Wearing color and print with red and purple flowers

by Sylvia

Wearing color and print with red and purple flowers | 40PlusStyle.com

Red is still one of my go-to colors and I really like the combination of red and purple.

This Zara skirt that I picked up from the sale was something I had wanted to buy previously. However, as I had already purchased another flower skirt, I did not feel I needed it and left it in the store.

I could not resist it though when I saw it on sale. I figured that if I still liked this skirt after all these months (considering this is a print, which I usually tire of quite quickly), it must be something I really liked!


I have found, that it is much easier to wear prints as a bottom. They are easy to mix with solid tops and you can opt for both bright and more neutral looks. If I wanted to make this skirt more business-like or tone it down, all I would need to do is to pair it with a white button-down shirt.

This day though, I did not mind being seen and I paired it with another (old) sale item from CK Calvin Klein. This top has an unusual cut and shape (I also have it in white) and I’m sure it is not to everyone’s taste (my husband does not like it and finds it too ‘messy’). However, I like the unusual cut and drape, although it’s definitely not the easiest top to wear. Certainly when there is (heavy) handbag to carry as well!

The ToBe high red wedges are both chic and comfortable.


Skirt Zara, top Ck Calvin Klein, shoes ToBe, sunglasses Loewe, ring Linnie McLartly

Have you been wearing colorful prints lately?


1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I really like red with purple too, and I love a darker floral skirt like this one. Great look!

2 Deborah

Sylvia this is a breathtakingly gorgeous outfit on you. Red and purple is an amazingly attractive colour combo and these colours suit you so well. And the top is to die for, not matter what others may think lol. The drape and flow of the top is so perfect for the skirt.

3 Rita

That’s a lovely outfit and color combination. I’m going to have to get online and look for Zara skirts. They have such pretty prints! You just made me realize that most of my cold-weather clothing are solids…I have one muted print cardigan. All of my prints are for warmer weather. I’ll have to pay attention to that for next fall/winter!

4 Sylvia

Hope you find some lovely prints Rita. It’s definitely fun to have a few in your closet!

5 Ann

Love this outfit and these pictures Sylvia! Red looks great on you and this skirt is a wonderful mix of colors, plus a fab fit. I like the detail in your top. Your husband is just plain wrong on this one. The detail adds an edge that I appreciate.

blue hue wonderland

6 Debra@AModernTranslation

Great outfit. Really love the skirt. I have to start shopping at Zara. I’m seeing so many cute things from them.

7 Annette

Sylvia, this is fabulous! Great purchase, I absolutely love the colours.

Annette | Lady of Style

8 Lorraine

I like this look, Sylvia! The top is so interesting with the lovely skirt!
Most of my pencil skirts are patterned. It breaks up my hip/bottom/thigh area and enables me to wear patterns without me feeling that they are wearing me, as I can wear a plain top with them. I also have some patterned shift dresses and am considering wearing them as skirts with a plain cardigan/jumper, when the weather is a little warmer. The one thing I don’t have is patterned trousers and I would really like to try some!

9 Lisa M

I just bought my first pair of colored jeans (orange) last fall, which was a s-t-r-e-t-c-h for me although I love them and wear them all the time now. I’m not sure I’m quite ready for patterned pants. It’s silly, isn’t it, that in skirts I think patterns are grand, but in pants it makes me nervous.

10 Sylvia

Printed pants are the easiest to wear with one solid color. I like to wear my green ones with white. Only thing is that although I like wearing white on top, it also washes me out. So you would need to choose your printed pants wisely and go for a print that would look with at least a few solid colors that look good with your complexion.

11 Lorraine

I feel the same as you, Lisa. I only got into plain coloured jeans/cords in the last few years and patterns are a stretch for me! I think I will avoid florals but there are a lot of jacquard prints around which appeal to me. If I find some I will pin them on Pinterest.

12 Lisa M

I’ll look for them.

My clothing budget is going towards my spring/summer work wardrobe — particularly some interview-appropriate attire — and I’m pretty sure patterned pants won’t get me a job! LOL

Maybe one pair just for fun.

13 Lisa M

I absolutely love this outfit! I disagree with the “messy” description, although my husband would probably say something to the same effect. 😉 They must be forgiven because they can never understand.

14 Suzanne

“— because they can never understand.” This made me laugh out loud! You are right – I think the best we can hope for is resignation. 🙂

15 Sylvia

🙂 🙂

16 denton

Great skirt, perfect length, and lovely shoes!

17 Jill Pontiere

Spring is around the corner! Love your outfit and you wear it well!

18 Sylvia

yes! Denton’s photos from New York will give you the winter inspiriation and I can give you a flavor of spring 🙂

19 MyEmptyBag

olalá! lovely red outfit!!!


20 Tangobabe

This outfit looks fantastic on you, Sylvia! Bright colors do you good!

21 Gaby

Sylvia, I bought the same skirt in Zara and I looooove it ! I have worn it with a white blouse, a purple top, a red blouse, a black t shirt. It is super comfortable.

I also liked it and waited for the sale because you can wear it also in spring and summer, not that we have to wait, because we only get like some weeks of cold, no snow, so we live in permanent spring and summer weather.

22 Aileen

I love this outfit on you, both the colour and the fit are perfect.

23 Suzanne

This is a great example of what I wrote about today on my blog…old fashioned colour combos that used to be considered a faux pas that look so great together.

I really love this look.


24 Greetje

Oh I love this skirt. Wouldn’t mind it myself. It fits you perfectly. Nice length, nice pattern. Well combined with the red top. And you would not have trouble carrying your handbag if you did not insist on bringing all your belongings with you haha.

25 Suzanne

This is one of my favorite outfits on you ever! You were my ray of sunshine on another cold, gray day. I wore print pants and an orange top to the hair salon this morning after being inspired by this look. 🙂

26 Sylvia

Happy to hear it Suzanne 🙂

27 Gracey the Giant

Beyond gorgeous. I love this color combination and the red of this top is the best red!

28 Merry

Sylvia- We differ a lot on styling but I love this color combo. However if the folds in the blouse were a bit more structured, or less of them it would be more for me. I find these distracting and not pleasant folds. I love the color red, I’m a dark brunette and can handle them. I imagine that you have to be careful with being so pale that they don’t wash you out, but this red, esp. on my computer doesn’t wash you out.

29 Sylvia

The folds are normally not so pronounced when I wear it. On these pictures they are caused by the handbag that pulls the blouse up…..

30 Petra

Fabulous outfit – bold yet elegant 🙂 You look very happy in it Sylvia. I notice you don’t have a necklace – I suppose when the top is “fussy” it doesn’t need a necklace.

31 Sylvia

Yes exactly!

32 Heather

This outfit looks great on you. Love the colours. I agree a print on the bottom is a lot easier to get right.

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