A flower jacket and jeans

by Sylvia

A flower jacket and jeans

It’s been a month now since I came back from London and I still have such fond memories.

Flower jacket and jeans | 40plusstyle.com

Here I am in Neal’s Yard in the heart of Covent Garden where I stayed. I booked a photo session with the lovely Lottie to get more photos for this site and the new one 40+Entrepreneur.

I can tell you, it’s a quick and easy way to really feel good about yourself! Getting beautiful photos from yourself taken in good light and flattering angels is definitely a confidence boost. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. I plan to do this more often if I visit a place for a longer time.

What I wore in Covent Garden, London | 40plusstyle.com

I had my hair professionally blow dried and although it got frizzy pretty quickly, I love the slight twist in my hair on these photos. Makeup is very subtle and I did it myself.

I only had a limited wardrobe in London but this jacket was new and recently acquired from a thrift store in The Netherlands. Leaving the blouse untucked makes for a relaxed, casual chic look.

Red, white and blue - always a good combination | 40plusstyle.com

I’m preparing for another trip and will fly out to Bangkok, Thailand, tomorrow for a business conference, so I will keep it short today.

If you like to keep up-to-date of my adventures there, be sure to follow me on Instagram. I will also share some of the business wisdom I acquire in the 40+Entrepreneur community so if you’re not a part of that yet, be sure to get free access here.

Blue jeans and a blazer | 40plusstyle.com

Jeans: Lois
Jacket: thrifted
Shirt: H&M (old)
Shoes: Papucei
Bracelet: Jewelry at Your Doorstep

Inspired by this outfit, you may like to shop some of the options below.




Beautiful photos, Sylvia! The whole outfit looks great. I love the jacket, especially. What would you think about wearing a long-sleeved top under it, so that the long sleeves are showing below the jacket cuffs? I’m thinking about swapping out some of my beloved cardigans for a jacket or two for a bit more of an updated look, and for more warmth as well, so I’d probably opt for a long-sleeved version. I just love the idea of a floral print jacket!

It looks like you had great fun being photographed. After a lifetime of being completely not photogenic, I would not be brave enough to do that. I’d have fun taking the photos, though. 🙂


Wow! I LOVE that jacket! I’m excited to hear you are shopping in thrift shops!

These are great photos.

I love seeing you wearing colour.


Silvia DiPierdomenico

I agree with Suzanne: I’m happy to see you are wearing something thrifted!


You look great. I love the jacket and the jeans.


Indeed beautiful photos and by Jove, that jacket is good. So glad you bought it. If it had fitted me, I would have done the same. Have a good time in Bangkok.

Sherry Edwards

Wow, love that look. So chic yet elegant. Where is your big red purse???


Forgot to photograph it with the look!

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