Sunday style: black, white and red with hat

by Sylvia

Black and white polkadot dress with black and red hat - women over 40

December is officially red, white and black month this year at 40+Style. So I really hope that you’re not sick yet of this color combination, because you are going to get a lot more of it this December!

Black and white has always been a favorite of mine and this year it’s absolutely everywhere. Since I feel the need to add color to my wardrobe, I like to splash in some red or blue. As I told you recently in my post on effective sale shopping, I came away with quite a few prints. Most of these can be mixed and matched with one another, so over the coming week(s) you will be seeing some nice combinations in mainly these 3 colors: red, white and black.

Pattern mixing, yay!

Above you will see this simple polkadot dress I bought. I combined it with an old (and neglected) pencil skirt I have, which actually has an assymetric undercover (not really visible here). I thought that outfit looked quite decent, but I wanted to add some more pizazz…

Red hat versus black hat

Also note, that I tried this outfit with both my red hat that you have seen before and my new black hat that looks a bit like a hat from the twenties. The red hat is a little bit more photogenic while the black is a bit more chic.

Black versus white, pattern mixing with polkadots

Adding the second graphic top, makes for some nice pattern mixing, a trend I have admired in others and was keen to try out myself. The top is also very versatile and you can really have fun with it for photographs! In the end I decided to go with the black hat, as I felt that the outfit itself was playful enough. Of course, I kept the red shoes and watch.

pattern mixing and playing with red and black hats in white, black and red

Skirt: Paablo Nevada (old)
Dress: Mixsense (bought in Haji Lane Singapore)
Top: Mistio (bought in Haji Lane Singapore)
Shoes: Players
Hat: Zara
Watch: Claudia Schaeffer

Show me your Sunday Style!

I will also be going on a winter holiday and due to limited suitcase space, my clothes capsule will be in those colors as well. Fear not my friends, I’m sure I will be tired of it by January and i can show you some new color combis. Or better still, why don’t you show me how you wore your Sunday style this week? Just upload your image below, by clicking on the “add link button”. For more detailed instructions just visit the Sunday Style category page.  I would love to see you all in your great outfits!

What do  you think of this outfit and which hat do you prefer?

1 Ofelia

Sylvia great job layering the different prints and hues of black and gray. I prefer the red hat because I love anything red or yellow.
I’m very bad about downloading photos but I may try to participate in your Sunday Style next week.
P.S. Its also quite lovely to see a stylish women smiling!!!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Ofelia. I believe that clothes should be FUN so I guess smiling is most appropriate!

3 Suzanne

Yay! I finally get to see what that dotted piece of clothing is – a very cute dress! My favorite outfit is the first one – the tank over the skirt with the red hat bookending the red sandals. Simple but chic. I like the other looks too (what an adorable black hat!) but my favorite is number one. You have good arms Sylvia – show them off! 🙂 I won’t see my arms again until May. LOL!

4 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. I like the black hat too but from what I have seen on these and other photos it looks a little bit ‘old lady’. Will have to be careful with it…

5 Jeannie

Oh my gosh…you look sensational!!! I prefer the red!

6 Sylvia

Thanks Jeannie. You look pretty smashing yourself! Thanks for adding your image to Sunday Style!

7 Robert

You look great in that outfit! Those shoes and that red hat really makes the outfit…

8 Sylvia

Yes, a splash of color is always good!

9 Heather Fonseca

Oh I like the black hat with that wonderful top myself. I sooooo want a pair of not too high red shoes but I can’t find anything that’s just right. The shoes you’re wearing are perfection! Like you I really love wearing black and white with red accents. It’s so classic but dramatic.

10 Sylvia

I know what you mean. I don’t like shoes that are too high and they need to be walkable. I like boxy heels and was lucky to run into these shoes. Good luck with your search!

11 The Style Crone

Beautiful patten mixing! I love both hats, as they express a different ‘feel.’ No hat preference here! They add so much to any outfit and you wear them well with confidence.

12 Sylvia

Thanks Judith!

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