I talked to you before about pursuing your best year ever

But how can you do that? What does it involve?

Not such an easy question to answer. Perhaps one month in Rome is a good start.

The idea I came up with is that I’d like to have a year (perhaps multiple?) of experiences. I’d like to meet new interesting people, experience new (and old favourite) places. I’d like to explore as much as possible but at a low speed.

One month in Rome - the river Tiber in Rome and one of the many roman bridges | 40plusstyle.com

Although I’ve really enjoyed the many road trips I’ve been doing in the past, the speed at which you travel is usually high. We hardly ever stay at one place more than a few days. 

That’s great if you’re just interested in seeing the major tourist destinations but you also miss out on the all the special, more intimate details, that a new place has to offer. 

Trevi Fountain in Rome | 40plusstyle.com

One month in rome – Travelling slowly

When I visited New York for a whole month (and then again another time) I saw a whole new side of New York. I joined the locals for yoga class. I watched the people go by in Washington Park. I walked for hours like a New Yorker and visited local concerts. I truly got to experience what it was like to live like a new-worker. By the end of my stay I wanted to live there!

Walking beside the Tiber in Rome | 40plusstyle.com

I repeated this experience again for London where I had a similar experience. I got to discover all the hidden streets and the small special boutiques. I was able to wonder around the beautiful parks. 

That’s the kind of magic that happens when you travel slow.

Video: what I packed for Rome

Is one month slow enough? I’m not sure. I remember reading the 4 hour workweek when it was first published in 2009. Tim Ferriss would travel and stay 3 months at one place. During that time, he would usually master one skill like dancing the tango in Buenos Aires or kickboxing in Thailand.

Wearing a Zara jacket, Stella Carakasi shirt and Paige jeans | 40plusstyle.com

Paige jeans (similar) – Stella Carakasi shirt – Zara Jacket – Lowa walking boots (similar)
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So perhaps 1 month is not enough and some places deserve even more time. Something I may consider for future trips. Inspired by that same book, I created an online business (the site you’re reading now!) that I can basically run from anywhere with only a few hours each week. The world is literally my oyster.

I’ve now also set up my home as an air B&B, so my travels can be partially funded through renting out my own house as well.

As for my outfit I went for casual chic on the day. At this time in Rome, you need to dress in layers as it can be all kinds of weather in one day. This day it was quite sunny, so I opted for a blouse with a lighter shirt jacket and jeans. As I was going to a park, I opted for my most comfortable walking shoes. Not the most stylish option perhaps, but certainly the most comfortable and safest (considering my fall 4 months ago).

A white Stella Carakasi shirt with zippers | 40plusstyle.com

Paige jeans (similar) – Stella Carakasi shirt – Zara Jacket – Lowa walking boots (similar)
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will travelling and getting those experiences lead to your best year ever?

I’ve come to enjoy the little village of Luz in Portugal which is now my base. I mentioned to my husband that I will miss it. He suggested that he wouldn’t so much as he knows that he’ll return. 

But I had just made a few friends, found a great yoga practise and even started a hip-hop class recently. And setting up new activities in a new town does take time. By the time, you’ve figured everything out, you need to leave again.

So we’ll see how it goes.

The collosseum in Rome, Italy | 40plusstyle.com

one month in rome – (Re)discovering Rome

At the moment, I’m definitely looking forward to discovering Rome. It’s a city I’ve visited a few times before as a tourist, but I’ve never stayed longer than one week. Since then I read a lot about Roman history (I highly recommend Colleen McCollough’s series: Masters of Rome) and am so much more knowledgeable of all the events that occurred here in the past, that I’d love to revisit all these places.

I’d like to experience what’s it’s like to sit on the Spanish steps regularly, to live like a Roman and to eat pasta on an almost daily basis.

Admiring Italian style in Rome | 40plusstyle.com

Admiring Italian style

I want to experience the Italian style again. I remember from my time in Bologna, some 30 years ago that I was so impressed with Italian style. In Bologna at the time, all the shops used to be closed on a Sunday but the shopping streets would be busier than ever.

The whole town came out to enjoy a REALLY slow stroll along these streets in their best clothes. The purpose was to see and be seen. It was a feast to eyes, and soon we would join the crowds as well. It’s called the Passeggiata and according to this article, this still happens.

Times have changed for sure and shops may now be open on Sunday. But I’m sure I’ll still experience lots of typical Italian style.

One month in Rome - Relaxing on the Spanish Steps in Rome | 40plusstyle.com

Will I fall in with Italy all over again? Or is Rome too different from Bologna?

I’ll do my best to record some of the style I spot here and report back to you. I’ll also show you what I packed in an upcoming article.

I hope to keep a record of both the good and the bad and want to record a few more videos on Instagram. Easier said than done as I usually prefer to just BE in the moment and recording a video for others takes you out of that.

One month in Rome - Walking towards the Vatican in Rome | 40plusstyle.com

But I’d also like a record for my own pleasure so I can remember what it feels like to embark on this new adventure and to capture these moments. If you’d like to follow along, follow me on Instagram.

I’ll keep your posted. 

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Here are some more choices, inspired by my travel look above. If you want to see some of my other outfits and what I brought to Rome, check out my article how to pack for Rome in November.


Paige is my favorite jeans. Excellent quality, soft, flexible and long-lasting.


Stella Carakasi is my go-to for asymmetrical shirts and tops. This Stella Carakasi shirt is timeless and it’s now back in stock. Other tops I own and love are the New Mood top and the One to Watch sweater (I have it in the grey white version).

Walking shoes

If you’ll be walking a lot, I recommend bringing some dedicated walking shoes that can handle anything. I’m loving my Lowa walking boots.

Shirt Jackets

Shirtjackets are THE trend this season and they are ideal for transitional weather and packing for a holiday. I’ve brought several on my trip. I’ve got mine at Zara, but here are a few good ones I found at Nordstrom.

Have you visited Rome? What places would you like to visit? How do you envision your best year ever?

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