Wearing the trend: floral pants

by Sylvia

How to wear floral pants over 40

Floral pants are still on trend.


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I must admit that I have warmed to this trend and have been tempted to succumb to it. It’s totally in line with my ‘as you get older, you need to get wilder‘ mantra and they are basically a lot of fun!

I have seen some fine examples in shops and on people and I may just snap them up in the sales. I still feel that this is a very fleeting trend, so any pants I will buy definitely need to be cheap.

Here are some examples of women wearing floral pants in such a way that they will look great on many 40+ women. The trick is to combine them with a one coloured simple top as Petra from style lounge so stylishly does in her outfit (at right). Olivia Palermo is a bit more daring in her look with a trendy jacket and a different pattern shoe, but she still keeps it sylish and clean.

floral pants

The image on the below left is actually from an old Gucci collection, but to me it is a great example on how to wear these pants.

Perfect for a casual summer day on the beach. Loving the hat too!

Cecilia in the middle is also very elegant in her black floral pants and this look could easily be worn to work.

Patience on the right takes more risks and she is actually applying my earlier assignment of wearing blue (instead of black) and white + colour + patterns in a very stylish way.

This look works because the pants are predominantly red and blue and white can easily be matched with that. I’m loving her shoes in that outfit too!

How to wear floral pants

Please note that I have seen as many bad examples of women wearing these pants as good ones, so please utilise these pants with care!

Keeping the rest of your outfit simple and elegant is a flop proof way to go. Also make sure that the pants of your legs are tapered, especially when the floral pants are at capri length as is the case with most styles available in shops.

It helps to wear these pants with a (mid) heel elegant shoe as well, as I also highlighted in my article on how to wear capris. I still don’t like the wider floral pants, as they often look more like pyjamas to me! I would also stay away from a full floral look (with both pants and jackets in the same floral pattern).


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So what do you think? Will you be getting some floral pants this Summer?

1 Terri

I wore a pair of floral pants for my mother’s day look, BUT the floral was a simple silver and white rather than many colors. I have plans to wear the slacks with coral or yellow or a neon green before the summer is over. I wore them with flats that day, but may have to try the low heel.

2 Sylvia

That sounds like a great look. Yes you could easily mix those with a brighter top. I just remembered that I used to own these really nice greenish floral pants. All trends do return… Used to wear them a lot…

3 Joni@WalkingColors

These are some great examples. I have been eyeing them, but I’m just not too sure like you.
When I was in fourth grade it was the first year girls could wear pants to public school. I remember wearing floral pants. Yellow and greens! They were high waters too. haha

4 Sylvia

Really? Only in fourth grade? In Holland there were no restrictions on clothing and certainly in primary and middle school skirts were hardly worn! I can’t quite remember how old I was wearing my flower pants…

5 The Style Crone

Waiting to see the floral pant that you choose! I’m going to check my closets to see if I have a pair.

6 Sylvia

I will only buy them I if I run into the perfect ones. Not a sure thing yet!

7 Robert

I have a pair of black floral pants,that i very seldomly wear. But,i either wear them with a white or yellow top with low heels. For the most part i wear solid colors.

8 Sylvia

Yellow sounds great. Very hip right now!

9 grownandcurvywoman

Ive been eyeing a pair of floral pants that are predominately black and red. I think Ill wear them with my black peplum top and heels. I agree that you should keep the rest of your outfit simple when wearing such a bold piece.

10 Sylvia

Exciting Georgette. I look forward to seeing the look!

11 Petra Z.

Thanks for the mention!

12 Sylvia

You are very welcome. Great to have found your perfect example of how to wear floral pants in style!

13 Lissy

Oh how I love a floral trouser! I like the look on the bottom right with the striped blazer.

14 Sylvia

Yes, I could totally see you in that look!

15 Heather Fonseca

Love love love the floral pant trend! I’ve been looking for some but I haven’t seen any at retail to try. If I do I’ll be sure to try them on to see how they look. My lower half isn’t usually the part I want to emphasise so I’ll have to see how they look on me before I buy them.

16 Sylvia

Zara has a good selection, but I haven’t tried them on just yet. It’s still a few weeks before I go shopping! I also have no idea how I like them on me. We will see….Good luck with your hunt!

17 Arash Mazinani

I love the floral trousers and Olivia Palermo rocks them really well as well as the other lady in your post. I do think that you have to be really careful with this trend though as it’s only really going to look good on those that have slim legs. So it is one trend that you’d need to approach with caution. Wearing it with something toned down like you said though is a great way to wear it if you do have the figure for it.

18 Sylvia

I agree that flower pants are not for everyone, but I have seen people breaking the rules quite nicely!

19 Karen

I hope to sew an elastic waist pair of pants in a floral cotton print. I have several pieces of fabric that might look nice with a pale yellow top I have. The problem is deciding which piece of fabric. I have a peachy floral, two blue florals, and a green leaf print that all look pretty. I’m going to use the fabric layout for pajamas pants shown at the Weekend Designer website. http://wkdesigner.wordpress.com/2008/08/09/the-pajama-pant/ It’s a copy of a Dries Van Noten style, but I’ll try to make mine not as loose and more cropped.

20 Sylvia

Good luck Karen. Sounds like a fun project! I think pajama pants could still work wide, so long as they almost touch the ground (with shoes) I’m sure they can be a lot of fun to wear on a hot summer day at the beach! Even though I don’t think I can personally pull them off, I’m sure many other women would rock them!

21 Greetje Kamminga

I like them, but will not buy them myself

22 Sylvia

For me it all depends on what I can find in the sales and how they look on me….

23 Carina

Already have a few pairs, and love them! My mom is always calling me wild, and now knowing at 40+ we can dress wild – I’m on it! I thought we had to “dress our age”, meaning becoming more conservative. So, I’ve been trying that and I felt 80. I love dressing crazy (yet tasteful) and sassy. You should see my flip-flop collection. (I do live in the SC Lowcountry, by the beach) And yes, I do have my sexy slingbacks for the right occasions. Viva 40s!

24 Sylvia

Excellent Carina! Great to read you hare having FUN with clothes and fashion!

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