Streetstyle inspiration: 7 black and white looks

by Sylvia

Streetstyle inspiration: 7 black and white looks |

With so much emphasis on colors this season, the beauty of black and white can be lost in a sea of color. From tailored pieces to striped fur coats, we profile 7 gorgeous streetstyle takes on black and white chic to inspire your own pairings. 

We appreciate black and white pairings because of their inherent minimalism. Even when heavily accessorized or embellished, the look still retains an inherent minimalism that transcends style personalities. A few tweaks can take the look from rocker chic to romantic elegance.

1. Leather in peplum

Minimalism was taken to a new standard in this look. A peplum cut leather jacket layered effortlessly on a sheer white dress.  We love the contrasting green clutch that brings some evening elegance into the day, but is cheerfully appropriate when contrasted with the black and white pairing.

2. Minimalist fur

Black and white striped fur coat adds elegance to this look. The black boots and midi skirt lengthen her look with a the black and white stroped fur coat layer above (which adds instant elegance to the look). The black stripes do a good job of slightly tonng down the stark white of the coat.

Black White Fur Coat Midi SKirt|

3. Tailored coat and dress

Expert tailored pieces that fit and flatter well take looks to the next level. We love how seamlessly the ankle boots integrate with this ensemble.

Black Coat White Dress Booties |

4. Fringed coat and suede boots

This look showcases how to perfectly wear thigh high boots without looking like you stepped off of the set of Pretty Woman (pre-makeover). The unique cut of the white coat with the contrasting black fringe coordinates perfectly with thigh high suede boots. Truly, the look is composed of two key pieces (the coat and thigh high boots), which when paired together make it look more complex.

Fringed Coat Suede Thigh High Boots |

5. Modern meets utilitarian

A modern coat meets a rustic (Laura Ingalls Wilder-esque) utilitarian dress to create a very chic sartorial contrast. We love the black accents on the coat and the black peek of her gloves and bag.

White Coat Utilitarian Modern |

6. Effortless fur

A quirky and spunky (fake?) fur coat paired with a mini a-line skirt and striped black and white top is a fun and effortlessly styled approach to wearing fur. Not at all pretentious, the shorter boots and black tights lengthen the look with a monochromatic lower half.

Fur Coat A-line Skirt |

7. Multiple layers without the bulk

The monochromatic bottom with the lighter top makes her look even leaner. We love how she has three layers, but her play with mixed lengths certainly does not make it look bulky at all. The all-black bottom puts the stripes and textures of her tops on display and shows of the fabulous styling.

Leather Leggings Turtleneck Chanel |

Which one of the these black and white looks is your favorite?


Photography by Denton Taylor

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Having just read about the golden ratio,I think #2 nails it. I love the jacket!


That first leather coat has me drooling.



They are all gorgious outfits. I love black&white. Very trendy.


Everything I’ve seen written and recommended by you – so far – has been interesting and inspiring. This article disappoints me. As an older woman (50 plus) non of these would flatter me nor would I ever be able to wear them. But kudos to you those who are in my age range and can pull these looks off in style.


Hi Kim. Great to read that you mostly like all the articles here! These streetstyle roundups are offered as inspiration. They don’t have the purpose of showing you what to wear. I realise these outfits are not something most 40+ women would wear, but there is something in each of these that could inspire your outfits. It may be the way fabrics or colors are mixed, a way that a scarf is styled or how an accessory is used. I don’t necessarily personally like all complete streetstyle outfits I feature, but as we are all very different in terms of style, I feel that each picture can offer some inspiration.


Sylvia – you’re right. Each person is different and we need to find our true self and reflect it in the clothes we wear. Thank you for all you do for us!


I love black and white it helps cleanse the palette on occasions.


All of these looks work well and are so stylish. Black and white is a beautiful and dependable combination. I would wear #1 all day long including the clutch. The coat in #5 is gorgeous and I would also wear the tights with booties combinations in #3 and #6.


The fist one is my favourite one. Beautiful!! The bags of 1,3,4 and 5!!! And the coat of 5 (so chic). Of course 6 is lovely but I don’t count her (either too young or the skirt is too short for me). The styling (proportions) of number 7 is indeed so good. I wish I could do that.

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