let me know.!


Hi Ladies, I’m new to these posts but just had to comment. Wrap dresses are certainly amazing and the DVF 40 anniversary exhibit is beautifully curated, so many DVF dresses in one place! Drool. Also, Sylvia, I found amazing DRAPEY dresses in linen for summer thanks to you, from a shop you have listed Get Dressed 2. The linens are really fantastic I have 4 styles now. thanks for finding great places to shop and posting great fashion ideas!


Thanks for the nice feedback summer and so good to hear that you found some great dresses through this site! If you like to share your images of you wearing the dresses I will be happy to share them on the site.


I’m a fan. 🙂 In fact, wore a Rick Owens Lilies draped grey dress yesterday. Draped dresses are timeless and look good on everyone.

Sherry Edwards

Not sure if I like drape dresses or if they would suit me. Sounds like too much fabric for my body. Will need to go shopping for these, try them on to find out for sure.

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