I recently shared a British research by JD Williams on my Facebook page that claims that women over 50 feel ignored on the high street.

Of course, that comes as no surprise to me as I have heard your complaints for 3 years now.

Let’s have a look at some of the finds from the research.

just 20% feel the high street caters for them well – despite 90% of British retailers seeing most growth from the 50-plus sector

61% feel that they are forgotten by the retailers. That is no surprise. Many retailers are still very much focussed on younger women. However, I find it interesting to see that they do acknowledge that the 50+ sector is growing. Perhaps retailers will soon start to realise that we still like to have FUN with fashion and feel more confident than ever before. All you will need to do is provide clothes that cater to our changing bodies!

Three out of five women do not feel their age group is well represented on television (57%) or magazines (58%), and 76% do not think they are well represented in advertising

No surprise here either. I actually think it’s shocking how little we see 40+ women in ads or in magazines. Even those brands that cater to 40+ women usually feature much younger women. Luxury brands especially seem to be afraid of us.  I have had zero invites from luxury brands at their media presentations, despite my traffic numbers being many times higher than the bloggers that are invited. Even though I feel my age group will buy most of their products, these brands seem not to want to associate themselves with older women in any of their advertising and PR.

52% of women feel most confident aged 45+

That is so encouraging to read! We actually feel more confident than women in their 30s. However, we do feel more scared (91%) of the health problems associated with growing older, particularly losing independence and having to rely on others (69%), and memory loss (64%). I can relate to that.

10% of mature women said they worried about getting wrinkles, while almost eight out of 10 (77%) mature women said they would never have any form of cosmetic surgery

This is encouraging too. It’s good to know that we do not worry too much about the aging process.

This is what Angela Spindler, chief executive officer of the N Brown Group – parent company of JD Williams, said:

There are more women in the 50+ bracket than ever before and it’s abundantly clear that they have felt let down by the fashion industry. We’ve made it our mission to address this. Shopping for clothes should be easy and enjoyable, whether you’re 16 or 60. Recent years have seen this population of women emerge as the most powerful consumer group and the fastest-growing fashion sector. No longer does 50 signal the start of the slow decline into old age, it now marks the midpoint of a woman’s life.

It sure does! Many of us have never felt better and we want to look good and stylish for many years to come!

Let’s hope that designers and retailers take these words and this research to heart. I already created a wishlist of clothing 40+women want a while ago to help retailers cater to what 40+ women want. You may like to share this with your favorite retailer! If you have something to add to that list please let me know in the comments of that article and I will include it.

How do you feel about this report? Are some of the findings in line with how you feel about shopping in the high streets?



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