If you have been here for a while and enjoyed my personal style and the articles I have written over the years, you may think I always knew how to style myself. 

Not so.

In fact my style was less than fabulous not so long ago, especially when I lived in Australia which is only 10 years ago.

My style was very casual and very unsophisticated. I only had one tiny wardrobe and no accessories to speak off and when I see photos of those days it’s mainly pants and t-shirts.

When I moved to Singapore and started socializing here, It quickly became apparent that my style was lacking.

My friends commented on why on earth I took a back pack (even if it was a fancy one) to an evening gala.

Or why I did not have a proper handbag.

There were no pumps in my closet or any other fancy shoes with some kind of heel.

My jewelry was kept in a small jewelry box in a closet.

I had stopped wearing earrings completely.

I totally neglected bags, jewelry, belts, hats and shoes. The things that make an outfit come together.

I have always loved fashion so of course I had some lovely clothes, but somehow I did not have the tools for the complete outfit.

I can see it so clearly now when I look back to those images.

How accessories drastically improved my style and gave me confidence | 40plusstyle.com

A lot has changed!

I now know how important the right accessories are to complete my outfit and create an overall image that makes me feel confident and beautiful.

I believe that the key to completing my style and creating a great overall outfit were accessories

Do you want to know more about this story, see some candid photos of my fvrumpy old style and find out why Accessories are the topic of my new course that will be launched in mid February?

Then I invite you to watch this short video where I relate the whole story and show you actual proof of how my style has dramatically improved and changed the way I feel about myself.

You will also see some quick examples of how a few different accessories can change an outfit.

 Click here to watch the video! Why are accessories so important to your style? | 40plusstyle.com

When you request the video I will send your a mini course on how to use accessories effectively.

For now please tell me: Why are accessories important to you and what would you need more help with?


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