Accessories are your best friend after 40. They can add focus to your top part, highlight your face, camouflage your tummy and in addition can add some much needed color to some very boring outfits. Here is one of my rather boring dresses. The color is so pale that I almost look like I have nothing on!  The dress is perfect for hot summer days though, as it’s made of thin cotton, has lots of openings for legs and is allround comfortable.

Pale brown dress with splits

Clothes are meant to be fun and in this dress you can certainly go wild. Showing of your legs with lovely swirls and jumping in the air is not a problem at all. You may actually be able to create quite a lovely Marilyn Munroe moment with this dress as well!

Breezy dress with splits

You may wonder if it’s ok to have splits in dresses and skirts that show off this much leg. I think it is, so long as it is rather subtle. In this example my dress actaully has a very decent length for us 40 plussers. The fact that it has big splits and shows off some leg does not bother me at all. We can still be sexy and if you have the legs, then by all means show them off! This is what makes this dress a little more fun and flrity and without these splits, i probably would not have considered buying this dress.

I could have upped the accessories a little more with this dress. I now have a lovely purple hat which would be perfect with this! A nice jacket with it would have been great too and I should have showed it with a purple cardigan I have….

How are you using accessories? Do you use a lot or are you more of a minimalist?

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