The best tunics and kaftans for the beach

by Sylvia

Best tunics and kaftans for summer |

It’s the Easter holidays and my family and I will be going on a tropical summer holiday to Sri Lanka and the Maldives at the end of this week. Two places I have never been before, so I could not be more excited!

My mind is therefore occupied with finding clothes to wear on this holiday.

I’m thinking casual summer wear that is suitable for walking in Sri Lanka as we will mainly be doing cultural trips there and plenty of beachwear for the tropical (and hopefully magical) Maldives.

There will be plenty of sun and beautiful beaches so coverups (and lots of sunscreen) are essential. Here are some of the best tunics and caftans for the beach currently available online.

A maxi kaftan

This provides the best coverup and you can potentially feel like and look like a goddess in one of these.

I always feel gigantic in a maxi dress though and certainly when it has sleeves. It just feels too much like a night gown to me so I will personally give these a miss. As I mentioned above though, some women look amazing in them.

Midi kaftan

This feels more like a dress and is a good option for those that feel too overwhelmed in maxi kaftan but like more coverup than what you get from a short one.

Short kaftan

I really love the shorter kaftan. These are great to slip over my beachwear but can also be easily mixed with lose fitting linen pants, capris or leggings.

Open coverups and kimomos

These are great to throw on on the beach whenever you go for a walk, or need to get that much needed ice cream. You can also wear them for the evening if you belt them over knee high pants and wear a light top underneath. You will look very chic! You can find more options for wearing kimonos on my article on how to wear a kimono.


Open coverups

Top brands for caftans and tunics

What to wear with your coverups or kaftans

I always take some light pants whenever I go on a summer holiday. You can’t beat white pants as almost every tunic and caftan will look great over that. I love to take both a wide linen version and a cropped knee-high pants.

Leggings are perfect too. So comfortable and easy to wear on holiday.

Finally, I will be taking my shorts, which I love wearing on holidays. They make for a great relaxed look while combining them with kaftans and kimonos or even an asymmetric blouse (which is what I will be wearing!).

I will try and create lots of photos of my looks on holiday so I will be sharing some more summer holiday style inspiration with you soon!

You will find many more of the best kaftans, coverups and kimonos in the 40+Style Shop. If you need something to wear underneath I also maintain a list of the best bathing suits and swimwear.

Which coverups and kaftans do you like to wear?


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Lucky you! Snow today in NYC. lol.

There was an article on Sri Lanka in this week’s NYT travel section, if you have time.

And may I recommend the books of my friend Ru Freeman, Sri Lankan author (now living in the US).


Thanks so much for the recommendations Denton!


I love a midi length caftan or kimono – so graceful. xo


I also prefer the shorter kaftan. Have fun on your holiday!


If I were to wear these I would prefer the mid length. You can still wear white short leggings with it. Have fun! Jealous!


Ooh…I’ve always wanted to go to the Maldives. They seem amazing. Have a wonderful trip!



Open cover ups or kimonos no longer than my knees might work. I already own a sheer tunic and an open cover up which are all I need for summer at the lake and mountains. No resort wear required in the woods! I also have an interesting print sarong which serves a similar purpose. I can tie it as a dress, skirt, wrap and jacket top and wear when it is very hot.


I hardly ever am at the beach nowadays, so I don’t need a kaftan, but I very much like the blue one in the section “Short kaftans”, on the right.
If I don’t “speak” with you before that time, I wish you a very lovely holiday.


Thanks for providing the stores and prices.


How nice to take a beach vacation! I might suggest a high-low wrap dress. So flatteting and easy to put over swimwear. Have a super time and take lots of pics. Love and Peace.

kay kerns

Have a great time! Those destinations sound fabulous.

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