How to wear orange? 7 color combinations to get you started!

by Sylvia

How to wear orange ideas for color combinations

The fashion world is buzzing with orange and I’ve got the bug as well! I can hardly believe it, but yesterday I bought a top AND trousers in orange! And a bright version at that. I’m hoping to show it to you next week from a surprise location. But what to wear it with? I headed for some color combination inspiration to It’s a great site where you can create your own color combinations or get inspired by those of others. Here is what I found.

colors to mix with orange

orange blue and black color combination

orange combined with pastel colors

The versatility of orange

Can you believe that orange looks so good with so many colors. It’s actually proving to be quite a versatile color. I have seen orange in the shops in all kinds of shade from very bright to more demure colors, so  you can just pick the color orange that suits your complexion and temperament best and mix and match with all these other fine colors. You don’t even have to buy a garment in this color. Just adding a scarf or a bag will already give you that orange flavor and will add some flair to your outfit.

Let’s take one color combination to the test

Although I love them all, I picked Storming Psychedialia as the inspiration for some outfits that I created at Polyvore. In this set orange is only visible in a subtle way and is mainly added as a pop color.  Have a look at what you can achieve with these colors! Very stylish and certainly not boring! You can mix and match and add more orange if you like to all these outfits.

How to wear orange

Orange color combinations

To access full details of this set and see the the clothes’ brands etc. click here.

I would love to see the outfits that you can come up with. If you go to polyvore and create some outfits, be sure to share them with me!

Want to add some orange to your life? Here are some fabulous orange items you can buy right now!

Want to know how to wear other colors too?

I have created several color guides for popular colors right now:

Do you plan to wear orange this coming season and which color combination is your favorite?


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Heather Fonseca

I’ve had a “thing” for orange for a while. Currently there’s a purse, sandals, a leather skirt and a black and orange print scarf in my closet. I don’t like wearing orange with black as in the US it says “halloween”, but I do like pairing it with brown in the fall. I’m not sure how to mix it in with spring colors, but I’m pondering the problem at the moment. For years and years I’ve loved orange mixed with pink, but that is quite a statement!


Orange is the national color of my home country holland, so I should really own more of it but I don’t. I should really post a picture of a really funny picture of my whole family in orange, with an orange bike, during the soccer championships (when basically the whole of holland was orange….)


I love mixing orange with teal. Or as an accent with black and white. Have to have the white or it looks Halloweenish – like someone Heather already noted. See here for summer version of teal and orange with denim.


Oh you look absolutely fab in that outfit!


I love orange! It is such a happy color. I like it with navy blue and with a bright cobalt blue. I like it with hot pink and with yellow. I would wear it with the right shade of purple. It is great with gray. This Summer I will wear it with white.
I have an orange Kate Spade purse, an orange dress, orange sandals, a tangerine tunic, a RL orange print blouse, and I just got tangerine and leopard RayBans and a tangerine belt. I also like it with dark or light denim. I wish I could find a pair of orange pants – can’t wait to see yours. :)


Will have to see what I can pair it with. Possibly white, maybe purple or maybe even bright red if I’m in all a really daring mood… We’ll see. Will have to shop my closet!


I like orange, but so far I’ve just worn it during spring and summer. I’m a bit particular about not wearing too many colors at once and I don’t feel comfortable mixing brights (although I absolutely appreciate the look on others), but I think orange looks great with white or offwhite, beige/stone and navy.


Yes, you’re right that you do need to careful and not look like a clown. I’m sure I’ll wear it with white mostly but am still going to try and mix it with other colors as well!


I plan to wear orange in one of my next posts so thanks for the inspiration.


Excellent! I look forward to seeing it.


Orange and white! Texas fight!

Orange is one of my go to colors. It looks very good on me, so I have several shirts, and neck ties, and even a bow tie, where orange is prominently displayed. I also have two sets of bright orange socks.


Great! You will love all the new choices in the shops then!


Great post! I’ve only worn orange to ball games (college color). I always complained to hubs how difficult it was to come up with outfits with orange! Now it’s fashionable, and who knew it could be worn with so many colors! Thanks!! I’ll be styling in ORANGE at the next ball game!


It’s certainly not the easiest color to style if you want to look chic. I’m going to give it a go as well in the next few days!


Love orange! But,only have an orange blouse that i enjoy wearing with a brown skirt. I’ve alway’s found it difficult pairing orange with other colors..


It is difficult. I’m going to try my luck with it today…


Loving these gorgeous color combos! Congrats on making links a la mode :)


Thanks Aqui!


to be honest, I’m not a big fan of orange. But as you said, there are many hues, one can choose from. I always prefer more peach-y and coral-y hues for summer, as in the winter I don’t own anything in orange! Currently I own a couple of summer orange tops (one of them has a super flattering cut), which I usually pair with light grey or white shorts and with jeans (the easiest combination!!!)


Orange is a lot more challenging than other color eg. red, but you’re right, it would look great with blue jeans!


Hi, I found you on IFB’s Links a la Mode. I’ve always loved orange. I love all the ways to combine it into my outfit without looking over the top. Great post:)


Thanks Audrey


I LOVE orange! Such a fun, mood-boosting color!


I agree. It’s hard to wear orange and be very sulky!


I love orange too. I have a very bubbly perosnality and it suits me perfectly plus with all the different shades available surely there is one to suit all.


Yes, it’s a great color for extraverts. I’m a bit more introverted, so more challenging for me…


Nice! I especially LOVE that orange sweater you picked out. The construction on it is awesome. I too am looking forward to getting some orange pieces. I’m trying to branch out of my blacks and grays. LOL I came in via the IFB Links a la Mode.


Hi Carol. Thanks for commenting! Yes that IS a great sweater, isn’t it? I’m just going to settle for t-shirts as it’s too hot for jumpers here. Still need to wear my new orange T…

ann amos

I’ll try orange with army green n probably with one other color I don’t yet.I love combining colors


Glad I tumbled along this site. Lol, I have an orange summer dress and was kind of confused on what color shoes I should wear. So far I have navy blue and darkish grey.


Hey.. Wearing a subtle grey shirt with a blue jeans and carrying a neon orange hand bag.. Paired with a light orange scarf… Isn’t a fashion disaster right?


No that should be ok!


i like orange. Can i combine orange, green and red as my wedding colors?


Sure. It would be unconventional but a lot of fun!

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