Finding your style

Finding your style

The finding your style section is all about discovering your personal style and finding out what style is. Perhaps you are still looking to find your signature style or you like to know how you can dress more according to your personality.

Finding and discovering your own true unique style that works for you!

If you want to improve your style, then I highly recommend the style course I created: 10 Steps to a More Stylish You. Learn about your body, personality, style preferences and best wardrobe choices. Go here for more information and to get instant access to the private member area of this site.

More articles on finding your style can be found in the listings below. Enjoy, and as always I love your feedback!

How does it feel wearing someone else's clothes? |

Anja had a great idea for an experiment.

Why not try on each other’s clothes and see what it feels like? Would it feel very different? Would we discover new things about ourselves or would it just confirm our own style preferences?

And how would the other person feel seeing their friend in their clothes? [click to continue…]


red skirt and mustard top plus the elements of style |

Today I’m showing 2 pieces from my wardrobe that have been worn quite a few times on this site before. Yes, ladies I’m shopping my closet! [click to continue…]


Discovering your own unique style after 40 and wearing what you like |

Whenever I or others bring up dressing after 40, and what we are supposed and not supposed to do, it can lead to lively debate. Either on this blog or elsewhere on the net. [click to continue…]


How to get confidence in you and your style

I talk about confidence a lot on this blog and how important this factor is to look stylish and comfortable. But how can you gain that confidence and show it off to the world? [click to continue…]